Saturday, September 17, 2011

Romantic Evenings: Ideas for Planning Romantic Evening at Home

Planning romantic evenings is a great way to break your daily routine and kindle your romance. Here are some ideas for planning romantic evening at home.

You must have frequented all the gourmet restaurants in your vicinity; must have had innumerous movie dates to have romantic evenings with your partner. Are you thinking of ideas for planning romantic evening for two? It need not always be plush and luxurious in a restaurant or a club. How about having a romantic evening at home? Your home can be a perfect place for you two to have a romantic evening. All that you need is creativity and some before-hand preparation. Let us assume that you are completely aware of your partner's likes and dislikes in nearly all the aspects (if not, at least try to know his favorite food and music). If you have children, do not forget to arrange for a babysitter, in advance.

Ideas for a Romantic Evening at Home

You can have the traditional romantic evening plan with food, music and wine. Cook his favorite dishes, uncork a bottle of wine, put on some light romantic music and you have created a perfect mood of having a romantic evening! Dress up specially for the occasion as he will definitely appreciate that. This is one of the most favored romantic evening ideas!

You can have an outdoor romantic dinner in your backyard. It will be a very romantic evening in the starry night. A candle light dinner tops the list of tips for a romantic evening. Wear your cocktail dress, cook his favorite food, include a variety of desserts and also good quality wine. The candle light dinner can also be followed with a dance, if you both appreciate it. Those living in apartments can plan this in their balcony.

Even cooking can be a great activity if you have to do it, together, with your beloved. Try to cook a new recipe together. It will be a lot of fun, chopping and frying and baking together along with talking and having a lot of fun. If the dish is successful, you will really enjoy having it. If not, you can always have catered food at home as an option. Here, the process is more pleasurable than the actual product!

Some good ideas for a romantic evening also include having a bubble bath or giving each other a massage. Make sure you have lot of scented oils. You can even make it more exciting by having rose petals and scented candles. This will make your evening romantic as well as a passionate one. Having a swim together is also one of the perfect romantic evening ideas.

If you both are working types, you can just spend time together, literally doing nothing, but talking. Create the mood of nostalgia by recalling the firsts in your relationship like your first date or first kiss. You can cuddle up and spend time going through old photographs, reliving those wonderful moments. You can catch up with a romantic movie or a classical romantic novel. Just spend the 'us' time together.

The whole idea in planning romantic evenings at home is to get that much needed together time. Married couples can plan romantic evenings and revive their courtship days. Try not to exaggerate things. Having a calm and peaceful time together is the keyword. Exaggeration and complication can pressurize your partner. Just allow the romance to fill the air. Do not worry whether things will work out as planned or not. They definitely will! And if they do not, your partner will appreciate your ideas and hard work. Remember to retain an element of surprise before planning a romantic evening. Follow these romantic evening ideas and have a great and memorable time together!

By Madhura Pandit

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