Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get Ready It's Time For The Holidays

Last week I noticed while I was in one of the big chain stores that they had already had their Halloween, Thanksgiving and my goodness yes Christmas Items.

What I notice was the Halloween and Thanksgiving section was so small it might have had one aisle between the both. The Christmas aisle was a total of four aisle.

Never the less I will like to dedicate a couple of ideas for the up coming holidays for those that are interested in doing something.


Autumn is the start of the holiday season and parties abound! Why not start it off with your own Halloween party? It could be a pumpkin carving party for Halloween, a party to usher in the month of October, a horror film viewing party, a child's Halloween party or one for adults only. Have a Halloween block party on the big night! There are so many opportunities to have fun at this time of year, why stop with one party? Make the most of October and have a great time! Start some Halloween traditions with friends and family! Get your imagination going. Whether it's ushering in October with a celebration, throwing a horror film fest, a pumpkin carving party, a Halloween baby shower or a good old Halloween costume party, or a Halloween Wedding (it has been done).


Rich orange hues, chocolate browns, bright blossoms, and retro-mod patterns come together to create a decidedly chic & inviting atmosphere that's perfect for everything from special occasions to casual dinner parties with friends! Incorporating the fall color theme...

Use an orange tablecloth with multi-color napkins in autumn colors. Use earthenware dishes in different colors. For instance brown dinner plates, dark orange bowls and mustard colored salad plates. Scatter autumn leaves from your yard on the tablecloth. Decorate with dried gourds of different shapes, colors and sizes.

Invite your guests to help out. People know how much work goes into preparing a Thanksgiving meal, and can feel guilty for showing up at a home where hours of preparation have gone into a feast with no help. Ask them to bring a dish, assign someone to roll duty, to make wure there are plenty of hot ones available. Put someone in charge of dessert. And for dishes - EVERYONE is welcome! Make sure all the work doesn't get piled on one person - it should be a day of giving thanks for everybody! After everyone is seated, go around the table and have each person name something they are thankful for - the dig in!



Christmas - a time to sing carols, adorn the poinsettia, hear the jingling of bells, make merry with friends and watch the light snow in some areas of the u.s. getting accumulated on the ground to form a natural white blanket. This is an occasion to celebrate togetherness, to hold a party and meet up with family and friends and greet them on this auspicious occasion. Each person wants to celebrate Christmas in an own special way.

Christmas Dinner :

This is the most crucial part of the Christmas party. Because, as you know, the Christmas dinner is the main event of the day for which the whole family gathers and eats together. Set out the dinner table with a white cloth which symbolizes high spirits and creates a soothing party aura. It can also be lighted with scented candles and fluorescent bulbs. If possible, a buffet should be laid out and menu should be planned according to the tastes and preferences of the guests and children. On Christmas Eve, people usually gorge on roasted turkey, roasted vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, Christmas pudding (or plum pudding. The Christmas cake should always be served at the end of the dinner.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Hispanic Professionals Networking Group of NY invites you to its
September networking event. When it comes to politics, Latinos are
playing key roles and gaining power in U.S. government positions. Our
September speaker is a leader with over 20 year career of passionate
activism and involvement in government and politics in New York,
including running for Manhattan Borough President in 2005.

Please join HPNG as we proudly welcome:

Mr. Carlos Manzano

Executive Director, Latin Media and
Entertainment Commission (LMEC)

City of New York

Carlos is the Executive Director of the Latin Media and Entertainment
Commission for the City of New York. In this capacity, he has developed
strategies and plans based on economic development, events, marketing,
public relations, and policy to meet the mission of making New York the
capital of Latin media and entertainment.

Previously, he served as an independent consultant and project manager
in information technology and marketing projects for businesses and
individuals; and Assistant Commissioner for the Beacons program at the
Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

I'll see you there!




6:00 - 6:30 p.m. - Registration

6:30 - 7:30 p.m. - Speaker program

7:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Networking

* $15.00 pre-pay

* $20.00 at the door


* Appetizers compliments of HPNG

* Cash Bar



HPNG holds monthly networking events to bring together Hispanic
professionals from every industry to make new contacts and to share and
exchange ideas.

Special Thanks To Our Media