Friday, June 29, 2007


Today most couples usually pay for their own wedding with some contributions from families. The average wedding budget will consist of spending anywhere from $5,000- $25,000 - (depending on your venue, honeymoon, decor and size of the event).

As planners we would also like to inform you that a planned out wedding 24 months to 12 months is an idea time. Although we have planned many weddings in a month's time frame .

#1 fact - You need to have a budget that is a must.

#2 fact - Set up an account for just wedding activities.

Both parties need to contribute at lease the same amount to the account every time you get paid.

The account is to be put in both names and to be used for wedding and honeymoon expenses only.

"""Remember This is not The I need this account....""""

(hint, nice pair of sandals, need my nails done or, oh I had to get my hair done). Or (hint, new 22's, video games, nor the new I Apple (phone), or whatever your friends have told you that you need to check out..... )

Just in case you did want a break down of who pays for A Traditional Wedding here we go!!!!

The Wedding Gown, Headpiece & Accessories --The Bride's Family

The Wedding Ring for the Bride --The Groom

The Wedding Ring for the Groom --The Bride

Wedding Gift for the Groom --The Bride

Wedding Gift for the Bride --The Groom

Bridesmaid Gifts --The Bride

Groomsmen/Usher Gifts --The Groom

Bride's Bouquet --The Groom

Bridesmaids Bouquet-- The Bride's Family

Mother's Corsages-- The Groom

Grandmother Corsages --The Bride's Family

Groom's Boutonniere --The Groom

Groomsmen Boutonnieres --The Groom

Father's Boutonnieres --The Bride

Usher's Boutonnieres --The Groom

Ceremony/Reception Flowers --The Bride's Family

Altar Baskets/Arches --The Bride's Family

Canopy/Carpet/Candleabras --The Bride's Family

Rented Items for Wedding --The Bride's Family

Rented Items for Reception --The Bride's Family

Invitations/Announcements --The Bride's Family

Wedding Programs --The Bride's Family

Napkins/Matches/Favors The Bride's Family

Marriage License --The Groom

Church Fee --The Bride's Family

Clergyman/Officiant Fee --The Groom

Musician/Soloist --The Bride

Reception Hall --The Bride's Family

Catered Reception/Professional Services --The Bride's Family

Wedding Photography --The Bride's Family

Video Photography The Bride's Family

Orchestra/Band/ DJ-- The Groom's Family

Wedding Cake --The Bride's Family

Grooms Cake --The Groom's Family

Rehearsal Dinner --The Groom's Family

Bridesmaid Luncheon-- The Bride

Bachelor Party --Best Man/Groom's Attendants

Bachelorette Party --Matron/Maid Of Honor

Wedding Breakfast-- The Bride's Family

Bridal Brunch-- The Bride's Family

Bridesmaid's Gown-- Bridesmaid's

Maid of Honor Gown --Maid of Honor

Matron of Honor Gown-- Matron of Honor

Best Man Formal Wear --Best Man

Usher's Formal Wear -- Usher's

Groomsmen's Formal Wear --Groomsmen

Father of Bride Formal Wear-- The Bride's Family

Father of Groom Form Wear-- The Groom's Family

Grooms Formal Wear --The Groom's Family

Children's Formal Wear --The Children's Parents

Limousine Service-- The Groom

Honeymoon Arrangements --The Groom

Travel Expenses to the Wedding --The Out-of-town Attendant or Family

Accommodations for out-of-town Guest --The Brides Family

****Now as stated before this was Traditional Wedding Etiquette "Who Pays For What". *****

In today's world I will repeat usually the couple pays for everything with a little help from family members.

(next ...Who is Responsiblity for What).

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yes!!! There Is A Groom's Calendar

The Groom's Calendar

10-12 Months Before:
  • Pick out the engagement ring (if not yet selected).
  • Announce your engagement.
  • Discuss wedding plans and budget with fiancée and all parents.
  • Select your best man, groomsmen, ushers (one usher per 40 guests).

8-9 Months Before:
  • Meet with officiant to discuss the ceremony.
  • Start compiling your guest list.
  • Begin making your honeymoon travel plans.

6 Months Before:
  • Visit gift registry with fiancée.
  • Arrange for transportation to ceremony, and to reception, for the wedding party.
  • Complete your honeymoon plans.
  • Register with nearest Tuxedo shop and pick your tuxedos and accessories.

3 Months Before:
  • Return to your tuxedo shop and get fitted for your tuxedo.
  • Complete the guest list.
  • Pick out and order wedding rings.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner with parents.
  • Choose gifts for your bride and wedding party.

1 Month Before:
  • Make sure all men have been measured for tuxedos. Get your marriage license.
  • Arrange to move belongings to your new home.

2 Weeks Before:
  • Attend bachelor party (please keep it clean you will have to explain).
  • Adjust insurance policies, bank accounts, utilities, etc.

The Week Before:
  • Pick up your tuxedo remember, try it on, in the store, to insure a proper fit.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Get cash for gratuities and officiant's fee.
  • Take a deep breath... you're almost there.
  • Enjoy your rehearsal and dinner.

The Big Day:
  • Double-check all details, wedding rings, and transportation... marriage license.
  • Get to the ceremony on time.
  • Relax and Enjoy your wedding!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

Does the statement weigh more than the meaning of the symbol?

Listen ladies - true you are worth the gloss, the sharpest, you are well worth the cut but lets think about this for a minute. You and your man are discussing the fact that you will be together for the rest of your lives. So you know eventually you will be getting married. So yes there will be an engagement ring. And yes you do expect to be able to show it off at the water cooler, at the sorority meeting and yes at church Sunday morning.

Now lets take a minute to reflect on the approximately true to life of the matter the cost of the diamond ---yes I said the cost. Your finance will probably be making those payments for that ring till after the wedding day. ***Remember the average cost for an engagement ring will run your man between the price of $500- $3500 and up.

Now I know you are saying yes and I am well worth it. Yes you are but now lets see if you decide to maybe cut down on the dollar amount and maybe try another solution the money that you will save him now will benefit you later in the end. I am sure you can come up with other means of finding use for the extra dollars.

Now in being fair lets think about being creativity maybe you and your finance could come up with a special design for your engagement ring and your wedding bands. Being unique in designing your rings would be a special gift to each other. Some of choices if you would like to consider are precious stones or gems just to mention a few..

Precious Gems:

Tanzanite - blue - purple, shapes (oval, trillion, cushion, pear shape, round, heart shape, marquise)

Emerald - green shapes

Ruby - raspberry with a reddish tone

Sapphire - many colors for this stone ( blue, pink, padparadscha (red tone), yellow sapphire, white sapphire, green sapphire).

Semi - precious gemstones

Amethyst - purple tone

Briolettes - red-orange, green, blue, white crystal, pink

Carnelian - orange with red tones

Chalcedony - green very soft

Cyrysoprase - green tone

Coral - lite red

Labradorite - skyblue

Lapis - ocean blue

Malachite - aqua green

Spessartite garnet - orange flame color

Turquoise - lite blue greenish tone

Charming Citrine - golden tone

Diamond Topaz - crystal white

Topaz - golden -yellow tone

Now don't get me wrong diamonds are a girls best friend but some of these gems look beautiful when they are combine with unique designs and they have special meanings when you have created it yourself. Besides when that anniversary rolls around and you know the dollars are heavy and plenty than go ahead and hit your man up for the cut that is flawless and describes you to the tee....

But just
in case you don't fall for this remember your diamonds are precious just as well .....and they will stand out in a crowd..... check out these tips by

Monday, June 18, 2007

Non Traditional Vows

So you have visited Martha Stewart's site to find out if it's OK to use Non Traditional wedding vows. Then you found out the site only covers traditional wedding vows. Vows are a very personal matter between a couple. The thing to remember is this is your day. You have full control over the most memorable experience you will cherish and remember.

Non Traditional wedding vows may be in order, if the couple is from different religious faiths or they just want something different that represents their unique relationship. We know of couple that had been dating for a while and one of them was married before. So Carl, who was Catholic and Phyllis, who was Baptist, decided on non traditional vows so no wedding attendees would be offended. More importantly, they wanted non traditional vows, because they felt their relationship deserved an expression of who they were together and as individuals.

So there are many reasons, and it's perfectly OK, to develop your own non traditional vows. IT's YOUR DAY!!

Below are some suggested words for creating your own non traditional vows. Take what works for you and discard the rest.

"I bring myself to you this day to share my life with you; you can trust my love, for it's real. I promise to be a faithful mate and to unfailingly share and support your hopes, dreams and goals. I vow to be there for you always; when you fall, I will catch you; whey you cry, I will comfort you; when you laugh, I will share your joy. Everything I am and everything I have is yours, from this moment forth and for eternity."

"Since you came into my life, my days have been bright and glorious, but today, our wedding day, is the brightest of them all, a golden moment, made splendid by our love for each other. And yet, this beautiful moment is only a taste of what is to come as we share our lives together as husband and wife. I pledge my love to you from this day forward; I promise to be faithful and true to you, rejoicing in my good fortune to have found you as my life-mate."

" I love you and I want to be your partner through out our life together. I promise to be patient spouse, always be truthful and compassionate. I will be your best friend, your soul mate, your sweetheart, your helpmate throughout life, always putting you first above my own needs. I promise to live a life that will honour the vows that we have spoken before God, family and friends and make you glad you have married me on this day.

"Since you have entered my life my days have been bright and glorious, but today my love is the brightest of them all, a wonderful moment, made splendid by our love for each other. And yet on this day we share this beautiful moment. This is only the taste of what our life will be as we come to share our lives together as husband and wife. I pledge on our love for each other that from this day forward: I will be faithful to our and true to you rejoicing in my good fortune to have found such a wonderful soul mate who will be my life mate forever and forever.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tips For Event Planning

BEWARE --- A STRONG HEART - You Can Not Be - A SOFT HEART - And be a successful event planner. You are in charge of the entire event - there will be no second chances.
Believe it or not, when it is time to present your company and yourself the "The I am Number #1 has to be branded on your chest."

NERVES OF STEEL - In order to deal with arrogant bosses, administrators, fathers, mothers, brides or grooms- problems or no problems you must stay stern, upbeat and positive during the event. (You can fall out later after all is said and done). NEVER SHED A TEAR the opposition must always see a smile -(never a frown) on the event planners face.

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE --- Why event planners stick it out through pressure, crazy hours, and deadlines. "They love what they do." "The event planners motto". "You are only as good as your last event.". You will be called upon to make many decisions, a lot of times in only a split second. You must have good communication skills. Your ideas must be planned out effectively to your clients, staff, and vendors among others. Your image must stand out with a (save the day emblem on your chest).

FLEXIBILITY--- Remember there is always something that will go against the grain. It will never show up on the planning chart. You must always be ready for the great come back pull it by the strings, horns or by the nose to make sure your event goes off with a hooray --get set you must bring a client back to reality - sometimes their
plans are way above their budget, **hint let them know way before the last item on the check list is check off" ---you must must let them know the decor they are looking for does not go with the theme that they are trying to present.

SMART TIP -- While keeping your business on track, offer your services as a volunteer. This will present a good record for you to follow. Make sure you are assisting the person who is in charge and that you get the experience you need to put your business on the track and run with it.

SMART TIP -- The average event planner will host anywhere between 40-50 events per year whether it be corporate, trade shows, conventions, company picnics, holiday parties, meetings, fundraisers, receptions. Try and find a smaller event and work your way up the ladder. Lets not forget our social events as well-- weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, children's parties, graduations, and reunions etc.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Guy Needs To Step Up to the Altar

Remember Guys [for your safety], I could be thrown out of the club for helping you.

  • When your lady asks your opinion -- Give it -- whether you think its right or wrong. (make sure its right).
  • Always remember to compliment --- whether its a flower, a color or just some object that you have no clue (its looks nice.....) we always want to be recognized for our accomplishments.....
  • Be romantic --- (this is number one) no matter how tired you are..... (you will get more rest later).
  • When dining out --- (remember how you were brought up) when out in a restaurant ---- other people will see how you were brought up as well
  • Eating and drinking should be done quietly, with your mouth closed.
  • Don't load your food up on your fork.
  • If you're eating at a buffet, its OK to make several trips. Do not load your plates up at one time.
  • Unless you are a medical doctor, or you have a babysitter caring for the children, do not answer your cell phone during dinner.
  • When you have finished eating, place your utensils parallel to each other across your plate. The knife blade and fork tines should rest close to the plate's center. This alerts the server your plate can be removed.

Guys, if you are ready to propose let it come from the heart--- the words will generally come out wonderful..... (trust yourself)

If all fails just give her the ring and tell her you want her to spend the rest of her life with you....