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For Prom, Schools Say 'No' to the Dress Dress Codes Deem Some Styles Too Sexy; Wielding a 3-Inch Ruler

 This spring, Hal David, principal at Cedartown High School in northwest Georgia, has spent a lot of time thinking about evening gowns.

"Unacceptable," he has labeled some dresses shown on posters plastered in the hallways to publicize the school's first dress code for prom. The signs also show styles deemed "acceptable" for the event, set for April 21 at the local country club. "It's a picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words kind of deal," says Mr. David. "We don't want somebody to spend a lot of money on a dress and then show up and there be an issue."

Raymond McCrea Jones/Redux Pictures for The Wall Street Journal

  At Cedartown High School, in Georgia, posters publicize the new dress code for prom and show images of unacceptable styles.

Sunnyvale High School

Some high schools have put together elaborate PowerPoint presentations with annotated images. This slide, from Sunnyvale High School in Texas, shows how low is too low for the back of a dress.

Doctors Orders -- Spa Get-Aways

Have you gotten the urge to say WOW- time is flying already we are already four months into the year.  Time is flying.  Well I decided this year my approach will be to take a new refresh look on life which will help to create a balance in my personal life, family relationships, community activities, and work environment.  I will find "wholeness" through acknowledging, honoring, and healing all my individual parts (mind, body, spirit and emotions)!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrity News Weddings/Engagements

Dick Van Dyke, 86, marries 40-year-old makeup artist Arlene Silver, says 'I found the perfect one!'
The veteran actor said their decision to wed was 'kinda on the spur of the moment'

By Cristina Everett / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Dick Van Dyke is a newlywed!
The “Mary Poppins” star, 86, tied the knot with makeup artist Arlene Silver, 40, on Feb. 29, according to

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I WHIP IT OUT by Tammy Levent

Tammy Levent, CEO of Elite Travel, believes that Incredible Women Have Infinite Power In Themselves to do anything. Her experience, passion, energy and innovation will infuse you with the ability to turn ideas into action and transform your life into one filled with outrageous success. Get inspired now by checking out the I WHIP IT Out show at

From nothing but a phone line and a fax machine, Tammy built her multi-million dollar company, Elite Travel, one of the fastest growing and most trusted travel agencies in the country. In her WHIPshops™, she’ll share her techniques through immediately applicable step-by-step instruction on how to create a business and lifestyle around your passion. You’ll leave with a plan of action that will turn not only your business around, but your life.

Join Tammy on a joyous ride through terrain she knows only too well, because she has lived her messages from devastation and disappointment to success, achievement and personal satisfaction. No matter where you are now, Tammy Levent is proof that you Have Infinite Power to determine your destiny.

News Channel 8 Tampa fts Tammy Levent's Event for Joshua House Fund & Increase Income for

For More Details about the WHIP IT OUT Series
Contact: AtUrBest Special Events
Subject: Whip It Out Series

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Learn How to Recession Proof Your Business & Become Irreplaceable!

This message is to all established and aspiring successful women out there. It's hard being an entrepreneur, career oriented, or goal reaching stay-at-home mom. If you want to learn how to be recession proof in this ever changing economy, then WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

WHIPshop Series 1 ~ Testimonial "Strategic Partnerships"

Sam Cooper ~ Owner of Circle One Creative, Inc. Tampa, FL

Deb Adams ~ VP and Branch Manager with M&I Bank, Apollo Beach, FL

WHIPshop Testimonial ~ from Tina L. with the Perfect Wedding Guide, Tampa
By I Whip it
Hello there... WOWOWOWOW!!! is all I can say. The Whip It Workshop was a huge success. And the way you can put businesses together is amazing. I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of the ladies there. I feel it was a huge benefit to me to go over many things I already do with my business and to see others that were not so clear, as we all work too much and do not really work on our business. Thank you. Sincerely, Tina L.Publisher and Show ProducerPerfect Wedding Guide www.PerfectWeddin...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tammy Levent Whip Shop Commercial

This message is to all established and aspiring successful women out there. It's hard being an entrepreneur, career oriented, or goal reaching stay-at-home mom. If you want to learn how to be recession proof in this ever changing economy,

I WHIP IT Works – Just Ask These Professionals

“I have heard Tammy Levent speak at several events and it gets better every time! Tammy’s inspirational message takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride through her wonderful storytelling of tragedies and triumphs. Her “never give up” message is indeed life-altering. However, I love the fact that in the midst of all these motivating stories she has the ability to make you laugh and smile and actually enjoy the process of getting to the next level of success. Tammy truly wants success for everyone she meets and her attitude is infectious. She is a true talent!”
Ian S. Giovinco
Attorney at Law

“It was wonderful to have Tammy Levent speak at our conference about How to WHIP IT. Her story was intriguing, vivacious, but most importantly REAL. Everyone loved hearing how she created her multimillion dollar company and the steps she took in getting there. Not only did we hear an amazing story but learned that strategic partnerships are an important way to move your business forward. Tammy was very inspiring and I feel more inspired each time I hear her!”
Hilal Ozkaya
Managing Partner & Event Management Specialist
Plan Ahead Events Central Tampa

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Tammy speak over a dozen times and have been impressed on each and every occasion. She provides diversity to her listening audience through highly interactive and thought provoking discussions. From connecting with her listeners through personal storytelling inclusive of her trials and tribulations to her coaching and teaching sessions focused on the importance of strategic partnerships and marketing skills, she has a unique and refreshing style. As an internationally successful businesswoman, Tammy is not only entertaining and informative but also provides her audience with valuable information that can be used for a lifetime.”
Brandi Kamenar, CEO
Brandi Kamenar Image Design Studio
Icon B Marketing and Publicity Group

“It was very refreshing to listen to Tammy Levent speak at the Tampa Bay Women’s Conference. She added some spice and sizzle to the room that awoke the inner sass in everyone. Motivational speaking is so important for guidance and inspiration when reaching for the stars and Tammy takes the edge off with her wit, sarcasm, and humorous approach to success in life. She reminds everyone that laughing at yourself is one of the key components to keeping your focus in this zany adventure we call “life.” If you’re looking for a speaker or mentor who will drive you hard but also make you laugh, then you don’t want to miss out on Tammy Levent.”
Brooke Walton
Queen Lizard Media, LLC.

“I heard Tammy Levent speak at the Tampa Bay Women’s Conference, and she wasn’t even five minutes into her talk before I was scribbling down ideas for how to improve my business. What she has to say is so immediately useful that it energizes you to start doing something NOW. I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop and start emailing my new “strategic partners.” It never occurred to me before to reach out to these people to improve both our businesses, but it makes so much sense. It’s been two weeks since that conference, and I can already say that I have met the first professional goal I wrote down for myself that day. And it’s a goal that I had no idea how to reach before listening to Tammy.”
Lauren Van Mullem
Professional Writer

“After listening to Tammy speak, I was very motivated and empowered to take by business to the next level. Hearing her personal journey of how Elite Travel came into existence was not only inspiring but really showcased how hard work and smart business decisions lead to success. She not only demonstrated how strategic partners can help build your business but how they are critical to success and longevity in an up and down economy. Tammy puts a fun twist on speaking and easily keeps her audience captivated with her dynamic personality. I look forward to attending more of her engagements in the future and learning how to build my business.”
Jacqueline Spitaleri, C.F.N.S., C.F.T, C.L.F.C.
Jacqueline Spitaleri, LLC
Nutrition- Fitness – Lifestyle Expert

“Tammy is a captivating speaker, and a passionate life coach! She attacks life’s challenges with boundless energy and aptitude!
Tammy will enhance your “self” on many levels, drawing upon her personal experiences and creative success strategies. Innovative strategies, forged from her extensive achievement in the worldwide leisure and business travel industries. Tammy will also guide you in your travels to the center of your spirit. To recharge and release the powerful woman withinYOU. As Tammy says, it will "W.H.I.P. you into shape!”. Fasten your seatbelt, or more appropriately, UNFASTEN your seatbelt for the the ride of your life. Be prepared for a new adventure – your rewarding future!
I have had the pleasure of knowing Tammy and her wonderful family for over 10 years. I am amazed by what I learn about them, and from them. I am astounded by their generosity and charitable works.
Mica Olsson
Friend and client.
Tampa, FL

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TRUNK SHOW -Featuring the new Spring 2012

Victoria Rose Bridals - Contact 919.833.1898
For an appointment 

MARCH 8th-10th, 2012

Lazaro Bridal Collection

Lazaro Bridal Gowns and Junior Bridesmaids and Bridesmaids Dresses

Lazaro blends ultra-glamorous vintage details, stunning floral embellishments and signature hand-beading and embroidery in his latest collection. Lazaro's hallmark craftsmanship, combined with sumptuous fabrics and perfectly cut silhouettes, give every gown an haute couture feel.
In traditional Lazaro style, his latest collection channels old-fashion glamour with vintage-inspired beading, romantic cap sleeves, scalloped sweetheart necklines, lovely tiered pleated tulle trains and lace appliqu├ęs. Lazaro introduces sparkle net charmeuse this season, combining it with embroidered Chantilly lace and hand-crafted, ornate beading.

This season, Lazaro has returned to incorporating color into the bridal collection. "I was very inspired to bring color back into bridal this year," Lazaro says. "I included soft shades of Sherbert, Blush and Antique in fabrics like silk satin, silk organza and tulle." Lazaro's use of color adds some dramatic flair to masterpieces such as his floral hand-embroidered organza over tulle gown, complete with a tulle train with cascading petals. "This is my favorite gown because the vibrant colored embroidery really makes a statement," Lazaro says.

Tammy Levent- Coming To Charlotte, NC

Tammy Levent: Entrepreneur, Travel Expert, Author and Renowned Speaker

Imagine that within six months you lost your business and your savings to a violent robbery, then lost your grandmother in a fatal car accident that left your two children, ages nine and two, in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Picture quitting the telemarketing job you took to keep your home so you could sit by your children’s bedsides and wonder if your daughter would ever be able to speak again and if your son would lose his sight. What you would say if a nurse came up to you in the ICU and asked “If it had nothing to do with money, what would you do?”

Tammy Levent didn’t have the energy to think of an intricate answer, so she said the first thing that came to her mind: “I would travel the world.” From that moment, she realized that was her passion and her goal. In 1995, with no assets, she leveraged strategic partnerships to build Elite Travel, which has since skyrocketed into one of the fastest growing, most trusted travel groups in the nation for corporate incentive, leisure, destination wedding and honeymoon travel. Elite Travel has the distinction of being named an American Express agency.

I WHIP IT with Tammy Levent----

Levent devotes herself to helping other women discover the power they have to change their lives, no matter what their circumstances. She sums up her mantra of success in the acronym “I WHIP IT” – meaning Incredible Women Have Infinite Power In Themselves. I WHIP IT was born when Tammy held her first whip while sitting at her desk training employees in sales at her telemarketing job. For the first time in years, she felt like she had control. She took that feeling and ran with it.

With her new web show I WHIP IT Out at and her day-long WHIPshops™ that “take the work out of it,” Tammy guides other women – whip in hand – to find their courage, declare their goals, and use strategic partnerships to make those goals happen. Unlike many speakers, Tammy doesn’t stop at motivation; she gives immediately usable step-by-step instruction on how to create a business and lifestyle around your passion. And, with Levent’s travel expertise, you won’t find yourself in a stuffy conference room at one of her retreats unless you get lost on the way to the resort penthouse.

Tammy Levent is the CEO of Elite Travel and single mother of Katie, 25 and Jordan, 20. She is the author of the bestselling book Women Who Mean Business, and lives in Tampa, Florida with her better half, Rob. She owns an impressive collection of whips. Tune in to her show on and to book her WHIPshop™ series register at

Tammy Levent This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elite Travel’s Credentials include:
• 2012 Coming Soon featured in her first book – “Women Who Mean Business”
• 2011 Launch of her “Whip it now show” (Women have infinite Power in Themselves) including I whip it Workshops and Retreats – unleash your inner power!!
• Corporate Sub-committee of the Board for Ruth Eckerd Hall Foundation
• 2011 Featured in “The Crave” Book
• Advisory board for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at the University of South Florida
• 2011 Inducted and Honoree in the World’s Whos Who
• 2011 Speaker & Sponsor, 1st Tampa Bays Womens Conference
• 2011 Women Extraordinaire Award
NSA – National Speakers Association member
• Member: CLIA, IATAN, Tahiti Tiare Certified agency, Certified Destination Wedding Specialists
• Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Consultant for El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels as well as Azul Hotels by Karisma Elite Award Winner “Top 10 Selling Agency for El Dorado Royal”
• Official Travel Sponsor, Tampa PWG show sponsors, Elite Events in Atlanta
• Publications: The Perfect Wedding Guide, Bride’s Magazine, Modern Bride, Florida Bride, For the Bride, The Robb Report, Conde Nast Traveler,
• Platinum Preferred Agency Couples Resorts 13 years in a row
Master Agent with AMResorts
• Travel Impressions/ American Express Vacations Global Award worldwide Best of the Best Agency 14 years in a row
• Best of the Best Sandals Agency
• 2005, 2006, 2007 Fast 50 top growing companies in Tampa Bay
• 2011 National Diversity Council -Finalist Glass Ceiling Award
• 2002 & 2008 Finalist Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year
• 2008 Finalist TBBJ Ultimate CEO of the Year
NBC Travel Show -Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Seminar presented by Tammy Levent
Featured on NBC’s Hollywood’s “Extra”

Tammy herself has been featured internationally, including:
  • The Perfect Wedding Guide
  • Bride's Magazine
  • Modern Bride
  • Florida Bride
  • For The Bride
  • The Robb Report
  • Conde Nast Traveler
  • Travel Weekly Spotlights
  • Tampa Bay Illustrated
  • Travel Agent Magazine
  • Choice Lifestyle
  • Panache Vue
  • Orlando Style Magazine
  • Tampa Style Magazine
  • Pulse Magazine
  • Tampabay Parenting Magazine
  • Applause Magazine

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