Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theme Wedding Cake Ideas

Creating a great wedding theme? Make sure that every detail, right down to your cake, matches your theme. Whether your cake becomes the all out centerpiece of your reception or is just an elegant desert with simple decorative touches, adding a little bit of theme flair to your cake will take you a long way.

Nowadays, contemporary weddings don’t necessarily call for a “traditional” white wedding cake. You can feel free to create a fun cake which expresses your love for your fiancĂ©e and culminates your interests. Anything is possible, but remember to show class and style and try to match your cake to the theme of your wedding.

Once you have decided on the theme or decorations for you wedding, take a few minutes and consider how you can create a great look for your cake as well. Just remember to have fun, and avoid themes which may be offensive to some of your guests. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Romantic: Tiered with roses, traditional bride and groom topper and white icing. For extra dramatic effect, add a water fountain and trailing vines.

theme: For weddings taking place in winter or around Christmas time, add holly, mistletoe, pine trees, bows, snowflakes and ribbon. For Valentine’s Day weddings, heart and red and pink icing with roses and a bride and groom topper will work great! For Halloween themed weddings, a spooky haunted house cake or an elegant cake decorated with spider webs, fall leaves or candy would be fun.

3) Personalized theme: Add the colors of your wedding to your cake and match it to the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Also consider decorating with the same flowers as you have in your bouquet on the cake in icing.

4) Beach wedding: Adorn an elegant white tiered cake with seashells, starfish, seahorses and “sandy” airbrushing. Waves, bubbles, fish, ships and seaweed can also be added for a fun look.

"Article provided by Wendy O."

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