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Muslim Wedding Gowns

Muslim weddings are a bit different from the ones of other religions. There are a lot of rules and guidelines that couples must abide. Muslim weddings gowns are also unique and memorable by their simplicity and modesty. The patterns might slightly vary from one place to another but the bride’s attire is meant to praise and honor the Islamic beliefs and traditions.

A Muslim wedding is a religious event rather than a social one. Hence, the Muslim religion forbids the bride to show too much skin. In this case, the wedding dress will definitely cover her entire body. Traditional Muslin wedding gowns have long sleeves, floor length skirts and high necklines. In very conservative families the bride is also required to wear gloves for further protection. Veils are very long in order to cover the bride’s hands as well. The gowns are embellished using delicate lace details. Most of these details are hand sewn by the bride’s family.

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In some countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iraq, brides are obligated to cover their face using an abaya. These garments are usually black, but at weddings they can have a lighter color and several embroidered designs. The most common colors of wedding abaya include white, pink or blue. In India, Muslim wedding gowns are red and look just like a sari. The bride’s wedding dress is complemented by a red veil worn above her head. Also, in this country Muslim brides are allowed to show their hands during the wedding ceremony.

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One of the most well known and spread types of wedding dresses is called Shalwar-qameez or Kammez. This dress is mostly worn in Southern countries of Asia an is highly appreciated by Muslim brides. Kammez wedding gown is white, long and has embroidered details. The dress has loose trousers bridal corsages, long sleeves and an embellished, high collar.

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Although they are conservative and cover the entire body of women, Muslim wedding gowns are very sophisticated and elegant. Made of fine fabrics and having gorgeous designs, these dresses make the Muslim brides look very beautiful on their wedding day. They are normally accessorized with heavy makeup and beautiful, traditional jewelries. As previously mentioned, customs and wedding gowns pattern differ from one Muslim country to another. Some of them are very rigorous but some of them are less conservative and sometimes combine the traditional and modern aspects.

Christmas Wedding Gowns

Christmas is considered the most magical and meaningful time of the year and everything looks more beautiful and graceful. Getting married on this period might seem a bit strange but this is actually an excellent choice.

The white, fluffy snow, the sparkling lights and amazing colors of this time of the year constitute the perfect setting for an exceptional wedding ceremony. The theme of the wedding is already established, the church is decorated and everyone is ready to share the young couple’s happiness and excitement. The only aspect that needs to be taken care of is the bride’s attire.

Fabrics and colors

December is definitely a cold month and whether the ceremony takes place indoor or outdoor the bride needs to maintain herself warm enough. Hence, Christmas wedding gowns are made of heavier yet high quality and elegant fabrics such as velvet, brocade, velour or matte satin. These will make the bride look charming and will allow her to feel comfortable during the whole ceremony. Although pure white is a traditional color for a wedding dress, brides can also choose a colored dress for their Christmas wedding. The most popular choices include burgundy or emerald. If they do decide for a white gown, they can add a few of the holiday colors by using accessories in shades of red, green, silver or ice blue.

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Christmas wedding gowns patterns

Floor length wedding gowns are perfect for a Christmas wedding due to their ability to keep the bride warm. Long wedding gowns are also highly refined and very elegant, which is ideal for Christmas. The skirts are wide and luxurious and usually include a crinoline or a petticoat. This gives them a touch of grace and femininity. Long sleeved dresses are also excellent choices for colder days and hence, for Christmas as well. Long, soft sleeves with delicate embroidered details are very romantic and sophisticated. Regarding the neckline, Christmas wedding gowns have higher necklines in order to protect the bride from cold and respect the religious meaning of Christmas. In case the bride decides for a short sleeve dress or a deep cleavage she can use a delicate scarf to wrap her shoulder or even a fine bolero or jacket. Fur trims are also very popular.

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Such a wedding gown will be completed by a long, beautiful train that will fit perfectly to the season’s formality and grace. Veils are also very important. A fine veil, with nice embellishments will complement the bride and make her look like a princess on her Christmas wedding.

Bridal Gowns For A Second Wedding

Weddings are usually unique moments but sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, some women find themselves in the situation of getting married again. Second weddings are more common nowadays and people are no longer intrigued by these situations.

However, there is a significant aspect that needs to be taken care of, the bride’s attire. Most women have no idea what to wear on their second wedding.

Colors and shapes for second wedding gowns

The traditional wedding etiquette states that the bride is not allowed to wear white at her second wedding. This color symbolizes the purity and virginity and obviously this is no longer the case. A pastel gown is considered to be more appropriate. Still, nowadays people are not so conventional and many modern women decide to wear white again. This time white represents joy and happiness. The rules were also quite rigorous regarding the type of dress the brides wore. For instance, they should not wear sophisticated and highly elegant gowns. Everyone expected the bride to wear simpler dresses.

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The second wedding gives the bride-to-be the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors for her bridal gown. The most common colors are ivory, beige and pale pink but she can pick out any other color that complements her skin and makes her look amazing. Regarding the type of gowns, on the second wedding less formal outfits are still highly indicated. A sleeveless, casual tea length dress with no train would be the wisest choice. Two piece wedding gowns or suits are also recommended and very comfortable for a second wedding.

Train and veil

On the second wedding veils are usually replaced with fine headpieces, beautiful flowers or a nice tiara. They will give you an elegant and refined look. If you do insist on wearing a veil, make sure you choose a shorter and simpler one. Trains, as well, are quite unusual for a second wedding. Still, a short and delicate one will give the dress a touch of sensuality and grace.

When choosing the bride’s gown for a second wedding, it is very important to have in mind her fashion style, personality, body shape and taste. She’d already been married before so the formalities are a bit loose now. She is entitled to choose a dress that will make her look gorgeous and feel comfortable until the end of the ceremony.

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