Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One More Lucky Couple For MYBDD

Well Charlotte we have discovered that there was one more lucky couple that we wanted to give an opportunity to be apart of Marry Your Baby Daddy Day on September
24, 2009.

Our Couple are very special because they have gone through some serious trials and tribulations...They celebrate 25 years of being together. They were once married and had separate because of all types of issues.

This couple did raise their two children throughout all the problems and separate issues that tried to stop them from being a happy family well no more they will be married again on September 24, 2009..

They are blessed with two children ages 20 (daughter) and 19 (son) plus a wonderful granddaughter (17Th months old)...

We like to welcome Patrice Bynum & John Bynum, Sr. (congratulations to the both of you)...

Now the countdown begins we have 54 days to get the couples wedding attire, invitations, favors, honeymoon night, etc and then aisle so they can start their family as husbands and wives in holy matrimony with their beautiful children as a whole family on Thursday, September 24, 2009. "Oh one catch the couples will not know the location of the wedding, reception or the honeymoon until the day"...

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