Friday, April 24, 2009

You've Proposed – Now What?

So you've found the engagement ring. You've mustered up the nerve to propose. And to your delight, she's said YES! Now what? Most grooms think they're done after the proposal, but not quite fellas. Although your bride will most likely take the lead in wedding planning activities, your work isn't done. Let us tell you what your next steps are.

• Take the lead in coordinating the groom's party – Your bride will have enough on her plate. This is an area where your involvement will be key. Once you've decided who you want to stand beside you at the ceremony, volunteer to initiate contact, communicate important wedding updates, select the tuxedo choice, coordinate sizing among the groomsmen, and pick out the groom's party gifts. In addition to your bride's other planning duties, she will be busy coordinating things for her bridesmaids. She will appreciate you taking the lead with the groomsmen.

• Ask to receive periodic updates on the status of planning activities – Your bride does not want to feel as though you don't care about the detail and effort that is going into creating a special day for the two of you and your guests. By asking to be kept abreast of wedding planning efforts on a regular basis, you have communicated to your bride that you care about the end product just as much as she does.

• Plan the honeymoon – This is something that has traditionally been tasked to the groom. So guys, let's make sure to follow through. After the long, hectic, and tiring planning process, your bride can take joy in knowing that once the wedding is over, she can retreat to a destination that you took such care in planning and making special for the two of you.

• Just be supportive – If you've flipped through the TV channels, you've no doubt seen the notorious bridal meltdowns. While we hope this doesn't happen to you and your bride, you can help ensure a stable mental state by being supportive throughout the planning process. If your bride is upset about something, try to understand why and help to create a resolution. If your bride is excited about something, share in her excitement.

You've proposed and she is just beside herself at the prospect of planning a wedding celebratory event as you begin new lives together. Follow the tips listed here to ensure your bride feels the same way once the big day draws near.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gala Affairs By AtUrBest has Partnership with Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ Charlotte, NC
September 24, 2009


Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ and Gala Affairs By AtUrBest is looking for unwed couples with children in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Couples should already live together, engaged couples with no wedding date are preferred, but not mandatory. Wedding is scheduled for September 24, 2009.

We are also looking for local vendors and companies to contribute services and goods.

You must be comfortable being interviewed by the media.

Please forward this email or simply respond if you are interested. Nominations are not accepted. Couples must apply directly at Applications are $25, 1 application per couple.

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ was featured in ABC NEWS 20/20, CBS Early Show, The Baltimore Sun, CNN, The New York Daily News, The New Yorker, Fox News, Essence, The Wendy Williams Experience and more. Please visit website for photos and other info. You may also call 212 946 5164 or email.

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Maryann Reid
Marry Your Baby Daddy

Gala Affairs By AtUrBest
Charlotte, NC


Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Forget The Wedding Insurance

Taking the time to compare wedding insurance is probably not on most bridal checklists, but it's something that couples should consider together. When planning the details of a wedding day, brides and grooms are thinking about the flowers, the cake and of course, the gown. There's enough on their plate without worrying about what could go wrong. Wedding day insurance offers protection in case something should happen to mar the celebration.

For many people, planning a wedding is probably much like embarking on a college education: there's a lot more to it than people think who haven't already been through it before. It's more than planning a party; there are some pretty serious emotions involved -- all around. It can be highly stressful at times. There are ways, however, to mitigate this stress and make this a happy time.

If you want to bypass most of this stress altogether, consider hiring a professional wedding coordinator to do all the legwork for you and even absorb much of the logistical stress on the big day itself. A competent coordinator will orchestrate the entire event for you, for a percentage of your total wedding budget. Before you balk at the idea of adding yet another cost onto everything else that must be paid for, realize that professional wedding planners often actually save the couple money by knowing how to get certain services for a much lower cost than the general public would pay for the same thing. And since the wedding coordinator's fee is a percentage of the budget you've already set, you won't actually be adding another cost. Considering how much work you will be saved, hiring a coordinator may be something that's well worth looking into.

Whether you hire a professional coordinator or organize the wedding all by yourself, there are many additional ways to minimize stress. One consideration is event insurance, just in case anything should go wrong. Wedding event insurance is quite comprehensive and can cover a wide range of possible disasters. According to one source, the top five reported claims include:

* damaged wedding attire

* having to re-take the wedding photographs

* having to cancel the wedding due to an illness or bereavement

* caterers not showing up

* loss of wedding rings

While it's never desirable to have to actually use insurance and file a claim, it's a good thing to have the policy in place nonetheless. This is the first day of the rest of your married life, and you want it to be as perfect as possible. Whatever you do, don't allow little mistakes or omissions to become calamities. It may not be understood by those who have not been through it, but on your wedding day, everything seems so much larger than life -- whether good or bad.

The last thing anyone wants is to have their wedding be remembered as a disaster, and with how much of an expense weddings can be these days, it only makes sense to have some form of insurance. After all, a wedding can cost as much as (or more than!) a down payment on a house, and you wouldn't buy a house without insurance, right? Right!

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