Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 Ways to Get the Groom Interested in Wedding Planning

On wedding days, brides get all the attention while grooms get patted on the back and told how lucky they are to have found the bride. However, weddings belong just as much to the groom as they do the bride. After all, it’s about starting a life together. When your man doesn’t is afraid to participate in the feminine side of wedding planning, here are some tips to get your groom involved.

One cake. Two cake. Red cake. Groom cake! Give your honey a fun task by having him pick out his own cake. It’s a second cake designed specially by the groom that showcases what he loves most. Maybe he loves to play poker-design a poker card table cake. Don’t let the cake sit in the corner all by its lonesome. Place the cake along side the other cake. It could be as elaborate as the wedding cake or simpler. Maybe even be a special design or a favorite moment of his. He might love movies, so design a cake themed around his favorite genre. Or if he loves baseball, then make the cake in the shape of a baseball with his favorite team logo on it. Grooms cakes are a growing trend that brings color and fun to your wedding in addition to giving the groom something that’s his (Besides the bride!)

Taking his love of sports farther, your color scheme could reflect that of his favorite team. For example, if he is a New Orleans Saints fan, then you could have him wear a white shirt with a gold and black tie or your bridesmaids wear gold with a black sash. The groomsmen could wear ties that match the sash on the girls. Sport team colors are classic colors, some you may have already thought about doing. By incorporating them into your wedding, you make your honey feel as if he’s a part of all the action.

Another way to make your man feel more comfortable surrounded by all things girly is to take away one of the things that makes it seem extra girly: shoes! Ask him if he would prefer to wear a dress sneaker or even Converses. Depending on his individual style, he might even come up with a good idea that surprises you!

Another great, easy way for him to be involved is helping with wedding party favors. He could be in charge of putting them together and picking them out. It’s another opportunity for his personality to be present at the party. Encourage him to brainstorm unique wedding party favor ideas he thinks guests will enjoy. Then he can go out and assemble to favors and give them his special touch.

Another way to support his involvement is for him to plan the honeymoon. Give him a list of where you want to vacation and have him pick and plan the whole process. It gives him the opportunity to let his romantic imagination stretch to new lengths. If he is not the “romantic” type, then his adventurous side shines and your honeymoon becomes more exotic.

However you decide to, just get your man more involved. You both enter into a partnership on your wedding day and you wouldn’t want the partnership starting off leaning towards one pair. Let his personality shine through and compromise on things. He might surprise you.

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