Friday, June 10, 2011

Parent Gifts for Your Wedding

With all the planning you’ve been doing, have you remembered to get something extra special for the people who gave you life and brought you into this world? It is a wonderful idea to give your parents a special thank you gift on the eve of your nuptials.
With so many things to plan and so many decisions to make constantly, it’s no wonder that some things can be easily overlooked or pushed aside for more pressing issues. Whether you just can’t think of a good gift or if the thought hasn’t yet crossed your mind, here are some gift ideas for all budgets.

Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

When cost-conscious doesn’t begin to describe your situation, fret not. Countless meaningful gifts are out there, and many of them are just not as costly as you would think.

Here are a few options for the lower end of the wedding budget:

Memories… Make a scrapbook or photo album with pictures of you and your future spouse together, in addition to pictures of you with your parents and siblings. Make an album for each set of parents and rest assured that they will cherish your thoughtful compilation.
Special days… For around $20, you can custom-design a calendar to include a dozen of your favorite photos and special dates that are meaningful to you and your families. Create a custom photo calendar so you are on your parents’ minds all year long!

Managing a Mediocre Amount

When you’ve got a little bit of cash to spare but still need to keep an eye on the price tag, smart shopping comes in very handy. Consider your options and select something that suits your parents well.

A Crystal Clear Message… Envision a few lines of your own special text engraved next to a beautiful photo you select. This lovely keepsake is one they’ll treasure always.
Cheers to you… Select beautiful and classy stemware for your parents so they have a unique reminder of your wedding day that they can enjoy using again and again. If you wish, have their names engraved on the glasses, or simply, “Mom” and “Dad”.

Price Is Not an Issue

If you could get anything in the world for your parents, what would it be? A cruise? A new car? To keep things down-to-earth and still much tied into the emotion of your special day, here are a few options that could really make a big “thank you” statement.

Bed and Breakfast… Rather than spoil your parents with many gifts or an exotic trip, present them with a thoughtful escape from the norm. A night’s stay or weekend away at a nice bed and breakfast can bring relaxation into their hectic lives.
Wine Club… As a romantic idea for a thank you gift to your parents, give them a membership to a wine club. The monthly bottles of wine will give them something to look forward to as well as a nifty conversation piece.

To come up with the most appropriate thank you gift for your parents, consider all the factors in terms of price, when you need the item in hand, and what your parents specifically like and enjoy. Base your gift on their personal interests or on special memories you share.

No matter what, remember to thank your parents personally for all they’ve done to raise you and to help you prepare for the biggest day of your life.

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

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