Monday, July 27, 2009

Men Looking Good

Men like looking good and like looking fashionable too and men fashion is very interesting.
But in the rush for trends they can absolutely forget about things men should never do.

Guys, remember, even one only fashion mistake can ruin your entire look! Here are the most common fashion mistakes men make when dressing.

1. Too many colors
You can attract lots of attention wearing a multicolored outfit but this is hardly the attention you are looking for. Restrict the number of colors in your clothes up to three hues and try to choose simple garments. Contrast colors look great together (for example, blue and orange) but do not use too much of them.
As for the tints which are close in the palette (red, pink), they are rarely combinable effectively.

2. Too many patterns
The most radical choice should be limited to three patterns. But to look really good and appropriate opt for one printed garment and a few solid ones.

3. Too many fabrics
Each fabric belongs to a special ‘type’. So, silk is more official than denim and flax is more democratic material. Leather looks more masculine than tweed.
That is why it is significant to combine fabrics basing not only on their texture and color, but also on the ‘type’.
Besides, one should differentiate between summer and winter wardrobe. It might seem strange but men often wear clothes made of heavy thick material in warm weather.

4. Stains
Before putting the garment into the washing machine one should make sure there are no stains on it. If there are ones they might not wash off. Nothing can be more horrible than a perfectly washed suit with stains.

5. Unseasonable clothing
I know it sounds funny but sometimes one can put on a summer garment during winter or vice versa. To avoid that, separate your clothes seasonally and hang them in different closets.

6. Too long/short pants
Try on pants and jeans before you buy them. If the length is wrong even the trendiest pair will look bad.
Remember that khaki pants and suit pants should not go lower than the upper part of your heel.

Jeans can be a bit longer and cover the heel, but avoid choosing a too long model. Shorter pants will create the illusion of shorter legs.
Ensure that your socks aren’t seen when you walk. And just an inch or two of your socks can be seen when you sit down.

7. Too high waist
If nature granted you with a short torso and long legs you need to wear low-waisted pants with front pockets. However, this model will look perfectly on those men who have an ideal tummy.

8. Length of T-shirt
If a T-shirt is too long one will never be able to tuck it in trousers neatly.
Any top should end right at the middle of the fly. If it is shorter than that, your back will expose each time you bend forward.
Try to find a brand that suits you best. This can take long time but the result will be great.

9. Too heavy top
Bright colors, catchy patterns, provocative words and famous logotypes are great but only in certain situations.

In most cases monotone T-shirts will look much more appropriate.

10. Crumpled clothes
One should be always neat and well dressed. This is impossible to achieve if the man doesn’t iron his clothes.

In no way I want to say that men don’t iron their outfits. It’s just that sometimes men don’t pay attention to details. For instance, crumpled fabric between buttons looks terrible.

If you travel much there is always a problem that clothes can get crumpled after a few journeys.

If that happens, wet the crumpled spot and smooth it with your fingers, then dry it off with fan if you have it.

11. Poorly knotted tie
As practice shows the art of knotting a tie is hard but feasible if you train a few times. And don’t forget that a classic tie should go down to the man’s belt, no shorter or longer.

12. Socks plus sandals
Never ever do that! If you buy sandals forget about socks!
Well, I think this advice will help you look better and more attractive

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