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Bachelorette Party Idea - The Last Hoorah

She's on her way out! You're losing one of the girls to the married life and it's up to you to make sure that she has one last great night of being single before slipping on that gold band. Planning a bachelorette party is not something that you will want to take lightly, make sure it's a night that she will think of fondly for years to come. When putting the event together, keep the special guest to be in mind. Is she a wild child or a mild-mannered lady? It's supposed to be a night designed just for her so keep her personality in mind or it could end up being a night she is eager to forget (and not for the good reasons).

Bachelorette Party Idea #1 - Name it with your best shot!

Most likely alcohol will be served at the bachelorette party, why not make a game of it by creating unique (possibly naughty) names for shoots? To play, have each guest come up with their own shoot recipe and corresponding name. The party girl to come up with the best shoot name wins a naughty prize!.

Party Idea #2 - Run a Tight Ship

A bachelorette party is a large event and, if you're planning one , it's iessential that you are organized. Create a list of everything that needs to be done (making the guestlist, sending out invites, shopping for supplies, making reservations, renting transportation, etc.). It's a good decision to start making your preparations weeks ahead to ensure that you have the time to set everything up. Putting a party together in a rush can end up being messy and, well, an unsuccessful endeavor. Get started early and try getting some mutal friends to help you with the process.

Bachelorette Idea #3 - Party Like You've Never Partied Before!

Bachelorette party ideas all seem the same these days. You see it all the time, a giant group of women all gussied up and out at the bars, giggling and cutting up like schoolgirls. One of the best tips on putting together a bachelorette party that you can get is to be unique. It's a great idea to throw a theme party; tell all of the ladies to dress alike (as cowgirls, flapper girls, Hollywood stars, etc.). Then, hit up venues that you don't usually frequent. In other words, don't dine at the same restaurants or drink and dance at the same bars and clubs that you always frequent. This is your girl's last night out being single, don't turn it into the same old song & dance!

Bachelorette Party Idea #4 - Don't Leave Anyone Out!

People get married everyday but it's not everday that one of your best buds ties the knot! It's up to you to make sure she gets a proper dismissal from singlehood. First things first, make sure that you get all of her favorite gals together to celebrate. Make a guest list (don't forget her work buddies, her female relatives, and her fiance's female relatives). When you send out those bachelorette party invitations you don't want to forget anyone important. It's a great idea to call her mother or sister and confirm that you haven't left out any important invitees.

Idea for the bachelorette party #5 - Good Girls Have Fun Too

Just like every authority figure probably told you when you were young, you don't need booze and drugs to have fun. You don't have to throw a ridiculously wild bachelorette party! Remember that the most important reason for putting the event together is so that the future bride can spend valuable time with all of her favorite women. Some of the best bachelorette parties can be ones where you just hang out together, talking and enjoying the company. If the future bride isn't a wild girl, consider throwing a a tea party, a sleepover, or even a ladies' night gossip and movie night. Nice, innocent fun with the ladies might be all the bride-to-bereally wants...remember that.

Tip #6 - Steppin' Out in Style

Call up all the ladies, it's now time for a hardcore bachelorette party! Don't let your friend merely fade out of the single life, send her out with a spectacle! If you're plotting to go all out, however, be intelligent about it. If you know they'll be drinking arrange enough designated drivers to get the group home safely. If this seems unlikely, hire transportation (it will cost next to nothing if everyone chips in). It's a special occasion so why not go all out and rent a party bus or limo? The lasie will not only have a personal chauffer but you'll be riding around the town in style. And, to sweeten the deal, you'll get door-to-door service and won't have to worry about searching for parking or walking from the lots!

Idea #7 - Take it Down a Notch

So, you've been elected to orchestrate all of the bachelorette party planning, what do you do now? Plan your evening out wisely and cerefully, that's what. Many bachelorette parties end up out on the town and that's always a good time. Before letting loose and gettin' buck wild, however, begin the evening slowly. Make some reservations at a nice restaurant or arrange a dinner at someone's house before going out to party. Enjoy a delicious meal and give everyone a chance to catch up or get acquainted before things get out of control. This is also the best time to pass out party favors, and let the future bride open her gifts. Everyone will be able to see what's going on and there won't be any shouting over loud music.

Idea #8 - A Hungover Bride Isn't a Pretty Picture

A bachelorette party is a the future bride's last night to let loose. All of her best female friends and relatives join together to make sure that her final night out as a single woman is memorable (or, ahem, not so very memorable). If you're plotting to take your gal pal out for a long night of dancing, drinking, and strippers for her "final night" as a single lady, don't be too literal. Among the best tips on planning a bachelorette party (if not the very best tip) is not to arrange to have the fiesta the night directly before the big wedding day! It is in the future bride's best interest to arrive at her wedding having had a good night's sleep and looking stunning. If she's been out all night the night before, she's going to look like death! Don't let this happen to her! Have the bachelorette party at least seven days before the big day, the bride will definitely thank you down the road.

Idea #9 - Plan an Event to Remember

Are all of the tips on planning a bachelorette party that you've been hearing sounding like a broken record? That's probably because the majority of bachelorette parties nowadays are basically the same. A group of girls get together to embarrass their gal pal before her wedding day. There is typically a lot drinking, a stretch limo, and, of course, buff strippers. It may be a the bees knees that evening but what will the bride think about it when she looks back in the years to come? Will she remember any of it? The main point of a bachelorette party event is to spend some time with the future bride before she leaves the single life forever, why not make the bachelorette party memorable? Try doing something unique and exciting! Plan an activity that the bride has never experienced before and surprise her with the plans. Think white water rafting, sky diving, spelunking, cliff diving, or even parasailing. Not her idea of fun? If you want a milder adventure, arrange a lovely luncheon followed by a breathtaking hot air balloon ride through the clouds. Make it an occassion she'll always keep close to her heart.

Idea #10 - Wilderness Girls

Want to put together a wild bachelorette party? Get wild...literally and plan a nature event, a hike through a wooded area or the mountains. There are hiking areas all over the place, even if you have to drive a few hours. Pack up your gear and head to the great outdoors. It's a fantastic idea to pack a great lunch (picnic lunches work best) to enjoy midday. If you want to truly rough it , camp in the woods for the night and enjoy the stars. If traipsing about in the wilderness for a day is about all you can take, however, reserve a hotel (or motel) nearby. If you're lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a charming bed and breakfast, don't miss out on that experience.

Idea #11 - Hold on Tight

Want to plan a genuinely unique bachelorette party? If strippers and drinking aren't you're idea of a good time, try doing something exciting and challenging instead. White water rafting can be a wonderful bonding experience for the bride-to-be and all of her fvorite ladies. There are many locations where you can enjoy white water rafting but why not go somehwere where someone else does the work for you? All-Outdoors Rafting ( in Walnut Creek, California is one of the best places to hit the water. After you make a reservation they arrange the event for you and even send out the invites. In addition, they provide meals, equipment, and shuttles to the area. They also give the bride a great T-shirt as well as a waterproof camera to help her document the event. If the Bay area in California is too far to swing for a bachelorette party, search the Internet for more convenient locations. Don't forget to inquire about special packages for parties!

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Puerto Vallarta is full of pleasures both simple and indulgent, such as:

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Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelorette parties are known by different names such as hen night, hen do, hen party, etc. Such kind of parties are known as kitchen tea and 'stagette' in South Africa and Canada respectively. The bachelorette party is organized to bid farewell to a bride-to-be. The origin of bachelorette parties can be traced back to the 1960s, known as the period of sexual revolution. The concepts of gender equality had an influence in the development of the 'bachelorette party culture'. The bachelorette party themes and games mentioned below will help in celebrating in a fun way.

Good Bachelorette Party Themes
Nowadays, entertainment is the prime factor that influences bachelorette parties. The following themes will help in organizing a nice party.

Weekend Spa
A weekend spa event can be organized for a bachelorette party. It is one of the best bachelorette party theme ideas. Given that women are interested in activities like manicure, makeovers, etc. a weekend party at the spa would be great. One should look for a spa which provides as many services as possible; massages, mud wraps and many such services offered by the spa. Such spas would suit the needs/wishes of a variety of people. Thus, these are some ideas for a rocking bachelorette party.

Roman Theme
The Roman theme can be a nice way to celebrate a bachelorette party. It is one of those unique bachelorette party themes which gives a different touch to the regular/normal night outs. The decorations for this party should have a feel of ancient Rome. One can use Roman costumes for this party theme. Roses can be used for decorations. The place at which the party is being conducted, should look spacious. To add fun to the party, the waiter being hired should be made to wear traditional Roman costumes. One can also turn this party into a surprise party for the bride-to-be and add fun to it.

Tea Party
Arranging a tea party at home would be a nice idea to celebrate, except that the party should have something special. Organizing a grand, Victorian style party for the bride-to-be would definitely please her. The menu for such parties will include finger sandwiches, scones, petit fours, etc. There is no need to go for an expensive hotel. A rich and well-organized party can be held at home itself.

Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt theme though seems like a children's affair, one should definitely try this theme. It will create a lively atmosphere. A treasure hunt game complete with map and clues will help generate interest among people and the idea would prove to be an instant hit. Keeping prizes for winners and arranging for celebrations other than the scavenger hunt will make the party a fun-filled activity.

History of Bachelorette Parties
Bachelorette party is the function in which ladies gather together to wish the bride-to-be and have some fun time. The concept of bachelorette parties was modeled from the long tradition of bachelor parties. Organizing bachlorette parties was not very common till the mid-1980s. In the year 1998, a book about planning bachelorette parties was published. Thus, we can say that it is a relatively new concept in comparison to bachelor's parties.

The bachelorette party themes presented above, are just few of the many interesting ones. One can use many more ideas and incorporate bachelorette party games in the celebrations being carried out. The given bachelorette party ideas would however, help in having fun at the party.

By Shashank Nakate

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So What Do You Know About Purchasing a Diamond?

Reading all about diamond qualities is no substitute for seeing and handling diamonds for yourself. A diamond can not be judged purely on the details given on a diamond report or certificate. We have been offered many diamonds that sound fabulous on paper but when seen in real life they just don’t work.

If you are planning on purchasing a diamond, it is important that you know as much as possible about how diamonds are classified as the cost of a diamond is determined by the 4 C’s which are the top most criteria one needs to become familiar with - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Please refer to the following:

The cut of a diamond allows it to make the best use of light. When a diamond is cut correctly, light is reflected from one facet to another, then dispersed through the top of the stone. If the cut of the diamond is too deep, some light escapes through the opposite side of the pavilion. If the cut is too shallow, light escapes through the pavilion before it can be reflected.

Please do not confuse the cut of a diamond with its shape. Diamonds can be cut into a number of shapes, depending on the qualities of the rough stone before it is cut.

The most popular diamond shapes are round, marquise, pear, emerald, oval and heart. Whatever the shape, a well-cut diamond is the work of a master diamond cutter. When the cut is right the diamond gives more sparkle.

Diamonds range in color from faint yellow or brown to very rare pinks, blues, greens, and other colors known as "fancies."

The best color for a diamond is no color at all. A totally colorless diamond allows light to pass through it easily, resulting in the light being dispersed as the color of the rainbow.

Colors are graded from totally colorless to light yellow. The diferences from one grade to the other are very subtle and it takes a trained eye and years of experience to color grade a diamond


A diamond's clarity is determined by using a 10-power magnifying glass and a trained eye.

FL Flawless - No inclusions or surface blemishes under 10 x magnification

IF Internally Flawless – no inclusions and only insignificant surface blemishes under 10x magnification.

VVS1 – VVS2 Very, Very Small inclusions – extremely difficult to see and usually only visible on a microscope or to an experienced grader with a loupe.

VS1 – VS2 Very Small inclusions, visible with 10x magnification but should still be difficult to find.

SI1 – SI2 Slightly Included, usually easily found with a loupe but still ‘eye clean’.

When viewed without magnification the difference in appearance between these clarity grades will be negligible.

I1 - I3 Included - inclusions visible to the naked eye (sometimes referred to as P1 – P3 or piqued). As these inclusions are becoming more visible they may affect the outward appearance of the diamond, the best I1 clarity diamonds will have an inclusion visible to the naked eye of a trained grader but not to the untrained eye and will still be very bright.

Most diamonds contain very tiny impurities know as "inclusions." An inclusion can interfere with the light passing through the diamond.

The fewer the inclusion, the more beautiful the diamond will be.

Diamonds have the capability of producing more brilliance than any other gemstone. A diamond that is free of inclusions and surface blemishes is very rare and therefore very valuable


This is the weight of a diamond measured in carats.

One carat is divided into 100 "points," so that a diamond of 75 points weights .75 ct.

The carat-weight of a diamond is the easiest measurement to determine.

Most importantly, two diamonds can be of equal carat-weight, but their value can differ greatly due to their cut, color, and clarity.

Don't rush into your diamond purchase. Take your time and evaluate your choice carefully. It took thousands of years for nature to form your diamond and the skill of a master diamond cutter to bring your diamond to you. The time you spend now can bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

– Whilst most diamond reports or certificates that you will see use the same terminology the standards to which each laboratory grades can vary and the difference between the most highly regarded reports and lesser reports can in our experience be as much as two grades. If we offer a diamond for sale with a certificate it will usually be from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) or IGI (International Gemmological Institute). As non of these laboratories have a base in the UK if you would like a report to be issued on any of our non certificated diamonds we will usually use AnchorCert based in the Birmingham Assay office and this will be charged at the cost price of the certificate (usually around £40.00 -£60.00 dependant on the size of the diamond).

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With Same Sex Marriage Laws Come Stunning Alternative Wedding Bands

In recent months, many states have passed groundbreaking laws allowing same sex marriage. While not yet federally recognized, the laws have allowed many people the chance to make their relationships official and even to obtain tax and health benefits that states allow to other couples. With these changes, a segment of the population that was largely excluded from the wedding community has a chance to make their love official, and with these ceremonies come a host of remarkable alternative wedding bands.

While a number of same sex couples opt for traditional wedding bands, many couples are looking to alternative jewelry. While for some the choice is in order to obtain custom matching bands, for others the choice is about finding rings that stand out and serve as a reminder of how hard they fought for the right to have what the rings symbolize. Alternative wedding bands come in a variety of designs, settings, and colors, and the choices are nearly infinite.

One popular trend among same sex couples is to purchase matching bands or rings for their wedding. Many of these bands share a common inscription, which may be on the inside or the outside of the ring. The inscriptions vary, from names and dates to sentimental phrases, literary quotes, biblical verses, and more. Other couples opt for matching rings with symbols of gender or traditional wedding symbols, such as the Claddagh.

Another common trend among current same sex couples is to choose matching settings and use alternative stones rather than diamonds. The most popular stones chosen are for each member of the couple to use the other’s birthstone. This creates beautiful rings that mark a special occasion in a unique way.

Many same sex couples also consider rings with six differently colored stones representing the rainbow, which is considered a symbol of gay pride. When these rings are made with real gemstones, they are both exceptionally beautiful and quite valuable. For couples unable to afford these gemstone bands, there are alternatives made with simulated stones.

Perhaps the most popular ring style among same sex couples is the band. While the band can be simple or elegant, it does not contain protruding stones. This is for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Many people do not enjoy protruding stones that immediately draw the eye, and in many professions they are considered hazardous and even forbidden. They can quickly snag on gloves and machinery and can present a risk to wearers, patients, and coworkers. This has helped to increase the popularity of alternative wedding bands.

While many people can not wear rings with three dimensional stones, many couples still seek rings that offer more than a simple, single colored band. Many alternative wedding bands feature a combination of two or more metals in a pattern. This can be anything from black titanium and platinum to a combination of white and yellow gold. Designs range from simple stripes to intricate Celtic knot designs and gay pride symbols.

There is really no shortage to the designs that can be implemented on alternative wedding bands. Many same sex couples elect to create their own custom wedding bands in order to have a set of rings that is truly unique to them. These couples have waited a long time, some of them an entire lifetime of sixty years or more for this day, knowing that they may never see it, and the desire for everything to be perfect means the creation of the perfect wedding rings.

While not yet legal across the nation, a few states have set forth this groundbreaking legislation. Political arguments aside, these laws allow for numerous happy couples to finally have the chance to walk down the aisle and pledge their lives to the person they love. While each ceremony is still considered groundbreaking and each couple still feels incredibly lucky to take part, at the heart of every ceremony is a simple exchange of vows and rings that symbolize the culmination of many years of struggling. With the exchange of these alternative wedding bands, these couples can take a look at their ring fingers and know two very important things; they have finally been able to legally promise to spend their lives with the ones they love, and they were truly a part of changing history.

With the legalization of what has long been called an “alternative lifestyle”, it is only fitting that there is commonly an exchange of what we consider alternative wedding bands. Not the three dimensional, diamond studded bands that are expected at most weddings, but quieter, more subtle, and often with stones embedded inside the band, these rings are unique and often one (or two) of a kind. They seem to make a perfect way to mark a union so unique and so desperately fought for.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrity weddings

Marriage is said to be a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose. After all there is something about a wedding gown that is prettier than any other gown in the world. Kenyan celebrities and personalities are jumping the broom as the touch of love makes lovers, poets, writes STEVENS MUENDO

There were three major celebrity weddings planned across East Africa over the last weekend. Former president Moi graced Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son wedding in Nairobi. Uganda’s royal family led another in Kampala. The third one slated for Arusha was the wedding that never was.

It has been another season of celebrity weddings. In fact, Nairobi witnessed more than five celebrity weddings in a span of four weeks. There are seven more (those known to Pulse) on the cards, before the end of the year.

Besides the glamour and accompanying joy, for some, what was an eagerly awaited start to a new life seems to have turned into a puzzle with tears and cursing replacing the jubilation. As Pulse broke it last week, the secret female celebrity wedding hatched behind closed doors failed to take off. The botched secret wedding is now plastered on Internet blogs for the whole world to see.

Whoever coined the adage "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," must have been a genius! (Actually, it was Shakespeare).

The much-hyped Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Barbara Itungo wedding, which took place in Kampala has everyone talking, just as does the Raila Junior and Yvonne Kibukosya’s holy union, which took place in Nairobi last weekend.

A story is told of how, during the Buganda queen’s wedding, a Lexus bought for the wedding and estimated at about 100,000 dollars (Sh9,273,060) could not be used because her dress was too low for her highness to climb the heavy machine.

Apparently, the organising committee had to order for another car for her, a sedan.

And in a move to keep the royal tradition, celebrated Ugandan artiste Bobi Wine, who hails from the royal Buganda Kingdom had warned that his would be the wedding of the year and set aside about Sh30 million for the lavish affair.

The bride, Barbara Itungo, a daughter of a reputable gospel minister, donned silver stilettos and a beautiful long flowing gown designed to expose the tattoo of the Bad Man from Kamwokya slums, the street credibility tag for Ghetto President.

The multiple-award winning star was clad in a well-tailored white tuxedo, a magnificent black-stripped tie and a blending white long sleeved shirt.

It was a bountiful ‘invites only’ glamourous affair attended by members of the royal Kabaka’s court, government leaders, politicians, dignitaries and celebrated artistes among others.

The royal accord not withstanding, Bobi Wine’s usual controversy reared its ugly head during the wedding mass. The singer took the microphone and shamelessly took a swipe at his singing counterpart Jose Chameleone, who was in the gathering together with his wife. The uncalled for attack was centred on Chameleone’s recent temporal conversion to Islam. Even though he did not answer back, a disillusioned Chameleone did not even join his wife Daniella Otim when the mass lined up for Eucharist. The drama went on. After the presiding archbishop asked Bobi Wine to make a wish, he went on to ask God to bless him with twins on top of the couple’s three kids.

That was not all. There was a long motorcade convoying outside the church, as the newly weds proceeded to the wedding reception. There was one horse carriage, two Hummers, two Benzes, two limousines, two Escalades among other state-of-the art whips. A queue of outriders and boda boda cyclists led the procession. Halfway, the horse pulling the couple’s magnificent carriage stubbornly came to a stop and would not make another step; and since no one was willing to whip the stalled ‘mule’, the couple was forced to jump into one of the whips, all the way to the five star Serena Hotel.

Back in Nairobi, the love affair between the Prime Minister’s son Raila Junior and Yvonne Kibukosya, the daughter of a famous musical family was underway. It had only been three weeks since Machel Waikenda, one of the directors of leading showbiz outfit had tied the knot with Rose Njoroge, his love of many years during a colourful ceremony attended by former First Lady Mama Ngina and members associated to the first family.

And in what seemed to be a show of who owns Kenya, the country’s political power weights who include former President Moi were on the Prime Minister’s side as his second-born son said "I do" to Yvonne.

Wedding bells chimed, crowds cheered and even the sun put in an auspicious appearance on a rather dull Nairobi August day, as the bride walked down the aisle to take her bridegroom’s arm.

Wearing a broad smile, a gold and an ivory gown with lace applique, Yvonne Kibukosya – now Yvonne Raila, amid the pomp and pageantry the Prime Minister’s family prides itself on — took to the tune of the soft playing piano, every step calculated to stir up the emotions of the moment. Before a battery of journalists who jostled to take account of the momentous hour, Yvonne played her part to perfection. She looked every inch the princess in the fairytale the ceremony had been assembled to be.

The total cost was estimated at Sh10 million. According to our source, the initial family ceremonies, one of which was hosted at the Odinga’s Bondo home and another one in Nairobi, at a hefty sum of Sh30million.

Yvonne is the daughter of Gido Kibukosya, a rekown producer.

Still in Nairobi, award-winning secular singer turned gospel star Dennis Kaggia aka DNA of the Banjuka fame was also at it with his lover Ruth Wangu Munyue now Ruth Waweru.

"The two wanted a simple wedding and that is why they kept a low profile, never making it a big issue before the press," Tina Kaggia, the young sister to DNA told Pulse.

Days are gone when Kenyan celebrities made their wedding day a big deal, the way Nameless and Wahu did a day short of six years today. Besides avoiding a big guest list due to the harsh economic times, many musicians have witnessed celebrity marriages collapse barely a year after making the vows, to public disgrace. With this trepidation, and fear of the unknown, most celebrities have decided to go it the quiet way.

Only family, close friends and church members were aware of Mo Sound CEO and Groove Awards founder Kevin Mulei’s wedding, which took place at Safari Park Hotel in June.

He married a former Miss Kenya 2003 title holder, Janet Kibugu . A week later, it was turn for his friend DJ Soxxy (Jackson Kamau) who tied the knot with Anne Waichigo.

Machel’s wedding, which was held in Karen eight months after the proposal, was equally not much publicised. there is Lenah Ochieng’ of the Zaidi ya Mziki gospel group (recall hit single Fundi wa Mbao) who married his high school lover Laura Wahito.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Signs of a Good Relationship

There are a few signs of a good relationship shown by both partners when they want their relationship to work. This positivity is mentioned in the form of an article put together just for you, take a look.

Does he get you flowers? Does she blush when she sees you? Is he protective? Is she your best friend? There are so many beautiful things about healthy relationships, that you cherish and hate to imagine your life without. From the time you meet each other, till you realize there is no one else who understands and knows you better, every moment (bad or good) is special. Every time you see the person you love, you feel that rush you felt when you saw him/her for the first time.

Call it cliché, but that's how love is! It's old fashioned and cheesy, but crazy and wild. It makes you do stupid things, but pulls you out of them just as easily. It gives you butterflies in your tummy as well as the strength to stand up for it before the world. When you have experienced all this for one person, you are surely in a relationship which you don't want to end. Thus, to find some signs of a good relationship, take a look at the following paragraphs.

What are the Signs of a Good Relationship?

When you are in a relationship, there are many aspects which take the front seat in your life. With many priorities and preferences changing, you get to decide if you are in a relationship, which is worth moving forward with. There are also a few factors on which relationships depend and when you face certain situations together, you realize the depths of your feelings. Many a times, couples confuse the early signs of a good relationship to be constant throughout, but end up disappointed with unfulfilled expectations that follow. What makes a good relationship is, to take things very slowly and find out if both of you are in the same emotional place at the same time. It is also necessary to find out if both of you want to continue this way. Mentioned below are a few signs of a good relationship which you will notice if you are in one.

Traits of a Good Relationship
As mentioned earlier there are a few factors on which a good relationship resides and these are very important for any of them. You can definitely use these as good relationship tips if you want to improve on what you have.

Traits of a Good Relationship
As mentioned earlier there are a few factors on which a good relationship resides and these are very important for any of them. You can definitely use these as good relationship tips if you want to improve on what you have.

Showing respect to each other is a very important factor in every relationship. If you think that you are above each other depending on many reasons, you will never be happy. When you get prejudice in between you, you will never respect each other for who you are. Therefore, make sure you treat your partner as an adult and respect him/her.

Being loyal to each other is also one of the important signs of a good relationship. If you are having second thoughts about being in one, get out of it as soon as possible since you will only make things worse for the later. But if you are sure about sticking to your partner for a lifetime, my relationship advise would be, stay loyal and don't let the world affect you.

Having faith in each other is the biggest need of any good relationship. Don't have doubts about your partner if you trust each other and have confessed it. But taking advantage of that trust to indulge in unruly things is also not advised. If you want a future with someone, you have to earn their trust which is the hardest thing to do once you lose it. Infidelity (emotional and physical), is a very common fear many couples live with.

When you are in a relationship, you also have to make sure if your partner is worth depending on emotionally, more than financially. If there is no maturity in the relationship and understanding that you share, you will never be able to go through life with each other. To depend on someone as a friend first and then a lover for understanding circumstances and situations is more important for any individual mind.

The last thing you would find in every good relationship is the affection you have for the other person. You can have major relationship issues, if space is absent. When you are affectionate, you won't find it difficult to provide the required amount of space in it. You can't create a suffocating environment for anyone, as you have to respect a certain breathing space that person needs.

In conclusion I would say, there is nothing called a perfect relationship as imperfections are what makes it perfect. However, with these signs of a good relationship you can surely think about improving yours and cherishing what you have, as you may not have it tomorrow.

By Aparna Jadhav

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding anniversary party ideas will make the celebration of your anniversary a memorable one. Plan well, to have an anniversary party that will go down in the history books!

Anniversaries are the annual celebrations of the continuation of love. Wedding anniversaries are to be celebrated with friends and families, who were there with you to witness your matrimony. Indeed, wedding anniversaries parties have to be great ideas, so that they can be cherished over a long time. Wedding anniversaries party ideas make the most special event of your life, memorable. Wedding anniversaries party ideas range from romantic, fun, sentimental, creative, traditional or just a plain simple, to celebrate the union of the two souls in love!

Whether 1st or the 50th, every anniversary brings a unique element to the relationship tied by marriage. It makes you understand each other more than ever, it teaches you to love the person as he/she is, it helps you to grow and gives you an opportunity to fall in love all over again. Turn these moments of your life into evergreen memories, with brilliant 25th wedding anniversary party ideas to 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas
The following wedding anniversary party ideas will be a riot of fun and frolic. Let's begin..

50th wedding anniversary party ideas, are the only way you can begin the golden year of marriage. Congratulations for reaching a half century with your better half. The 50th year is symbolized by gold. Ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party should entail setting up the venue with the traditional symbolic color. Decorate the venue with the brilliance of gold. Tie the chairs up in golden tulle, use china with golden rims and serve drinks with a golden tinge. After living together for 50 years, the material possessions hold lesser value than the intangible gifts. Make the couple renew their wedding vows in the same church where they got married 50 years ago. Recreate the magic of that occasion with the help of old photographs and unforgettable memories!

25th wedding anniversary party ideas will make the jubilation, go down as unerasable in the memory lane. By the grace of god, the couple has spent 25 years together, which is why they deserve super innovative ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary party. Arrange a belly dancing competition, the winner gets the bride or the groom! You can give out prizes like the 'most voluptuous one', 'the best dancer' and 'the worst dancer'. Definitely, everyone present, from a child to the oldest member of the family, will enjoy this party.

1st wedding anniversary party ideas are extremely close to the heart. It is the first year that you have spent together, as a couple, discovered one another's attributes, loved one another's flaws and grown up together. The union has to celebrated, though deciding some fantastic 1st wedding anniversary party ideas will need a deliberate effort. Throw a surprise party for the love of your life, with just the two of you. Book a movie theater, take her/him out for ballroom dancing. Another brilliant idea, is to book a private beach for a weekend and sail on a cruise, on a moonlit night. Definitely, your love will be floored by such romantic ideas for anniversary. To celebrate the 1st wedding anniversary, you can invite all your friends over and go out for whitewater river rafting. They surely would be an adventure, until the next time you decide to celebrate!

For all those who think that they are too old to have a wild party for their wedding anniversary, here's an advise: wedding anniversary parties should get bigger as the years pass by! Put on your thinking caps and think of some unique and never-done-before wedding anniversary party ideas. Whether it's arranging a party for your friends or throwing one yourself, having fun is the only motto! So go ahead and party all the way to glory, to mark another year lived with your love, who has made the bond eternal and forever!

By Mukta Gaikwad

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Years

Wedding anniversary, be it the 1st or the 60th, is a memorable day for a couple. Here is some information about the unique wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate the occasion.

Wedding anniversary is one of the most cherishing moments in every couple's life. It recalls the memories of marriage, the very first day when both when both the partners are tied together into a precious bond of longer-lasting relationship. With each passing year, your emotional attachment with your spouse grows stronger. Wedding anniversary is the right time to express how much you care for your partner. You can take your day off from the busy schedules and plan your anniversary in a blissful way to make it a memorable occasion. Giving romantic gifts and fulfilling your partner's wishes is a perfect way to celebrate this occasion.

On the occasion of wedding anniversary, the couple receives special gifts that suit to the anniversary year from their relatives and friends. While buying the gifts, it is always better to consider the likes and dislikes of the couple. There are certain gift ideas, either traditional or modern that are meant for a particular anniversary year. However, these gift ideas are different with respect to the tradition of a particular country. Let's take a look at the unique wedding anniversary gift ideas by years.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: If you are planning to buy a first wedding anniversary gift for the couple, then you can opt for traditional paper gifts or modern clocks. Some popular paper gifts are personalized items like books, novels, art, gift certificates, photo albums, scrapbooks and decorative plants. A list of gift clocks includes wristwatches, wall clocks and mantel clocks. The couples can consider buying matching watches for each other, as a token of love.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: As per tradition, the gift theme for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood; whereas, the modern theme is silverware. There are many items of wood that you can give to the couple, some of which are wooden furniture, decorative plant in a wooden vase, photo gifts, wooden sculpture, wall hangings and other decorative wooden pieces. Silverware gifts include jewelry items and/or crockery items like silverware plates, bowls, teapots etc. Giving crafts made from wood and silverware is also a good idea.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 10th wedding anniversary traditional gift is either tin or aluminum and the modern gift theme is diamond. If you are looking for a traditional gift, you can opt for a pewter (made of 85-99 percent tin) plate or aluminum cookware. If your budget is high enough, then you can consider buying a diamond jewelry.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: This is the silver wedding anniversary of the couple, which is worth a celebration. Like other wedding anniversaries, this has both traditional and modern themes. While silver is the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary, sterling silver is the modern gift theme. Most popular gift items are silver champagne glasses, photo albums and frames, silver showpieces, jewelry box, silver-bordered wall clock and candle holders. Whether the gift is small or large, the silver wedding anniversary day is a precious moment, traditionally celebrated with close friends and families.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The traditional theme for 35th wedding anniversary gift is coral; whereas, the modern theme is of jade. Coral and jade jewelries are the best gift options for the couple who have spent 35 years together. Other gift alternatives for the couple are jade sculptures, coral stone gifts, serving trays, home decorative items and baby jade bonsai plants.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 50th wedding anniversary is called the golden anniversary and is a big occasion. Only fortunate couples get the chance to celebrate together the 50th year of their wedding. Since it is the golden anniversary, gold is the gift theme. For such a lucky couple, you can give gold jewelry, gold plated spectacles, photo frame and wrist watches.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 60th wedding anniversary, referred to as the diamond wedding anniversary, should be celebrated with a bang. The gift theme for the 60th wedding anniversary is diamond as per both the traditional and the modern ideas. Some of the best diamond gift items are no doubt diamond-studded wristwatches, diamond jewelry and other diamond ornaments.

Well! These are wedding anniversary gift ideas by years that may help you in deciding the best gift for the couple. For couples (US citizens) who have spent 50 or more years together, a request can be made for sending congratulatory message from the President of the United States.

By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Romantic Evenings: Ideas for Planning Romantic Evening at Home

Planning romantic evenings is a great way to break your daily routine and kindle your romance. Here are some ideas for planning romantic evening at home.

You must have frequented all the gourmet restaurants in your vicinity; must have had innumerous movie dates to have romantic evenings with your partner. Are you thinking of ideas for planning romantic evening for two? It need not always be plush and luxurious in a restaurant or a club. How about having a romantic evening at home? Your home can be a perfect place for you two to have a romantic evening. All that you need is creativity and some before-hand preparation. Let us assume that you are completely aware of your partner's likes and dislikes in nearly all the aspects (if not, at least try to know his favorite food and music). If you have children, do not forget to arrange for a babysitter, in advance.

Ideas for a Romantic Evening at Home

You can have the traditional romantic evening plan with food, music and wine. Cook his favorite dishes, uncork a bottle of wine, put on some light romantic music and you have created a perfect mood of having a romantic evening! Dress up specially for the occasion as he will definitely appreciate that. This is one of the most favored romantic evening ideas!

You can have an outdoor romantic dinner in your backyard. It will be a very romantic evening in the starry night. A candle light dinner tops the list of tips for a romantic evening. Wear your cocktail dress, cook his favorite food, include a variety of desserts and also good quality wine. The candle light dinner can also be followed with a dance, if you both appreciate it. Those living in apartments can plan this in their balcony.

Even cooking can be a great activity if you have to do it, together, with your beloved. Try to cook a new recipe together. It will be a lot of fun, chopping and frying and baking together along with talking and having a lot of fun. If the dish is successful, you will really enjoy having it. If not, you can always have catered food at home as an option. Here, the process is more pleasurable than the actual product!

Some good ideas for a romantic evening also include having a bubble bath or giving each other a massage. Make sure you have lot of scented oils. You can even make it more exciting by having rose petals and scented candles. This will make your evening romantic as well as a passionate one. Having a swim together is also one of the perfect romantic evening ideas.

If you both are working types, you can just spend time together, literally doing nothing, but talking. Create the mood of nostalgia by recalling the firsts in your relationship like your first date or first kiss. You can cuddle up and spend time going through old photographs, reliving those wonderful moments. You can catch up with a romantic movie or a classical romantic novel. Just spend the 'us' time together.

The whole idea in planning romantic evenings at home is to get that much needed together time. Married couples can plan romantic evenings and revive their courtship days. Try not to exaggerate things. Having a calm and peaceful time together is the keyword. Exaggeration and complication can pressurize your partner. Just allow the romance to fill the air. Do not worry whether things will work out as planned or not. They definitely will! And if they do not, your partner will appreciate your ideas and hard work. Remember to retain an element of surprise before planning a romantic evening. Follow these romantic evening ideas and have a great and memorable time together!

By Madhura Pandit

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grooms Cakes: How to Design a Cake That's All About Him

by Just Weddings

The grooms cake has been a long-standing tradition, especially in Southern weddings. While the wedding cake was meant to represent the bride, the grooms cake was meant to represent, well, the groom. These days, couples are moving back towards that tradition of having two cakes at the wedding. Paired up with an elegant wedding cake, there is another cake with the groom's personal interests in mind. Grooms cake ideas range from sports to hobbies to patterns, depending all on what his passions are. Often the groom's cake is a surprise that is given by the bride. As tradition would have it, the cake is actually meant to be the bride's gift to her future husband.


Sports are always a classic when it comes to the groom's cake. Many men love sports and most men have at least one sport they adore. A grooms cake idea can include designs that are fashioned after a particular sport. Hockey fans, for example, can have a sheet cake decorated like an ice hockey rink – players included! Football fans can have a football field with their favorite team's logo in the center and even a scoreboard on the side with the bride and groom as the names of the teams. Baseball fans can have a cake sculpted to look like a bat and baseball cap with tickets to the wedding sticking out. If the groom has a particular team he is a fan of, a grooms cake can be carved into a team's logo or even just use the team colors as the inspiration.


Some men are more into a hobby than a sport. Hobbies can include gaming to fishing to yard work. Depending on the groom, you will want to at least integrate a hobby as the theme or use it as the entire cake decoration. For example, for the man that loves to fish, a large 3-D cake sculpted like a fish coming out of water is a unique selection. For men that love to play video games, a grooms cake that is carved to look like an Xbox or Playstation, with the remote included, is another popular choice.

All About Him

Sometimes it is hard to select just one thing to fashion a cake after, especially if the groom has multiple favorites on his list. Create a two-tiered cake showcasing all of the favorites of the groom. For example, have one tier focus on his career or education, while the other tier focuses on hobbies, sporting teams or even just has a list of his favorite bands written right on the cake. The more personal touches you can add to your groom's cake, the more he'll love it.

Source for sports cake: The Hudson Cakery

Source for fish cake:Cakes VA

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Celebrity Wedding News


Article By: Phillip Brunelle - National Wedding News -

Lauren Bush has officially become a member of Ralph Lauren's family. The niece of former President George W. Bush tied the knot with the fashion designer's son, David Lauren on Sunday, September 4 at Ralph's 17,000-acre Double RL Ranch in the Rocky Mountains, and details of their lavish wedding have been disclosed.

The Bride, Lauren Bush, a 27-year-old model, wore an intricately embroidered Victorian-style wedding dress designed by her new father-in-law, Ralph Lauren, while her 39-year-old groom, David Lauren, sported a vintage Lincoln era-inspired tuxedo. Since the wedding had a black-tie-meets-Western theme, guests attending the Bush-Lauren wedding were dressed in cowboy boots, denim and turquoise jewelry.

Lauren Bush arrived on a horse-drawn carriage, and walked down the aisle with her divorced parents Sharon and Neil. The ceremony itself was conducted by Cantor Angela Buchdahl of Manhattan's Central Synagogue. A reception was held afterward at a nearby barn on a meadow with country singer Michael Martin Murphy providing the entertainment.

Among the 200 guests in attendance were former president George W. Bush, wife Laura and daughters Jenna and Barbara. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as well as Ralph Lauren's family, including David's sister Dylan were also present. Missing out the big day, however, were Lauren's grandparents, George H.W. and Barbara Bush. The elder Bush's said because of the elevated climate of the wedding venue that it would be detrimental to their health had they attended, however they did send a video message.

With Lauren's groom having the same last name as her first name, there has been scrutiny over whether or not the bride would change her last name. "I think it will be Lauren Bush-Lauren," she said. "That's not final, but I think it's nice to have the same name as your husband. I am sort of old-fashioned in that way."

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Announce Wedding Date


Article By: Phillip Brunelle - National Wedding News -

Nearly three decades in the making, Gene Simmons, from the popular rock band KISS, and his fiancé Shannon Tweed are taking their relationship to the next level after finally setting a wedding date, and the couple will soon be Tying The Knott in Beverly Hills, California. Simmons and Tweed will now be amongst the growing list of 2011 High Profile Celebrity Weddings.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed are quickly planning the details of their wedding, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at The Beverly Hills Hotel, an iconic upscale hotel located on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. How do we know? Well... Tying The Knott has an invitation to the Simmons & Tweed wedding, and of course we're going to share it with you.

The wedding invitation is complete with a sarcastic wedding announcement from their kids, which says: "After 28 years of loose strings, our parents have finally decided to tie the knot. Our mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name and our father's life... well, it doesn't change that much."

The heartfelt wedding announcement from their kids continues on saying: "But we will be united as a family in spirit and in title forever. There will no longer be a Team Tweed or a Team Simmons, but instead a Team Tweed-Simmons, and as annoyingly long as that is, we hope you're on it."

And yes... we have the wedding announcement to share with you too... But don't try printing out the complete wedding invitation and showing up to the Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed wedding, there will be tight security during the couples wedding. Here's the kids announcement below...

The couple, who live in Beverly Hills, both had several high-profile relationships before they met almost 30 years ago. Gene Simmons had long-term relationships with both Cher and also Diana Ross. Shannon Tweed had a brief relationship with Hugh Hefner during the time she was Playmate Of The Year in 1982. Prior to this, Tweed was in a relationship with Canadian Football League player Ron Foxx who played linebacker for the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have two adult children together, a son, Nick, 22, and a 19-year-old daughter, Sophie. The 62-year-old rock star and the 54-year-old former Playboy Playmate met in 1984 and began living together the following year.

The Tweed - Simmons family stars in the A&E reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The season finale of the last season ended with a proposal and the new season will begin with the lead up and preparations for the October 1 nuptials. The season premier will air on October 4 on A&E.

From a Rough Rider.. To Hefner's Playmate Playdate.. To the Rock Star lifestyle of the Rich & Famous.. Shannon Tweed is Tying The Knott and leaving the past behind to begin a journey in life together as the soon-to-be wife of Gene Simmons. We wish you the best - Phillip Brunelle ~

Tara Reid marries Zack Kehayov in Greece

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Nathalie

On Saturday, August 13, Tara Reid tied the knot with her boyfriend Zack Kehayov on the beautiful and sunny Greek island of Santorini in an impromptu ceremony, just a few hours after she got engaged.

The American Pie actress and her beau wore relaxed and very casual matching all-white outfits. The first pictures of the newlyweds showed a happy bride wearing a belly-baring shirt under a white cardigan and a long flowing skirt holding on her right hand a bouquet of all white flowers. The groom also kept it simple with a classic summer look and a white rose boutonniere. Pictures of the wedding also revealed the gorgeous diamond wedding ring of the 35-year-old starlet.

Reid met her husband- a financial services worker in the Washington, D.C., metro area, in the Deloitte Consulting franchise – back in November in St Tropez. While they were vacationing in Greece, they decided to wed in this romantic location. The blonde actress who will star in American Reunion and the fourth American Pie movie scheduled for next year was previously engaged to talk-show host Carson Daly and to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann.

The low key wedding took place on the roof of the luxury Mystique Resort, in front of the ocean. A celebration in the States will soon follow with Reid and Kehayov’s friends and family.

According to the United States Embassy, the new couple will have to register their Greek wedding to make it official in the US.

Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb Engaged!

We knew and loved him as Carla's goofy hubby Turk on Scrubs, but now Donald Faison is getting hitched in real life. On Friday, he popped the question to CaCee Cobb -- Jessica Simpson's former personal assistant and good friend, reports

The two have been together for five years, so we're guessing Cobb had a hunch the proposal was coming -- especially because Faison may have ruined the surprise by tweeting this suspicious message that day: "If you like it, then you better put a ring on it." Later, Cobb responded with this sweet tweet: "If she likes it, then she better say YES!

Jessica Simpson and Zach Braff (Faison's co-star on Scrubs) both wished the the couple well via Twitter. "Congratulations to Donald and CaCee on their engagement," Braff wrote. "Just wish I was there to run around you both with sparklers." Well said.

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How To Pack A Wedding Gown For Flight

Lately young couples are less interested in large, traditional weddings and opt for destination weddings. These are less formal and more relaxed and will allow them to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves without worrying about the wedding etiquette and old fashioned traditions. Plus, destination weddings are more fun and require less preparation. Hence, if you decided to exchange vows on your favorite part of the world then you should pack you things and hit the road. However, remember to pack your wedding dress carefully and without ruining it. A proper packing will protect the shape, color and details of the dress.

Still, if you want to make sure your wedding dress will be easy to transport pay attention when purchasing it. It is recommended to choose a light weight and soft fabric because it would be easy to handle and transport. Also, make sure the fabric won’t wrinkle easily. Chiffon, organza and georgette are the most common and well received fabrics for a destination wedding gown.

If you intend to flight to your dream destination there are a few things you should know before packing you dress. First of all, remember not to let your wedding dresses in checked luggage. You risk having it damaged or even lost. Therefore it is important to reduce its length and take it with you on the plane. It is recommended to ask the airlines what are their restrictions regarding wedding gowns and what are your alternatives. Most US airline stated that wedding dresses should be transported in garment bags of 54’’’long

Begin by preparing the wedding gown. Lay it down on a flat and clean surface and wrap it in white tissue paper. This will allow the dress to keep its shape. You can find special and acid free tissue paper that will allow the fabric to breathe and prevent humidity. Fold the dress so that one side will overlap the other. Pay a significant attention to the train and fold it towards the middle of the wedding dress. Put the gown into a breathable garment bag. This is easy to fold and carry and it will also keep the dress in good shape.

If you are traveling first class you might be able to hang your garment bag into the closet. Each plane has a special part for wedding gowns. In this case it is highly important to write your contact details such as complete name and phone number on the bag.

How To Pack A Wedding Gown For Flight (Source:

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9/10/11 wedding date: So popular, conjugal, consecutive

By Lini S. Kadaba

For The Inquirer

Wedding date mania is about to hit.

When lovebirds pick the day to seal the deal, they might consider when their eyes first met, or numerals divined as lucky, or a time of year with flawless weather for those outdoor pictures.

But on occasion, a perfect date jumps off the calendar page purely for its novelty. When that unusual sequence of numbers also falls on a Saturday, it's more sought after than a taffeta gown half off at Filene's.

This year, that must-have date is 9/10/11.

Wedding bells will chime aplenty on Saturday, and that means venues are packed, videographers are jammed, bakers are squeezed. Even relatives of the brides are overscheduled, having to choose which wedding to attend on this oh-so-coveted date.

"According to our numbers, it's the most popular date of the year," said Anja Winikka, site editor of, a wedding planning website that has more than 37,000 members set to take the plunge on 9/10/11. (Meanwhile, 11/11/11 - another number doozy, but on a Friday - came in at nearly 24,000 registered nuptials.)

"Couples want to find meaning within all of the wedding-day details," Winikka said. "9/10/11 makes it feel special and a little more meaningful. It's aesthetically pleasing. It falls on a Saturday, the most popular day for weddings."

Bride-to-be Hilary Kissinger needs no convincing. "I know at least five other couples who have the same wedding date," said the Philadelphia resident.

Kissinger and fiance Tom Connors, however, have come to regret the neat number choice. "We have family members who can't come because they're going to another wedding," she said. "Some are doing our ceremony and someone else's reception. They're making it a wedding marathon."

Dave Williams wishes the couple had chosen another date as well. He co-owns CinemaCake Filmmakers, a Philadelphia-based wedding and event videography business where Connors works as an editor and cinematographer (when he's not getting married, that is).

"It's crazy," Williams said. He has three weddings booked and would have taken a fourth but for Connors, who took along two other employees as his groomsmen.

"That's a whole team," he said, adding that he had to turn away business. "I couldn't convince him to change his wedding date."

Liz Deeny's 9/10/11 wedding was fated, she's sure. Her beau, Jared Trout, proposed on 11/10/09, knowing her "thing with dates ever since I was a little kid," she said.

At first, the Bloomfield, N.J., couple considered a June wedding for this year, but once Deeny saw the 9/10/11 option - yes, a reversal of the proposal date - she had to have it, as she blogged at, and was willing to wait the extra months. Now, she said the number "is one of the highlights of my wedding," which will take place at the Glen Foerd Mansion in Northeast Philadelphia. It will appear "everywhere. It's on the invitation, the program, the seating chart . . . I'm excited."

Historically, a wedding date often was chosen for its auspiciousness. Ancient Greeks are said to have foretold the fortunate date from pig entrails. Some Asian cultures still consult astrologers to select an ideal date and time for marital rites.

But for many, it comes down to the numbers. Last year, 10/10/10 was a big bridal hit. A few years ago, many betrothed with Chinese roots wed on 8/8/8, a number believed to bring good fortune. And 7/7/7 was an obvious choice.

This year's Big Day falls right before another unforgettable day - 9/11, which marks its 10th anniversary on Sunday. The fact that knot tie-ers have not avoided the weekend perhaps suggests that the country has healed, at least in part.

Mother-of-the-bride Cate Heck of Malvern allowed that some guests have refused to fly back home on 9/11 after her daughter's Saturday hitching in New York.

But Nicole Heck and her fiance Nick Jedinak, who both lived in New York City when the twin towers fell, picked the date after much deliberation. A decade later, they hope their wedding will serve as a small way to reclaim "a weekend that had so much tragedy," Heck said. "It's a nice way to celebrate happy days and happy thoughts."

In the years following 9/11, many wedding vendors offered discounts around the date to attract bookings, said wedding photographer Rebecca Barger, whose namesake business is based in Jenkintown. No more. "I think people don't find a stigma with 9/11," said Barger, who has a gig Saturday and turned down more than a dozen other requests.

Logistics is the challenge for Nancy Bauman. "We're insanely busy on 9/10/11," said the tristate-area sales rep for Gala Cloths, a Maryland-based company that provides table and chair covers and linens. "That one day, we need to be in 15 different locations setting up."

One client alone has a guest list of 340, she said. "That's 340 chair covers in an hour and a half," said Bauman, sounding harried last week.

At Classic Cake in Cherry Hill and Washington Township, bakers will be up to their elbows in frosting as they ready a record 17 wedding and groom's cakes.

One of those orders is for Sarah Carter and Richard Sambenedetto, who live in Gloucester Township. Carter said the couple booked the date a year ago, and even though she will share it with innumerable others, it will still stay special for her and her groom.

"It's memorable," she said. "My fiance would never have an excuse to forget our anniversary."

Read more:
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Romantic Evening Ideas

Everybody loves chocolates and flowers but you would need to add an element of interest when you are out dating your partner. Read on to know some interesting and romantic evening ideas that can keep the flame of love burning brightly.

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner. With couples planning incessantly to have their best date possible, romance is definitely being expressed through flowers, teddy bears, jewelry and cards! The art of romance needs to be planned at times, if you really wish to impress your date. This does not always mean that every move needs to be planned to perfection but it would certainly help to have an idea of a romantic evening ahead which can even show the level you go to, in showing your appreciation. There are some who prefer to have a usual romantic evening and there are others who would rather have a romantic rendezvous on a deserted island. Romantic evening ideas are aplenty and all you need to do is apply your creativity to have some fun! Try a new approach towards your romantic evenings and watch the glow on his/her face!

Romantic Evening Ideas:
A candlelit dinner is always on the list of many. This time you can plan a romantic evening at home itself. Surprise your partner with some lavish dinner cooked at home. Decorate your room with some rose petals and candles. Play some soft music and pull out the wine glasses. You can have a limo to pick her up. She would be rather dazzled with all the romantic settings you have done at home. Make sure you have some luxurious bath oils and the both of you can have a fun time giving each other a much-needed massage. Cuddle up and watch your favorite movie together.

If you have access to the beach, you can plan a beach outing to one of the not-so-frequented places. Pack a sumptuous picnic dinner. Take along some rugs and sheets. Make a bonfire and cuddle up while watching the sunset together. Take a dip in the azure waters or explore the beautiful surroundings. You can even go for a romantic walk in the water counting the stars! The feel of the sand beneath your feet and the fresh salty air are bound to make this one of the most romantic evenings for you!

If you are plain bored of having a dinner at home or evening dining outside, why not book a room for 2 at a luxurious hotel! This is bound to leave your partner surprised. This hotel can be in your neighborhood as well, and all you need to do is pack some clothes and head out to this place to be pampered in true style. Look for hotels that have spa treatments, which your partner would surely appreciate after a hard days work. Once the both of you have refreshed yourself, why not go shopping at the boutiques within the hotel! Get a super sexy outfit and order for room service. Use this quality time to converse with each other. Leave love notes in some places in the room and get yourself showered with more love and affection once your partner discovers these!

Pick up your date from her workplace and surprise her with a long drive for the evening. Plan for an overnight stay at any weekend getaway places that have plenty of things in store to have fun. You can surprise her further with a bagful of clothing, which she may need for the overnight stay. Play romantic songs, which can be enjoyed by both, and go for a quiet dinner at the resort beneath a star lit sky. Follow this up with an exotic bubble bath in the night and open a bottle of champagne at the end!

Check out the availability of the boat rides and book a snazzy boat and head out for a boat ride into the sunset. Pack your lunch box and enjoy the beautiful environs. Have a romantic chat together and anchor at a beautiful spot. This would let you have a romantic evening in the outdoor, which is spent in connecting with nature and with each other as well.

Planning romantic evening ideas does not mean you need to keep being worried about how things will go. Remember to have fun, as that is the key element to any successful date you could ever have!

By Kashmira Lad

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Dilemma: Should I Propose in Front of Her Family & Friends?

Your friends over at have recently launched an awesome new version of their site where brides and grooms can ask wedding questions and receive advice from a community of experts. today we’re sampling one of their hot topics pertaining to casual weddings. today, we’re sampling a user question on whether or not the groom should pop the question in front of friends and family.

Boy meets girl. Boy dates girl. Boy falls in love with girl… and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. So he saves up, does research, and buys the perfect engagement ring. Things are going great, (he’s pretty sure she’ll say yes), but there’s just one VERY important detail that needs to be planned—the proposal, of course! Even if you know what you’re going to say, don’t underestimate there where/when/how—any girl will tell you that proposals are a big deal (asking someone to marry you and be your wife is no small feat)! Just take a look at all of the “proposal fail” videos on YouTube—asking in the wrong environment (or at the wrong time) can be downright deadly, embarrassing, or just plain awkward for your future bride.

Here’s one common dilemma prospective grooms often face: Is it appropriate to propose in front of her family/friends? Better yet, is it a good idea? We got that very question from one concerned groom-to-be. Marty W. asked, “Should I propose in front of her family/friends? And should I let them know I’m planning on asking? (I’m pretty sure she’s going to say yes, btw, so no worries!) I was thinking it would be nice if they all came out afterwards and we could go out and have a celebratory dinner. Advice?”

Good question, Marty. We headed to our community to see how engaged couples, expert wedding professionals and married couples were responding—with lots of helpful proposal tips:

Right off the bat, one former groom (now a married man) Dan L . recommended making the proposal mostly private—no family or friends—since it’s a lot of added pressure. Except for maybe a photographer “covertly hidden taking a photo or video of when you get down on one knee”, you really shouldn’t need anyone else there but you or her. And the photo/videos are just a mere suggestion to please her oh-so-curious and excited family (trust us, when she calls them, they’ll want details of absolutely everything—the proposal, the ring, what she said, if she cried, what you said, etc). Just make sure your bride-to-be is the type who loves documenting all of her important life events—you definitely won’t want to use this idea if she’ll find it creepy!

Looking for the perfect balance of a personal proposal (but still want to keep her family in the loop?), take a smart tip from one of our experts, Julie Pryor, who had the perfect solution to this question-popping conundrum. When it comes to proposals, Julie suggested a personal proposal (with “just the two of you”) and then a “celebration with her family for later in the evening or the next day”—a great way to have her family to feel like they were part of their daughter AND future-son-in-law’s intimate moment, without actually having them there! Great idea, Julie.

If you feel like her family would still like to be involved, consider having them hide and wait somewhere (a restaurant, another location, etc) – then when you and your newly engaged fiancée come in, all of you can celebrate together!

In the end, though, we agreed with Roxanna, a user who stressed that it really depends on the girl. She brought up some great points: “Think about it carefully– does she like to celebrate her birthday with all of her family? Is she really close to them– are they the first to hear about all of the big news in her life? Even if those things are true though, she might not want the proposal to be in front of family and friends.” She also mentioned that ideally, the couple should be very close to both families if he’s planning on proposing in front of so many people.

Bottom line? “That’s a lot of pressure, and no matter how sure you are that she’ll say yes, she might want to keep the moment private and special with just you. Think carefully in terms of your relationship and if she would like that type of thing– if you have any doubts, I would shy away from it,” said one smart user. We agree! Thanks to all of the wedding experts and engaged couples at the forum for your ideas and advice! Want to see what people are saying about this topic? Check out the conversation here.

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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Monster-In-Laws

Planning a wedding and finding the right vendors are difficult enough; imagine over-controlling in-laws who are out for blood! You're already struggling to reach a plateau of understanding with your partner over the nuptial details, you don't need to battle it out with an over-zealous mother-in-law. This is your wedding. However, you can't disregard the fact that your partner's parents are also going to be yours for the rest of your life. You don't have the luxury to pick and choose; which inevitably means that being considerate to their needs and opinions is imperative for any future peace you hope to acquire. If you ignore them and reject their help (even if it is obnoxiously demanding), you will reap the consequences for years after your wedding day.

Learning how to accept their help without giving them the reigns to run the show, is crucial for putting together a successful event.

Having a prosperous wedding does not equal a visually stunning affair. Making everyone content, not just you and your partner, is what makes a wedding good or bad. If you choose to go through with something that upsets your family without presenting the issue with them beforehand, you're asking for drama. The religious aspects of the wedding are vitally significant; if you choose to go against your parent's beliefs, you need to sit down with them and discuss your reasons for doing so. Nobody is expecting you to be obedient, but they do want you to be respectful. You can't expect to make everyone happy in every situation, and the best way to anticipate these qualms is through courteous confrontation.

The most problematic situation is one where parent's contribute money to the wedding and then expect to have complete access to every decision; from flowers to reception site to the bridal attire. A donation to the matrimonies shouldn't necessitate ownership over this event in any way – it's your wedding and you need to make them aware of this. Letting them make some suggestions for color arrangements or bands you should use is acceptable, and even if you don't like their ideas you need to still “welcome” and include them in the plans. This doesn't always mean that you need to use their propositions, but be polite. The minute the mother-in-law pulls out a clipboard and starts saying things like, “this is how we should do this,” that's the moment to replace civility with firm resoluteness. But as a daughter or son-in-law, this isn't your place. You don't want to get into a fist-fight with your partner's parents months before the big day.

It is now your partner's responsibility to sit his/her parents down and let them know that although their help is greatly appreciated, it's not their wedding. Acknowledge the fact that they want to participate in the plans; this shows that they care and that they're excited. However, you need to make them understand that it's hard enough to compromise between two people, let alone four or six. Offer to give them a small portion of the wedding that they can coordinate on their own. This will make them feel part of the nuptials and keep them out of the way of the more important things.

Mother-in-laws tend to be the hardest obstacle that couples have to face. It is even more problematic if the mother of the groom doesn't have a daughter – she can tend to stifle the bride and try to stand in where the bride's mother should. It's common for the groom's mother to even become jealous and obstinate towards the relationship between mother and daughter. You need to try to include the groom's mother in certain parts of the wedding plans wherever possible, but it's not your place to deal with an in-law who's out of control. The mother of the bride has natural rights to the wedding and this should be regarded. The sooner the groom's mother realizes this, the smoother procession of the wedding plans.

Dealing with partner's parents isn't always an enjoyable experience, but it's necessary. After the wedding his/her family will be yours, and vice versa. Every other holiday you'll be celebrating at their house and when you have a baby, they'll be there in excitement and love. Remember that when you plan the ceremony. They've been waiting for this day just as long as you have. Give them some attention and respect and start the wedding planning! .