Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Wedding Affair" - features Our Premier -Bridal Gown Designer - Bryan K. Osburn

"The Wedding Affair" is proud to announce that Mr. Bryan K. Osburn, will be showcasing his wonderful bridal gown designs at the upcoming bridal event -April 21-22, 2012 in Gastonia, NC.

Brides join us - wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own speciality gown created for you and you only.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"The Wedding Affair" Needs Interns

‎"The Wedding Affair" -

Need amazing, Talented Interns to assist with PR, Marketing, and Sales for “The Wedding Affair”

Candidate will gain experience with every aspect of Event Production: communicate with high-level clients, solicitation of sponsorship, collaboration with top celebrities, help produce runway show, coordinate social media events and follow up with press.

2012 Weddings Belize- Are You Ready to Celebrate in Belize?

In 1999, the world welcomed and celebrated the new millennium and Destination Bride, LLC planned a celebration for 10,000 people. In 2012, the world will join the people of Central America and the the Maya in celebrating their new “Millennium” on 12-21-12 when a new era according to the Maya calendar begins.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Day Activities For Couples

They say, great couples can weather all storms, so a little rain isn't going to dampen their spirits. For some couples, when it rains the clouds not only pour down water, but they bring little drops of romance. Hollywood has also capitalized on the rainy day romances by showing couples kissing in the rain, the image of Spiderman kissing Mary Jane in the rain while hanging upside down is legendary. While it is not recommended for safety reasons, there are many other rainy day activities for couples which you can do to keep yourself occupied. Do not let the rain be a spoil sport, have fun, indulge, and think out of the box to take your relationship to the next level.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Ways to Say I Love You

10 ways to say I love you, without saying a word, is an interesting concept to express your feelings to your loved one at all times. If you want to try out cute ways to say I love you, then continue reading.

It is always a pleasure to be in love. You always catch yourself smiling for no reason. There is always just one person on your mind. You love to do the things that you hated, just to make the one you love happy. However, one of the most difficult things to say is three simple words, 'I Love You'. It is said actions speak larger than words, therefore you can try some cute ways to say I love you without words. You can try some funny ways to say I love you apart from the traditional methods. The following paragraphs will discuss 10 ways to say I love you, that will help you get your feelings across.

Cute Ways to Say I Love You

The following 10 ways to say I love you work like magic and help you build stronger bonds with your lover. It helps one open the communication door and spread the word of care and love. The following 10 ways to say I love you will give you some interesting anecdotes to spread love in your relationship. •I adore you, honey
•I live for you.
•Every minute, every second, I want to live with you.
•You are my lifeline
•Just a thought of you, brings a 100 watt smile on my face
•My world is a much better place, since the day you became mine.
•You’re my nebulizer. Without you, I can’t breathe.
•You’re the person I can spend hours quietly sitting with and feel like I’ve had the best conversation.
•There are moments in life that I will always remember. Not because they were important, but because you were there.
•I give the same guarantee as the baby shampoo: ‘no more tears’.

10 Ways to Say I Love You without Words

Your partner already knows you love him/her as you often find yourself saying I love you. However, there is something more than saying just a simple 'I love you'. That part is the non-verbal part that you can inculcate and show your affection. Not all men are comfortable saying I love you, or receiving a verbal I love you. Women just love the little extra effort taken by their man to show he loves her. This is the time when one should try out simple yet cute ways to say I love you without words. The following are 10 ways to say I love you that will help you express your emotions without sounding loud and repetitive.

Burn the Fire of Romance
You can send your spouse or partner a simple card that says 'I love you' at their office. Or just tuck in the card under their pillow, while they are asleep. They will be absolutely happy to find the card when they wake up and to see a loving, I love you note from you. Or you can set the card at a place where they are bound to notice your I love you card. Like the kitchen table, dressing table, their work station or use a magnet and stick it on the refrigerator door. The idea is to let your partner know you love them, especially at times when they least expect those three magic words.

Love You Chit Treasure
You can bring home different colored papers and write a romantic message on each one of them. Make sure you make about 30 such romantic notes and keep them around the house, one each every day. This way your partner will find new love notes around the house. This will surely brighten up, not just their day but, the entire month. They will look forward to these love notes with different romantic messages written in them. You can get some idea about love notes for him and use them to build a healthy relationship.

Good Morning Toast
You can use a toast stamper that says I love you or has some cute hearts over it. Just press it slightly over the bread and toast it. The bread will be toasted with the impressions that says 'I love you'. This will be a highly personalized breakfast that your partner will love eating. This is an excellent way to start their day on a romantic note.

Mirror, Mirror in the Shower
You can take a nice hot bath and write 'I love you' or 'You are so hot' or 'You take my breath away', on the foggy mirror. When it's time for your partner to take a bath, the mirror will fog up again, revealing your secret message. This is one of the interesting 10 ways to say I love you without words.

My Lover, the Best of the Best
Brag, that's right, brag about your partner in front of his/ her family and friends. Make sure he/ she is the center of your conversation. This is a great self confidence booster for your partner. But do not go overboard. You do not want to sound too fake, or saturate the conversation with just your partner's ability. Keep things on a medium scale and make sure you do not embarrass your partner with too much bragging.

Romantic Gestures
There are many romantic gestures of love that you can try to make your partner feel special. Just hold hands while you are out taking a walk or shopping, always maintain eye contact while you speak to your partner and make sure your body language indicates your love for him/her. Always be there to give a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to their problems. The gesture that shows you care and are there for them always, is a good way to say I love you without words.

Everybody Loves Gifts
It's a fact that everybody loves gifts, but receiving unexpected romantic gifts from one's partner has it's own pleasure. Keep in mind the things your partner is thinking about buying. Is is a book, some piece of jewelery or maybe a some clothes. Gifting the things they were eagerly saving to buy is a great way to say I love you.

Bake a Cake
One of the romantic and cute ways to say I love you is baking a cake. You can either bake a heart shaped cake or write I love you on the cake. This will be a very romantic and sweet gesture to show that you care. Why just limit your culinary talent to a cake? If you can make chocolate, then little heart shaped candies can be gifted to your loved one. Or maybe you can try dinner ideas for two and cook some of the favorite recipes of your lover and order an exquisite wine. Create a romantic atmosphere by turning on some romantic numbers and treat your lover with some loving kisses and hugs that shows your love.

I am Doing My Best for You
If you have an annoying habit that your partner just hates like smoking, try to overcome it. Make sure you remember to throw the trash, or pick up your dirty socks and linen and put them in the appropriate place. Your efforts to overcome a habit that irritates your partner is a nice way to show you love them. Changing yourself for someone can be one of the best way to say I love you.

My Heart is Filled with Your Love
Before your partner comes home from work, make a big heart of rose petals near the door. Leave a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. Complete the trail with a big 'I Love You' using the rose petals on the bed. This is a very romantic way to show your love and seal your love with a very passionate kiss on your lover's lips.

This was all about some relationship advice that will help rekindle your love and keep the fire of romance burning in your life. There are more things to do and show your emotions apart from these 10 ways to say I love you. Hope the above paragraphs have helped give you a few tips to express yourself to your loved one.

By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrity News Weddings/Engagements

According to TMZ, Eddie Griffin is a married man! The Undercover Brother actor got in touch with his frugal side for his walk down the aisle. Eddie Griffin and Nia Rivers have exchanged vows in Vegas! The pair married last Thursday in front of a grand total of four guests according to TMZ, dropping $199 for the 'cherish special'

Newlyweds Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick.

WEDDING guests partied into the early hours of this morning to toast newlyweds Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick.

Even the deluge of rain couldn't dampen this momentous day.

Alan's co-star on Celebrity Salon, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, was one of the last to leave and was spotted struggling with her stunning blue dress in puddles of rain early this morning after the party wound up -- and she had a laugh after getting into the driver's seat of a waiting taxi by mistake.

The happy couple tied the knot in a civil partnership ceremony at the Unitarian Church in Dublin's city centre. Both wore designer dress suits and matching cravates -- Karl in charcoal grey and Alan in a lighter shade of grey.


"We are doing something that comes natural. This should be the normal thing in the world," Mr Broderick, a composer, said as the pair arrived in a chauffeur-driven Bentley at 2.45pm.

The rain stayed off long enough for guests to be photographed outside the church.

But there were waterworks at the ceremony as an emotional Alan (43) struggled to overcome the nerves on their special day.

"We waited 16 years for this day and we wanted to do it in Ireland," said the Ireland AM star. "I lost it totally during the ceremony. It was beautiful."

Taking a leaf out of the recent British royal wedding, two bridesmaids, Hughes's sister Doreen Freeman and Broderick's sister Ann Broderick, wore white and clutched pink and purple posies. Celebrity guests included RTE's Derek Mooney and most of TV3's big names -- Ireland AM's Mark Cagney, Sinead Desmond, Aidan Cooney and new mum Anna Daly, who looked radiant in a bohemian black dress.

Stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick performed a reading at the wedding along with TV3 producer Debbie O'Donnell.

The reception was at the Mansion House -- but the real party kicked off at 7.30pm, when 150 showbiz guests were invited to join in celebrations at the afters.

Friends ripped up the dancefloor when X Factor darling Mary Byrne and Eurovision singer Niamh Kavanagh took to the stage. The couple will honeymoon in the US.

- Claire Murphy

'Mindfreak' Criss Angel Engaged!

Rock-star magician Criss Angel is engaged! The Vegas illusionist proposed to his girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez and got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on September 7, reports

"The couple is ecstatic," Angel's rep tells the magazine.

Angel met Gonzalez four years ago while on the set of his series Mindfreak. He proposed to her with a 5-carat diamond and platinum ring that he helped design along with jeweler Idayne Kaye.

Ne-Yo Is Engaged

R&B megstar, Ne-Yo is engaged -- and about to be a father again. The "Closer" singer is set to wed his longtime girlfriend, Atlanta boutique owner Monyetta Shaw, and the two are expecting their second child together, their rep confirmed to Us magazine.

Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith, first became a dad in November 2010 when Shaw gave birth to their daughter Madilyn Grace. And according to insiders, the second baby is due very soon -- in October. Ne-Yo was pretty excited last fall when his first daughter was born. "She's healthy and happy. Feels like I'm in luv for the first time," he tweeted at the time. "Welcoming that lil' girl to the world last night defined for me what 'willing to kill and die for' truly means. My world, my life, all hers."

No word yet on when their wedding will take place.

Bachelor Party Games

It's your friend's last night of bachelorhood before he enters a new phase of his life filled with extra responsibilities and duties. You've got to give him a great farewell party. A bachelor party has to be planned well, so that it can be executed even better. The most important part of such a party are the bachelor party games. These games are the life of a party, which make the party worth dancing all night long. Let's see what are some of the bachelor party games and bachelorette party games too!

Bachelor Party Games for Men

A bachelor party cannot be started without intoxicated souls. After all, it's the only way the groom-to-be can lose all his inhibitions and follow his intuitions. Drinking games are the way to begin games for bachelor party. 'Name It', is a great game to start with. Place a pot at the center and make all the participants (everyone participates) contribute a bit of alcohol to the pot from their glasses. The groom starts, by naming a famous personality. The next, person names a celebrity, with the last letter of the previously said name. Say, the first name is 'David Beckham', the next has to begin with 'm'. The one who misses, has to drink the pot and start over. The person has to keep drinking till he comes up with a name. Wonder what names crop up after high levels of intoxication!

A grand game of poker with real money to bet, is a night long of conniving fun! This way you can have the classic stripper idea at the party too. A variation can be made with lap dancers. With choices galore, poker definitely qualifies in the list of bachelor party games ideas. The exotic performances for the 'last rites' of bachelorhood, are sly and can lead to some steamy secrets contrary to the next day's wedding vows. So what's going to be Mr Groom's strategy to hold himself clean?!

Movie Night
If you've been scandalized by the aforementioned ideas, don't worry. Clean bachelor party games do exist. This idea is not a game, but just a plain idea. A guys night-in to watch some of the guy-favorites. Matrix, Die Hard, Hangover, The Bachelor Party and just make your call. Order some pizza, nachos and store huge amounts of movie snacks for a night of virtual entertainment. If this gets boring, grab your keys and hit the road to hop clubs for the last time.

It just takes a tad bit of romantic trivia to make bachelorette party games. List down some trivia of her husband-to-be such as: 'what's his favorite color?', 'what's his favorite song?' and so on. These are basically questions that never matter. With one wrong answer, the bride-to-be has to down a glass of beer. To get the others hammered, pass on the questions about bride to the guests. You can frame questions such as, 'what is her favorite cuisine?', 'which is her favorite movie?' and so on. Get the absolute trivia to make these questions, as getting all them sloshed is the aim. The real fun bachelor party games, begin post the spirits are high!

Get more of •Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas
•Bachelorette Party Ideas
So these were some of the fun bachelor party games. Don't get yourself stuck in the rut of party decorations and party invitations. Disposing them is another problem and you can pretty much invite everyone on the phone. Just make sure you have the right plan, enough supplies and an inexhaustible verve for a party!

By Mukta Gaikwad