Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Destination Wedding Workbook Pt III

The Destination Wedding Workbook
by Paris Permenter & John Bigley, editors of Lovetripper.com

Would you like to get married on your honeymoon?

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Around the world, you'll find hotels and resorts that offer on-site help to plan your wedding, from details like the wedding license to extras such as music and photos.

To help couples, we've written The Destination Wedding Workbook, a 158-page guide that covers everything you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. Whether the special day involves just the two of you or whether you'll be inviting friends and relatives to join in the occasion, this workbook includes timelines, worksheets, questions you MUST ask, and more!

We have compiled this book following hundreds of interviews with wedding planners, hotel managers, food and beverage managers, travel agents, and brides just like you. This guide includes:

* Budgeting for your destination wedding
* Budgeting for your honeymoon
* Questions for each other about the wedding
* Questions for other brides
* Questions for resort wedding coordinators
* Questions for local wedding planners
* Questions on traveling to international destinations
* Your Travel Itinerary
* Cruise Passenger Itinerary
* Emergency numbers worksheet
* Confirmation number worksheet
* Wedding coordinator worksheet
* Newspaper announcements
* Timeline
* Save the date card
* Guest list
* Guest newsletter
* Site inspections
* Group airline arrangements
* Booking a room block for guests
* Reception worksheet

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