Monday, October 13, 2008

Holiday Weddings: Getting Married On A Memorable Day

With so many different types of holidays throughout the year, choosing a theme for holiday weddings is pretty simple. And basing your theme on these particular days makes it easier to select the types of decorations, flowers, favors, and overall scheme colors that you'll be using. .

Please be aware that vendor prices, and location fees will most often cost a lot more than if your wedding is held on any other day. Also, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and New Years are extremely popular for holiday weddings, so you need to book all vendor services and locations far, far in advance.

Some brides may opt for a Christmas winter wedding. It's the season of joy, after all, and what better way to celebrate than with a promise of eternal love!

Beware, however, planning your winter wedding too close to the Christmas holidays, some venues will be booked for office parties. On the upside, your venue will probably already be decorated for the holidays, so there's great savings on lights & decorations if you're planning on a Christmas theme.

The Christmas wedding takes special planning, but the fun and special memories that result are definitely worth all the early planning. Be sure to send out your invitations as early as possible so that friends and relatives can plan to attend your wedding during what may be a very busy holiday season.

Besides the Christmas theme of ruby reds and emerald greens, also consider the traditional winter wonderland theme in shades of dark and icy blues, or build your decorating theme around a white wedding — complete with artifical snow, silver snowflakes, and stunning white flowers such as tulips, gardenias or calla lillies

1. Christmas Ornaments - Grab some clear glass Christmas Ornaments and fill them up with whatever you like. Use small rose buds, plastic berries, or other festive filler. Another thought is to make a printout of your names and wedding date, and include it on the inside of the clear ornament. Then simply tie a ribbon with your colors around the top. This is also a great way to add some color to your tables.

2. Candy Canes - Candy canes wrapped with ribbons and a romantic verse are another great idea. You can also scatter miniature candy canes on the table for snacking and to add some color, or leave larger ones around the table at each place setting as a place card, or both.

3. Christmas Stockings - This is a more complicated idea, but again the possibilities are endless. You can buy sets of plain Christmas stockings at craft stores and use glitter glue to attach each guests name. Fill the stockings with whatever you like, candies, oranges, thank you cards for their attendance are just a few ideas. Drape them across the side of each chair as a place setting.

4. Christmas Cookies - Make some sugar cookies, or have a friend do it, and use cookie cutters in shapes of Christmas trees, stockings or Santa's, and sprinkle with festive colored sugar or sprinkles. Leave one at each place setting as an after dinner treat.

5. Miniature Christmas Wreaths - Miniature Christmas wreaths can be purchsed at many craft stores, and definately make a statement! To decorate, buy some greenery or plastic berries and leave one at every place setting. This is a great idea if you are craftsy and have some experience.

Use your imagination with your wedding favors, you have a lot to work with if you are using a Christmas theme. Your guests will appreciate the homemade wedding favors and will have something to help decorate their homes and remember your wedding for years to come.