Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What was Heavier : The Bride, the Groom or The Cake?

The baker displays the cake so naturally, so beautiful as each layer was placed on top of each other so gracefully'

The cake was designed as if it was to good to eat.. As the bakery started to place the last top on the cake, the next thing that occurred was a wedding blooper you could never repeat. The top fell completely off the table and down to the floor.... In the middle of the setup everyone turned as if "some disaster like storm of the century on attacking the shore.

The bakery who apparently was prepared for anything to happen had her assistant run back to the car and bring back a new top.... (question does this happen a lot -- you need to travel with two toppers.) Needless to say the ceremony and the cake cutting was a smash literally.... Later the news was broken to the bride and the groom..... they still had a smile.... on their face... Wonder what would have happen if there was not an extra topping....