Monday, September 12, 2011

How To Pack A Wedding Gown For Flight

Lately young couples are less interested in large, traditional weddings and opt for destination weddings. These are less formal and more relaxed and will allow them to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves without worrying about the wedding etiquette and old fashioned traditions. Plus, destination weddings are more fun and require less preparation. Hence, if you decided to exchange vows on your favorite part of the world then you should pack you things and hit the road. However, remember to pack your wedding dress carefully and without ruining it. A proper packing will protect the shape, color and details of the dress.

Still, if you want to make sure your wedding dress will be easy to transport pay attention when purchasing it. It is recommended to choose a light weight and soft fabric because it would be easy to handle and transport. Also, make sure the fabric won’t wrinkle easily. Chiffon, organza and georgette are the most common and well received fabrics for a destination wedding gown.

If you intend to flight to your dream destination there are a few things you should know before packing you dress. First of all, remember not to let your wedding dresses in checked luggage. You risk having it damaged or even lost. Therefore it is important to reduce its length and take it with you on the plane. It is recommended to ask the airlines what are their restrictions regarding wedding gowns and what are your alternatives. Most US airline stated that wedding dresses should be transported in garment bags of 54’’’long

Begin by preparing the wedding gown. Lay it down on a flat and clean surface and wrap it in white tissue paper. This will allow the dress to keep its shape. You can find special and acid free tissue paper that will allow the fabric to breathe and prevent humidity. Fold the dress so that one side will overlap the other. Pay a significant attention to the train and fold it towards the middle of the wedding dress. Put the gown into a breathable garment bag. This is easy to fold and carry and it will also keep the dress in good shape.

If you are traveling first class you might be able to hang your garment bag into the closet. Each plane has a special part for wedding gowns. In this case it is highly important to write your contact details such as complete name and phone number on the bag.

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