Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just A Hit And Run

The @UrBest team want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.... Our end of the year Holiday Party went off with a Hit..... As the evening started out we were on our way to set up for the party.

As we merging on to the expressway there was a vehicle trying to switch lanes and side swiped us knocking the mirror off of our rent a car; messed up the side of the white van they were driving and took off.

As we followed the vehicle because he would not stop we were in high persuit as if we were trying out for the nascar race trials (lol) needless to say we caught him at the light.

Block him in pulled up in front of his vehicle so he could not leave the scene . We were waiting for the police to come which took about 30 to 45 minutes. As we exchange information the police issued three violations to the driver of the van (which he did not have his credentials in order).

The @UrBest team made it to the event and did the job they were hired to the do... So if is an event that you want done....

Do not hesitate to call the @UrBest Wedding And Event Planners for your next event.