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25 Ways to Make Your Wedding a Unique and Truly Memorable

If you've been to one wedding, you've seen it all. From the flowers and the candles to the dress and the music, the typical wedding can be as predictable and generic as your Uncle Leo's dance moves. For your wedding to stand out, you need to involve your guests in the sentiment and process of the day. It's not the cake or the great food that will be remembered, but all the little details that will make your wedding as unique and memorable for your guests as it will be for you. These 25 ideas on how to personalize your day will make it the event that will be talked about for years to come:

1. Write a welcome note for your out-of-town guests on postcards from the city your wedding takes place. It's a nice personal touch that shows tremendous thought as well as a keepsake that can be saved with photos of the wedding.

2. Include an "About the Wedding Party" section in your programs or on the reception tables for your guests to learn more about the members of your bridal party. Not everyone will know that you and your Maid of Honor have been best friends since preschool.

3. Hang your dress on a pretty silk coat hanger the day of your wedding. People will be taking photographs of the dress before you put it on and you'd like to avoid having it on an old wire coat hanger.

4. Send your invitations to Loveville, Maryland first -- they've developed special wedding postmarks that add a nice "love" touch to your envelope. Call 301-475-5243 for details.

5. Invite the President, Pope, and the Queen of England for a special wedding surprise. Be sure to send their invites out early.

6. If you're planning on taking pictures prior to the ceremony, clear everyone out of the ceremony site and have your groom at the end of the aisle. Walk down the aisle, so it's only the two of you. It's a very sweet and special moment that you can share... and the pictures of the tears in his eyes will be priceless.

7. Place tissues or personalized embroidered handkerchiefs in the rows where family will be seated for their "tears of joy".

8. Write a letter to your mom and dad and have it waiting for them at their seat during the ceremony. It could be about anything: a thank you, how you hope your marriage turns out like theirs, your gratitude everything they have done for you, etc. They will be so touched and honored that you took the time to arrange for this and you'll have them in tears before you begin to walk down the aisle!

9. Have each bridesmaid carry a bouquet made entirely of their favorite flower. Your bouquet will be a combination of all of their flowers.

10. Dress your flowergirl in a bright color rather than a replica of your dress so that the dress can be worn again.

11. Read your vows to candlelight. All your guests will receive a candle on their way into the ceremony. When it comes time for the vows, have your ushers or groomsmen go around and light the candle at the end of the row and let them "pass the flame." It's a nice romantic touch to a very sentimental and powerful moment.

12. For family members who have passed away or cannot physically be there with you, wear something of theirs so that they are with you. It could be a lapel pin tied to the ribbon of your bouquet, your great aunt's pearls, or your grandmother's handkerchief.

13. Pick a special ceremony start time, like 5:17 -- the exact time he proposed to you.

14. Serve your cocktails from a "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" menu. Take recommendations from special people involved in the wedding for their favorite old/classic drink, a new/modern drink, a favorite borrowed unique drink recipe, and a blue cocktail. It's a festive way to get the party started!

15. If an ice sculpture is a must have, go for a martini luge. It's a great accent to every bar and it will certainly give your guests something to talk about!

16. Write special love quotes on the inside of everyone's place cards.

17. Forget the clinking glasses and ringing bells. Have your guests sing loves songs to get you and your groom to smooch during the reception.

18. Have guests sign a tablecloth or guest book platter to be used at special dinners in the future in lieu of a guestbook.

19. Set small photo albums, notecards and a disposable camera at each table. Create a sign asking each guest to write some words of wisdom on the notecards and put the card into the photo album.
Make sure they take a photo of everyone at the table. After the wedding you can combine the notecard on the same page as the photograph and you'll have a special keepsake of every guest at your wedding.

20. Be sure to have your parents and married siblings first dances played at the reception- and make sure the DJ or band recognizes them when its played!

21. Rather than doing the money dance, do a "wish dance". The bride and groom start off dancing together, then guests cut in for 10-20 seconds of dancing and their chance to give you any last minute marriage advice and parting words.

22. Assign table numbers by age and accent the decor with pictures of you and fiancé from that time. For table sixteen you could show pictures of your fiancé with his new car and you at your sweet 16 birthday party.

23. Be sure to have a kid oriented table. Lay down block paper for them to draw on, have them make you cards, serve hot dogs, chicken fingers, ice cream sundaes. Perhaps even have a side room for them with Disney movies playing or a magician for entertainment. Your guests will love you for getting the kids out of their hair for the night!

24. Wrap a "keep out" or "no trespassing" sign around your leg outside of the garter. Your groom will find a shocking surprise when he dives in and your guests will find it to be quite humorous!

25. Race through a tunnel of swords, ski poles, sparklers or boat oars for a different grand exit.

Remember that this wedding is about celebrating your love and inviting your family and friends to see a glimpse of who you are. Don't be afraid to do things a little differently... your guests will appreciate and remember your day all the more for it!

Provided by Ashley Rader is the owner and editor for Moments of Elegance Bridal,

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How to Create Memorable Occassions

Who? Everyone wants to give the perfect gift. Prepaid catalogs are the way to go. There is something for everyone.

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Gala Affairs By AtUrBest
We are doing it again

Join Us

Carolina Premium Outlet
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Smithfield, NC 27577 US

When: Thursday, November 26, 8:30PM

Cost: $60.00 per person

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Wedding Planning 101

Once you have established your budget and your checklist, it's time to make it real! If funds are in place, you can probably make your dream come true with six months' lead time, possibly less (and possibly more, depending on the complexity of your affair). Below, tips for the planning. If you are not your own wedding planner, may this advice empower you to keep your wedding planner on track and working in your best interests.

Meditate on the style and overall tone and energy you want for your day. High formality? Offbeat elegance? Casual chic?

Play Dress-up!
If you are going to have a bridal party, give your hoped-for attendants plenty of advance notice, laying out your expectations of them, so that they will have ample time and information to think it over before they commit. And don't assume that just because you ask they will -- or should -- say yes.

Next, the guest list. How large a guest list are you comfortable with? Two hundred? Fifty? Whatever your number, list all the couples and then all the singles, adding "+1" because no one wants to attend a wedding alone. (For heaven's sake, if you really want your single friends to come, allow them to bring a guest!) If you choose to include children in your celebration, make special plans for them. Have a separate child-friendly menu and special entertainment, possibly in another room. Make it so that the kids can be kids.

Location, Location, Location!
The Where often determines the When. The ballroom you have in mind may be booked on your first-choice wedding date -- or perhaps it is available but the church you desire is not. It's important to secure your location as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of having your celebration on your first- or second-choice day.

Yes, You Can but . . . May You?
Find out if any element of your wedding requires a permit. And don't forget that marriage license! Most states no longer require a blood test, and a license can usually be obtained in one to three days. Keep in mind that some marriage licenses will expire if not filed within thirty days. So be sure to read all the fine print.

Book Your Vendors
Contract with all the individuals and establishments you need to make everything on your checklist happen, from caterer, florist, and DJ to photographer and make-up artist. Do not dawdle. To secure top talent, you may need to book the person six months or more in advance. Remember, never, ever sacrifice quality for quantity. If necessary, scale back the scope of your wedding to get the best professionals your pocketbook will allow.

Organize It
Purchase a three-ring binder with indexable dividers, a pack (or two) of three-hole paper, and a pack (or two) of sheet protectors. Devote one section to each component of your wedding, from "Bridal Attire," "Ceremony," "Reception," and "Stationery" on and on to "Et Cetera, Et Cetera" and "Budget."

Use the lined paper in each section to log all communications, decisions, and transactions on items.

Use sheet protectors for the following:
• Clippings and photographs of elements you'd like incorporated in your gown (the neckline of one couture gown; the bell sleeves of another, for example), your wedding cake, the reception space, and other aspects of the celebration.
• Correspondence, estimates, invoices, and other vendor-related paperwork. Having a paper trail on everything is a must!

Budget Check
Every time you make a decision, reconcile your budget.

Make That Call to Attend!
The standard mail date for invitations is at least six weeks before the wedding. For save-the-date cards, at least six months.

Make Your Gift Wish List
If you are comfortable having a gift registry, plan on giving it a full day, as it is very time-consuming. Fortunately, many retailers now offer scanners so you can easily select items for your registry. However, you must still comb each department to personally select your preferences. Also, most retailers offer a limited online registry. But please do not insert gift registry instructions inside your wedding invitations. I believe that your guests should still have the freedom to buy you whatever they would like for your wedding. I always keep wedding registry information on hand for my clients, and most guests will call and ask. The only exception is when you are asking guests not to bring a gift. And for heaven's sake, don't even think about asking for monetary gifts . . . poor taste!

Provided by Diann Valentine

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African Wedding Cultural Traditions - Egypt

In Egypt girls are given in marriage at a very young age, usually around 12 to 15. Usually cousins marry each other except singles in Cairo where a man, when he is ready to marry will turn to his mother and sisters who help him or find a matchmaker to assist. When a woman is asked to be married she hires a negotiator and this person or a female relative will negotiate with the grooms family on a bride price and date for the ceremony.

Sometimes, as soon as an agreement takes place the couple is married without ceremony. Usually, the night of the ceremony day the groom and his friends will bring a portion of the bride price and the ceremony is performed. The bride and groom sit face to face with their right thumbs together a reader of the Koran will tie their hands together with a handkerchief and pray for them. However, after this day the couple does not live together until a few days later the groom welcomes the bride into his home and friends and family come to congratulate them. Ethiopia In Ethiopia the Karo people enhance a young brides beauty by tattooing her abdomen with different symbols.

Amhara people most marriages are negotiated by the two families, with a civil ceremony sealing the contract. A priest may be present. Divorce is allowed and must also be negotiated. There is also a "temporary marriage," by oral contract before witnesses. The woman is paid housekeeper's wages, and is not eligible for inheritance, but children of the marriage are legally recognized and qualify for inheritance. Priests may marry but not eligible for divorce or remarriage.

Kenya The Massai people of Kenya grow up with children of their own age and normally form relationships with these people. However, in marriage women are given to a man they do not know who is much older then themselves. The bride packs all her belongings and is dressed in her finest jewelry. At the marriage ceremony the father of the bride spits on the brides head and breasts as a blessing and then she leaves with her husband walking to her new home she never looks back fearing that she will turn to stone. This can be a very sad experience for the bride, who is 13-16 years old and may walk a long way to get to her new house. In order to ward off bad luck sometimes the women of the grooms family will even insult the bride.

The Swahili of Kenya bathe brides in sandalwood oils and tatoo henna designs on her limbs. A women elder, or somo, gives instructions to the bride on how to please her husband. Sometimes the somo will even hide under the bed in case there are any problems! In another area of Kenya the main feature of the wedding is the kupamba, which happens the night after the wedding, it is basically a display of the bride. It is very popular because it is a party just for the women, and when they enter the party they are able to take off their large veils and show off elaborate hairstyles and dresses. The party can almost become a competition because it is believed that if a women has a good husband he will get her beautiful jewelry and clothes.

For the Samburu tribe marriage is a unique series of elaborate ritual. Great importance is given to the preparation of gifts by the bridegroom (two goatskins, two copper earrings, a container for milk, a sheep) and of gifts for the ceremony. The marriage is concluded when a bull enters a hut guarded by the bride's mother, and is killed.

Namibia The Himba people of Namibia kidnap a bride before the ceremony and dress her in a leather marriage headdress. After the ceremony she is brought into the house where the family tells her what her responsibilities will be as the wife and then anoint her with butterfat from cows. This shows that she has been accepted into the family. Niger The Wodabee of Niger court their cousins for marriage. The male cousins wear powerful amulets which are supposed to heighten their attractiveness to the girl. If there are two cousins who desire the same girl the girl chooses the one she wishes and the other man is welcomed into the home of the couple, and if consent is given by the bride he may even share her bed!

Nigeria The wedding process begins in many areas of Nigeria with a feast held by the families of the bride and groom where they get to know each other. At that time the grooms family gives the brides family gifts. Then the bride comes to live with the grooms family, if that goes well then a marriage ceremony is held. In tribal areas of Nigeria a husband is never allowed to call his wife by her name. Only relatives and and the mother's children are allowed to call the wife by her name. A woman is called by the name of her father.

Before a marriage ceremony the village gets together and sings that the bride is about to be married. She is carried into a small hut where she stays until her husband joins her and the marriage is consummated. The groom can only enter the hut after he has given gifts to all the guests. The next day a goat is killed and it's blood is poured over the threshold. The girl's mother asks her if she is pleased with her husband and then singing and dancing take place and people can pay 1 penny to see the bride and another penny if they want to rub her body with camwood which is a sign of good luck.

Somalia In Somalia there are marriage laws that are in place. These laws are very similar to Muslim marriage laws except that a man may have 4 wives in Somali laws if he is able to provide for them all. Also, women can become engaged to a man before she is even born. This arrangement is made between the man and the expecting parents and a small gift is given to the parents. Later on a larger gift called the yarad is given to the parents as payment for the bride. If the bride dies before the wedding the gift must be returned. When it becomes time for the ceremony most of the yarad is returned to the brides parents and a dowry is settled.

This is very important because if the wife's husband dies or there is a divorce the dowry is given back to the bride. Sudan The Neur people of southern Sudan the groom must pay 20-40 cattle, the marriage is completed only after the wife has born 2 children. If the wife only bears one child and the husband asks for a divorce he can also ask for either the return of the cattle or the first child. Divorce therefore is very difficult. Another interesting fact is that if a husband dies then the husbands family must provide a brother to the widow and any children born to the brother are considered the deceased's children

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Knockout Entrepreneur By George Foreman with Ken Abraham

George Foreman has proven that a good business mind can lead to a successful career. It’s hard not to believe that everything this man touches turns to gold. In Knockout Entrepreneur George Foreman has provided us with a vision to push for success in your life. If you are willing to do the hard work, follow through with your dreams you can achieve to a higher level in your life. George allows us to seize the opportunity to step out on faith.

George Foreman, World Heavyweight Champion well known author, the meinkee muffler spokesman, casual male clothing line, cleaning products and lets not forget his most important product the George Foreman lean mean grilling machine has proven great success.

George provides us with a plethora of real-life experiences you can follow his career just like a road map. He has taken all his accomplishments and his failures and showed us how to build the blueprint to begin a successful business or a successful career. His positive attitude is uplifting and inspirational.

When George use symbolism in his book he always uses the true life stories of a poeople that over the years they have gone the extra steps to achieve successful companies.

This book is for the entrepreneur but actually I believe everyone can take his advice and make it work for their life. George is not affair to let you know that without God his life would not have gotten him where he is to day. I recommend everyone reads this book.

This is an excellent motivational tool.

Review provided by a member of Thomas Nelson's Book Review Blogger program.

A Question From A Bride To Be.....

Can my finance and I open our gifts at the reception...

A wedding reception is a time of feasting and celebration. It is not a time to burden those (who are out of the loop) with the tedious task of watching the bride and groom Ooooh! and Awwwe! over the gifts they’ve received at their wedding.

Can you imagine how boring it would be if your friends invited you over on Christmas Day or during Chanukah to watch them open their gifts? Well, it’s the same difference.

But there’s more:

According to the rules of etiquette, guests aren’t required to bring a gift to the wedding. Many send them ahead of time, others send them afterward. In fact, according to the etiquette gurus, it’s perfectly appropriate to send a gift up to one year after the wedding date.

So what happens to those guests who are standing around watching the bride and groom open everyone’s gifts but theirs? And what about those who can only afford a can-opener and not a plasma TV? What about their embarrassment and hurt feelings?

Well everyone in Wedding World, I guess you get our drift. It’s just not gracious to open gifts at your wedding reception. In summary: it’s boring, it’s tacky, and for some, it can be embarrassing and hurtful.

Save the gift opening for home to be shared with your families—and with each other! That’s the way it should be!

Happy wedding planning!

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We Are Doing Again.... Midnight Madness--- Thanksgiving Night

Calling All Holiday Shoppers... Gala Affairs by AtUrBest Presents - Midnight Madness
Thanksgiving Night - Carolina Premium Outlet

Tickets $ 60.00

Bus Pick Up & Drop Off
New Super Wal-Mart Parking Lot
7701 North Tryon, Charlotte, NC
Bus Leaves 8:30 p.m. Returns 8:30 a.m.
Shopping and Breakfast What A Deal

Designer Fahisons & Sportswear, Shoes, Children Clothes, Fine Leather, Luggage, Accessories and Jewelry, Housewares, etc....


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Cont'd "Birthday Weekend Celebration

OK so I am back... I have tried to do this from memory but I realized I was going to forget certain things... So I am treating this party just like any other event or wedding.. Just so I can stay on point.

Now lets pull out the Budget Planner... because really the budget is way below the red line- and yes I am taking donations from the children... I mean really its their Daddy's Party (and you know how girls feel about their Daddy)..

So I explain to both of them in order to have a wonderful event we need to start with the budget.. (my oldest famous line --I will give you my last $20.00) see what you can do with that -- of course you know what I told her...

Your Party Planning Checklist and Your Budget sheet will work together just like planning a wedding stick to your budget "Set a realistic spending goal".

Decorations Checklist, Drink Calculator

Remember this is just my standard planning checklist that I use for my events...

Party Planning Checklist:


_______Linens ______ Cloths (to floor?) _____ Napkins, Colors
_______Menu Planning ______ Cake
_______Votives, Votive Candles
_______Napkin Rings
_______Table Candy
_______Table Games
_______Glitter or Confetti
_______Bathroom Florals ______Other locations

INVITATIONS/RSVP/Other Printed Items

_______Invitation to Ceremony, Party, Benefit or Main Event
_______Invitation to Reception (if applicable)
_______Response Card _____ Response Envelope
_______Bus. Card ______Kids Only ______ Out of Town Guests
_______Donation Card
_______Directional Card
_______Other... ______Luncheon _____Brunch or __________________
_______Calligraphy _____ Invitations _____ Seating Cards
_______Cocktail Napkins ________Matches
_______Programs ____Agenda _____ Newsletter


_______Glow _____Necklace ______Earrings ____Glasses
_______Theme Oriented Itesm
_______Premiums (items with company logo for corporate event)


_______Photographer ______Videographer
_______Candles (candlelighting, other)
_______Dress Determination
_______Casual ____ Dressy Casual _____Dressy _____


______Hotel Reservations
______Weekend-at-a-Glance or Itinerary
______Maps (to/from airport; other, locations)
______Welcome Gifts, Totes, Baskets
______2nd Mailing to Out-Of-Town Guests _____Calligraphy
______Tickets to local attractions


______Sign-In- Board or Sign In Book
______Message Book
______Welcome Sign
______Entrance Piece At Door
______Band Backdrop
______Balloon Bouquets
______Ceiling Treatment(s)
______Outside lobby Area
______Sign Over Seating Cards
______Directional Signage
______Other... Theme Oriented
______Company Display (if applicable)


______Band Type ________
______Music During Cocktails
______Balloon Magic
______Clowns _____Jugglers ______Mimes Other _______
______Photo Favors
______Special Presentation: Who to emcee?_________ Who to present? ________
______Roasts ______Toasts ________Audio/Visual Needs?

***More to come*****

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Birthday Celebration "50" Milestone....

I want to thank everyone for their help with the ideas --- We are going with the Basketball Theme....

So I want to begin first and say the invites of course are not ready to go out... They will be by the weekend... I guess I was really waiting until I had a theme, however, the invites do not match the theme.... I guess I should had waited before I had purchasing them... but being an event planner when we see good opportunities to purchase our supplies when they are on sale we do... and of course I had nothing "macho man" looking but we are going with what we have....

Some now looking for a place to host the event... Well I had already found a reasonable place. Now we are going to be responsible for our decorating of the facility and we can bring in our own caterer.. The thing about using some places you have to use their on site caterers now some people feel this is best because they don't have to worry about looking for outside helpers.

We have to provide our own alcohol as well as a bartender (we will be interviewing for the bartenders) if you have anyone in mind in the Charlotte area please have them email me at :

We are expecting about 75 guest mostly from out of state most of the guys use to be on his basketball team (so of course I am going to try and get a couple of basketballs and let them go to the gym and play a game).. of course my daughter said I need to get them some chairs so they can watch the younger boys play the game...l.o.l.

Oohs the birthday boy is coming I will follow up later.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats.... Gala Affairs By AtUrBest

Good Job... producing your event.... can't wait till the next one is kick off....

Amanda -
Congratulations on a very successful event. It was a please being a part of the evening.
I enjoyed your family, I hope your mom finally gets to rest. Sorry that I could not stay - I hope you understand. Here are some photo's of the evening unfortunately I forgot to charge my battery. I took alot of photo's on your Aunt Bee's camera - so check with her before she leaves. Give my best to you family. I wish them safe travels.
Phyllis Shelton

Hello Amanda

I am back on earth now, I have been on cloud 10 since last week. I want to thank you for sharing that wonderful event with me. I have never attended an event like that before. It was wonderful. You did a great job at putting the event together. The brides were so beautiful, the reception was great, and the food was very tasty. It may not have been what you wanted it to be but you did a great service for some one. Remember it is not what you do for yourself, but it is what you do for others will live on. Your works will speak for you. Many years from now some one will remember the good works you did, even when you think it was nothing. Remember God looks at your heart, and He looks way down inside a person and always pull out the good. Man looks on the outside and never see any good in one another. Keep doing what you are doing for others, you may never get a penny, but your pay will come through the blessings of God.
I was blessed to be in CTL and look forward to visiting again soon.Give my love to everyone and agaiin I must say you did a very very good job, as I say to my students I give you an A+.
Love always
Beatrice Hollins

Gala Affairs By AtUrBest
I heard about the wonderful event that you produced...I am interested in speaking with you about My lovely daughter she found her heartthrob early last year and they are going to wed by 23rd January 2010. For the love i have for my daughter, i decided to carter for the wedding as a surprise package for her and her fiance..

Please i want you to handle the wedding arrangements on their behalf Please get back to me with any of the services which you can provide as regards the wedding arrangement of my daughter.
Dr. Denise Brown


Despite a few little snags, I think that the couples were pleased with the event. I have quite a bit booked for the next two weeks, but I will try and put something together for you as soon as I can.Sheldon

Well Amanda ~
Thank you!! Your accolades seem over the top for what we actually did....but they are appreciated! Glad everyone enjoyed the wedding. I am so used to the unusual that it doesn't seem unusual to me any more.
Girlfrien', your own efforts to bring this event to life were unbelievable!! I could scarcely believe how many balls you were juggling in the air at one time, and trouble-shooting on top of that! You really are a gifted woman, and I pray for you success in ALL your endeavors (I don't know how you keep up with them!!!)
I believe that the wrinkles in yesterday's experiential fabric can be easily ironed out for next year. Let me know if you would like my continued involvement next year. And I so enjoyed working with, and getting to know "Aunt Bea". Plus, your "Assistant", Peaches, (is that her name?) is a delightful human being....full of sassy creative sprite-like humor.
Thank YOU for all your patience, and competent handling of a VERY big plate of circumstances.
Now...............GO TAKE CARE OF AMANDA, AND GIVE HER A LITTLE "ME TIME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eternity Wedding Ceremonies

Thursday, October 1, 2009

50 Birthday Celebration

Hello Everyone,

Well we have finished with our MYBDD wedding. It was a wonderful event I am glad the couples were able to tie the knot and move on with their lives... Now on to our next event...

We will start out with the planning of my husband's "50" Birthday Celebration so I will be looking for ideas for the "Old Basketball player that use to shoot the balls sky high in to the hoop.... Henceforth getting the nick name "Sky Walker" because of his jump shots... well it has been a long long time since he has jumped that high...

We are celebrating the weekend of November 27 thur November 29, 2009 with family and friends coming down to surprise him... So please keep it a secret.... So lets see what kind of theme should we go with... I thought about he Basketball theme, I thought about the NY theme, I also thought about the Karate theme for all of his close friends you know he loved his Karate I have a short time frame to get all of this planned... any suggestions please let me know...

Email me at

For those that need ideas for a "50th Celebration"

you can use these ideas....

The Rock'n Fifties 50s party is so popular that we have dedicated this entire section to Rock'n Fifties 50s birthday party ideas.

Read through the Rock'n Fifties 50s party ideas and incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party. Create your own party plan and remember to include invitations, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, gift bag favors and costumes.

Back to the Teen Years (heres what a friend did)

She threw a surprise party for her mother's 50th birthday. Since she "came of age" in the 1950s, I had a 50s theme. The invitation read "[her name] is going back to the 50s!" I encouraged guests to come dressed in 50s style. I even bought a few cheap accessories so she could dress 50s-style (like bright red lipstick, cheap white canvas shoes and funky shades). I bought her a book on the 50s. She loved it. To cut back on expenses, I made some nice pasta and bean salads, served punch (no booze). Try making up a 50s trivia quiz. If he was a younger kid in the 50s, try themes like Howdy Doody, Davy Crockett, Roy Rogers, Mousketters, etc. Since he's a guy, buy him a 1950s car as a gag gift (Matchbox or Hotwheels, of course).

A "Genuine Antique Person"

Have a "Genuine Antique Person" party. Although it is still more of a jest at 50, it is original and has many possibilities for decorating. If you try for an aged country theme you can simulate the air of antiquity fairly cheaply. Fill small metal pails with flowers for centerpieces. You can buy small wooden wheelbarrows in craft stores to paint and scatter in the function room for decoration. Use candles generously. Scour yard sales and flea markets for "antiques" - wooden wheels, hurricane lamps, weather vanes, let your imagination go. Renaissance Foil has an antiquing product that you can apply to many surfaces, creating aged-looking pails, bowls and candlesticks, which you can find at craft stores. Place squares of dusty blue, green, and red (the shades that are common in "country" decorating) fabric and permanent markers at each table for people to sign and make an "antique person" wishes quilt. Make chocolates for favors using country molds.

Choose His Favorite

I am also saving and planning a surprise 50th for my husband. He loves to go fishing, so I have decided to use fishing for the theme and use his fishing stuff for the decorations. This not only saves a lot of money, but I know he will enjoy it.Pick something that your husband enjoys and go with it, the possibilities are endless. You will save money, time, and he will use what you choose.

Imitation is the Highest Form...

This Is Your Life
Instead of having an "over the hill" party, I suggest having a "this is your life party." Along with the invitation ask your guests to return a questionaire in which you have asked some variation of the following:

2.My favorite thing about Fred (use guest of honors name) is ______________.

3.The funniest thing I ever saw Fred do was when he _________________.

4.The happiest I ever saw Fred was when he____________________.

5.The dumbest thing I ever saw Fred do was____________________.

6.Fred drives me crazy when he _______________.

7.My most memorable moment with Fred was ____________________.

8.List five words that describe Fred.

You may to make up your own questions or add to these. You may also want to ask the party guests to share a favorite photo of or story about the guest of honor. The hardest part is deciding how to share this information with guests. You may want to have them put these answers on video, have a slide show, have the party guests read the stories or quips out loud, or invite several special people to tell their stories. If you feel awkward acting as an MC, then ask a good friend or minister to do it for you. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for planning .

The best part of a party like this is that everyone can participate - children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends, new friends and spouses. You can also put the answers, stories, and photos in a scrapbook for the guest of honor to keep.

You will have some laughs and you may even shed a tear or two, because memories are a truly special gift which make getting older worth it.

Memory Lane

Awhile back my aunt had a 50th party for my uncle. It was great. Her theme was " A Ride Down Memory Lane". She collected photos from friends and relatives and put them all over the house. She even invited his best friend from where he grew up. She had a baby picture and a picture of him in the service, and a picture of them in their dating years blown up and made into posters. The cake was decorated to look like the house he grew up in. But best of all, and this might sound alittle corny, but she had all these old games. Like marbles, spin the bottle, checkers ect..You should have seen all of us grown up kids, nieces and nephews playing marbles. I never knew that was supposed to be a game. And spin the bottle with your favorite uncle was OK too. He said he never had so many pretty girls kiss him in front of his wife and her not get mad.

But to top the evening off another uncle had just restored an old car that was from the time frame of his teens. So they drove around town in it. And even though we all told them to come straight back to cut the cake, they were gone for along time...We still pick on them about going out an necking..Anyway he still talks about that birthday as the best one yet, and all of us really enjoyed the real ride down memory lane. It was just wonderful to see all those pictures of the early years and to hear his stories that went along with them.

Black and White

For the person looking for a good 50th birthday party idea..... Have all of the guests dress in black and then be sure that the guest of honor dresses in white (or vice versa - guests in white and guest of honor in black) - either way it makes for a fun evening - the guest of honor is immediately recognizable and the pictures look great!