Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ins and Outs of Creating a Bridal Registry

What a Bridal Registry is:

A bridal registry is a way for brides and grooms to let their friends, family and coworkers – the wedding and bridal shower guests – know what their personal style, likes and dislikes are.

Why to Create a Bridal Registry:
Some brides and grooms choose not to create a bridal registry, claiming they would prefer their guests to choose unique and personal gifts. Without a bridal registry, guests are left in a precarious situation where they can either give money, which not everyone is comfortable with, or select a gift that may or may not be enjoyed by the bride and groom.

Furthermore, bridal registries are more of a help than a hindrance for your guest. You must remember that not every guest will intimately know the brides and grooms likes and dislikes. A bridal registry makes it easier for your guests because they can choose a gift, knowing that it is something you will enjoy.

When to Create a Bridal Registry:
Three to four months before your wedding is usually a good time for brides and grooms to register for their bridal registry. This leaves ample time before the bridal shower and wedding to get the word (of mouth) out about your bridal registry. If asked, you can tell others about your bridal registry, but in general leave it up to your immediate family and bridal party to pass the word around about the bridal registry or bridal registries.

If for some reason your bridal shower will be sooner though, register for your bridal registry earlier – a least a month beforehand. You may also choose to do it earlier if you are having an engagement party (again, create your bridal registry about one month before that event).

Where to Create a Bridal Registry:
Choosing one department store for your bridal registry is easy, as you can really create a one stop shopping experience for your guest. However, smaller specialty stores may better suit your likes and dislikes for the bridal registry.

Remember, you don’t have to choose just one store. Brides and grooms can create a bridal registry at several stores but keep it under four bridal registries – otherwise there are too many options for your guests and it can be overwhelming.

Stores including Linens N Things, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier One and Macy’s all have bridal registries. In addition, you can create a bridal registry at some discounters like Target and higher end stores like Tiffany’s also have registries.

Choose stores you like to create bridal registries. Don’t choose a store just because it’s where you mom or sister registered – this is your bridal registry and it should reflect your personal style.

What to List on your Bridal Registry:

A bridal registry usually contains a selection of tabletop accessories like plates, china, glasses, crystal and flatware, in addition to bedding, bath accessories (towels, etc), and kitchen gadgets.

Take into account what you already own. If you have a great blender and a fabulous set of dishes, then don’t register for those items. Also consider that your tastes may change over time. Although you might not be the dinner party type right now, that could change in a few years and registering for items that will help you with that later is a great idea.

Also, be sure to include plenty of items on your registry so that they is enough for guests to choose from. You also might want to check the registry a few weeks before the wedding and add additional items, if a lot has been purchased.

Written by Sarah Caron

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