Friday, February 29, 2008

Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month -

The AtUrBest Team takes a look at the past generations of great wonderful Women- First we want to give homage to our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, great aunts, our sisters, our best girl friends, female cousins, daughters and of course our sons.

I take a look at the Women that have come into my life as, women pastors, mentors, friends, and colleagues some have touched me in so many ways. I have learned and I am still learning from the Women who have taught me how to be a better person, who have taught me how to be a better business person, who have taught me to be a friend, to reach out and set my goals.

These women have taught me that it is okay to shed a tear, it is okay to say hey the better person got the job, it is ok to fight back when it is necessary to hear your voice in the crowd. From each and everyone that has cross my path I owe you so much.

So I stand and salute you Wonderful Women be proud that you have brought another Woman across the threshold of the circle of life.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Perfect Way To Say I Love You

Guess what boys and girls its that special time of the year again.....

St. Valentines Day....

As the season of love i.e. valentine has arrived,
the lovebirds have started planning to convey
their feeling of love to each other.

Rose, the prominent symbol of love has to be used
effectively to express these tender feelings.
Love is a feeling that comes from the heart and changes
our lives forever...Love is special and love is precious.
It comes in our lives like a soft breeze and things change forever.

Romantic Valentines Ideas

Well if you want to make your valentine feel special then a
great idea for you is to place a small love note with three magical
words written on it 'I Love You' and place it besides her bed
and see the miraculous effects.

Take a day's leave from office and plan the day with your loved one.
Prepare some nice valentines cookie recipe in the shape of heart and

I'm sure your partner will love it.
Romantic long drive and a candle light dinner is a fabulous idea.
Do not forget to present her a bouquet of red
roses because to express love what better way than flowers.

Instead of buying a card, this valentine's day do something different.
Prepare a nice colorful card and do not forget to write love quotes.
There are lot many things to do for Valentine Day like go to a disco and party.

This is the day when words are not enough.
Some action is also required to make the day different.
Well I hope you must have got an idea that I'm talking
about giving your spouse a nice tight hug.

Decorate the house for the special occasion.
Implement smart tricks for creating the mood for romance.
Dim lights, light music, romantic songs and most importantly
attire a nice costume specially meant for Valentine's Day.

Adorn yourself with jewelry and other fashion accessories.
Propose your partner and tell her/him how special and important
he/she is for you and that it is difficult to imagine your life without them.
Hold each other's hands and go for a short walk.
Appreciate each other and read out romantic poems for your lover.

Tips For Proposing
Asking for her hand in marriage is a perfect way to show respect and love.
Do it in private without her knowing before you propose.

If you aren't sure what type of ring she wants, or you are surprising her, propose with a loose diamond, so that she can pick out her own setting later. Keep in mind what you think her idea of romance is. Some women would be ecstatic to pick out their own ring setting, but others might find it disappointing.

Know the answer before asking the question!

Keep it an absolute secret. Asking for advice from her sister or friend is a good idea ONLY if you can ensure secrecy. Don't tell anyone your plans if you're not sure you can trust them to stay quiet.

Plan this event. She is going to remember it for the rest of her life, so put some effort into it. Above all else, be creative. Embellish the ideas below with your own personal touches. Celebrate afterwards. Let it be known that she just made you the happiest man on earth.

Proposal Ideas:

Have a custom fortune cookie made with your marriage proposal on the fortune.
Propose at a family function. Either surprise her and her family, or get her family involved by arranging a surprise engagement party or champagne toast.

Have the ring be the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.

Have your proposal painted on a banner or a billboard.

Take her by it on your way to a romantic dinner.

Stop under the sign; get out of the car and onto one knee to present the ring.
For the word game lover, play one and spell out your proposal with the tiles or make a special word search puzzle for her to solve.

Put your proposal on the paper strip of a Hershey's kiss

Make a memory box filled with mementos from your life together thus far. At the bottom, have a poem or a note with your proposal on it

Have the ring box chocolate dipped and put it in a box of chocolates. (Use a small box of chocolates, so that you don't have to wait too long for the moment to happen!)

Take her on a romantic walk on the beach to a waterfall and spell out the words,
"Will you marry me?" in the sand or with rocks by the water.

Get her portrait painted or drawn from a photograph with the ring on her finger.

Have the ring ready when she notices.
Add to your family by bringing home a brand new puppy with a ribbon collar.
Have the ring tied to the ribbon. When she discovers it, bend down one knee.

Freeze the ring in an ice cube and drop it in her glass, while you are at your favorite restaurant. When she realizes what is in her drink, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

Go to a local bakery
Instruct them to bake a cake with a marriage proposal on it and put it in the window. Take her on a romantic nighttime stroll right past the bakery, and point to the personalized cake in the window. Drop down on one knee, pull out the ring, and ask her to marry you. This way you can have your cake and eat it too, literally.

Surprise her by sending a bouquet of flowers to the office
Tie the ring to the end of one of the stems. After the flowers are delivered, go to her office and propose.

Valentine's Day Checklist

1. Your SchedulesBefore you can decide on anything, you need to find out what both of your schedules are. Do one or both of you have to work? Find out what hours. Does your date have something else planned during any part of the day? Make sure to find out everything, then tell your date AS SOON AS POSSIBLE what time to reserve for your interlude.

2. Consider Your Date's InterestsIs your date a "flowers and romance, dance all night" type, or a "stay at home in front of the fire" type of person? This is important in determining what you are planning to do. If you're not sure, ask your date what they like.

3. Plan Your Date By now you should know what timeframe you have to work with and what your partner's interests are. With this information it should be much easier deciding what to do. While you're planning, make sure to check if reservations are needed, any tipping requirements, transportation you might need, any possible dress code, timeframe of any events, and if there are any restrictions on any mood enhancers you might want to bring, like candles. Don't forget to let your date know about any information they need to know, like dress codes, etc.!

4. Your Gift The gift is almost as, if not more, important than the actual date. It doesn't need to be expensive, but it does need to show that you've put a lot of time and care into selecting it. If you're deciding to give a traditional favorite, like flowers or chocolates, try and do something unique with them.

5. Confirm Everything!!!The night before, take some time and confirm any reservations or plans you have that involve a third party. This not only helps ease your nerves a bit, but also reminds the other person of their possible duty.

6. Relax And Enjoy!Pick up your date and enjoy each other's romantic company! Relax, because you've taken all the steps to plan the perfect Valentine's Day date!!

Things To Do With Your Partner

What is your favorite thing to do with your partner?
1. Cuddle
2. Talk
3. Sleeping next to each other.
4. Long WalksTop 3 Locations:BeachBy MoonlightBy Sunset
5. Kissing
6. Wrestling
7. Looking into each other's eyes.
8. Just be with them.
9. Make love.
10. Watch romantic movies.Either at home or at the movies.
11. Have a romantic dinner.
12. Laugh together
13. Relax
14. Lie in bed and talk.
15. Do something new.
16. Feed each other.
17. Watch T.V. and cuddle.
18. Spend time at the park.
19. Look at the stars.
20. Have an all day date.