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Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Years

Wedding anniversary, be it the 1st or the 60th, is a memorable day for a couple. Here is some information about the unique wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate the occasion.

Wedding anniversary is one of the most cherishing moments in every couple's life. It recalls the memories of marriage, the very first day when both when both the partners are tied together into a precious bond of longer-lasting relationship. With each passing year, your emotional attachment with your spouse grows stronger. Wedding anniversary is the right time to express how much you care for your partner. You can take your day off from the busy schedules and plan your anniversary in a blissful way to make it a memorable occasion. Giving romantic gifts and fulfilling your partner's wishes is a perfect way to celebrate this occasion.

On the occasion of wedding anniversary, the couple receives special gifts that suit to the anniversary year from their relatives and friends. While buying the gifts, it is always better to consider the likes and dislikes of the couple. There are certain gift ideas, either traditional or modern that are meant for a particular anniversary year. However, these gift ideas are different with respect to the tradition of a particular country. Let's take a look at the unique wedding anniversary gift ideas by years.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: If you are planning to buy a first wedding anniversary gift for the couple, then you can opt for traditional paper gifts or modern clocks. Some popular paper gifts are personalized items like books, novels, art, gift certificates, photo albums, scrapbooks and decorative plants. A list of gift clocks includes wristwatches, wall clocks and mantel clocks. The couples can consider buying matching watches for each other, as a token of love.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: As per tradition, the gift theme for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood; whereas, the modern theme is silverware. There are many items of wood that you can give to the couple, some of which are wooden furniture, decorative plant in a wooden vase, photo gifts, wooden sculpture, wall hangings and other decorative wooden pieces. Silverware gifts include jewelry items and/or crockery items like silverware plates, bowls, teapots etc. Giving crafts made from wood and silverware is also a good idea.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 10th wedding anniversary traditional gift is either tin or aluminum and the modern gift theme is diamond. If you are looking for a traditional gift, you can opt for a pewter (made of 85-99 percent tin) plate or aluminum cookware. If your budget is high enough, then you can consider buying a diamond jewelry.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: This is the silver wedding anniversary of the couple, which is worth a celebration. Like other wedding anniversaries, this has both traditional and modern themes. While silver is the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary, sterling silver is the modern gift theme. Most popular gift items are silver champagne glasses, photo albums and frames, silver showpieces, jewelry box, silver-bordered wall clock and candle holders. Whether the gift is small or large, the silver wedding anniversary day is a precious moment, traditionally celebrated with close friends and families.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The traditional theme for 35th wedding anniversary gift is coral; whereas, the modern theme is of jade. Coral and jade jewelries are the best gift options for the couple who have spent 35 years together. Other gift alternatives for the couple are jade sculptures, coral stone gifts, serving trays, home decorative items and baby jade bonsai plants.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 50th wedding anniversary is called the golden anniversary and is a big occasion. Only fortunate couples get the chance to celebrate together the 50th year of their wedding. Since it is the golden anniversary, gold is the gift theme. For such a lucky couple, you can give gold jewelry, gold plated spectacles, photo frame and wrist watches.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 60th wedding anniversary, referred to as the diamond wedding anniversary, should be celebrated with a bang. The gift theme for the 60th wedding anniversary is diamond as per both the traditional and the modern ideas. Some of the best diamond gift items are no doubt diamond-studded wristwatches, diamond jewelry and other diamond ornaments.

Well! These are wedding anniversary gift ideas by years that may help you in deciding the best gift for the couple. For couples (US citizens) who have spent 50 or more years together, a request can be made for sending congratulatory message from the President of the United States.

By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

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