Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Honeymoon Cruise Ideas - 3 Top Tips - Strictly For the Guys

This is for the guys so excuse me if it is not strictly PC. Political correctness has no part in checking honeymoon cruise ideas and it has to be kept secret. OK? So lady readers look away now.

Guys, you love your bride-to-be and you want the best but you are a little short of money maybe?. Never mind. With a little careful planning and tightening of the belt you will be able to WOW your girl with one of the many honeymoon packages available online. But come on...this is YOUR honeymoon and you love your girl and you want the best of course. So here are my 3 honeymoon cruise ideas for you.

Avoid cheap honeymoon packages! They are full of other honeymooners and you want to be alone in that significant world of your own. This is YOUR experience; do not share it with others! Choose from one of the luxury cruise travel packages even if it is for a shorter period. Luxury beats cheap any day.

Avoid late booking. Book well in advance and get the peace of mind knowing that all is well planned. Guess what? You will go around with a silly smile on your face for weeks, secure in the knowledge that everything is sorted out and you have a secret. Make sure you keep it a secret !

Avoid tacky! Knock her off her feet, wine, dine and romance her on one of those luxury cruise travel packages, anywhere in the world. Do the best you can afford for that wonderful woman and treasure the moments for ever.

There you have it guys, my honeymoon cruise ideas. And to you ladies reading this (yes, I know you are there) please do not under any circumstances steal your man's thunder. He loves you and wants the best for you so do not tell him you read this OK? It will be our little secret ;-)

By Jamie Seymour

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