Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding anniversary party ideas will make the celebration of your anniversary a memorable one. Plan well, to have an anniversary party that will go down in the history books!

Anniversaries are the annual celebrations of the continuation of love. Wedding anniversaries are to be celebrated with friends and families, who were there with you to witness your matrimony. Indeed, wedding anniversaries parties have to be great ideas, so that they can be cherished over a long time. Wedding anniversaries party ideas make the most special event of your life, memorable. Wedding anniversaries party ideas range from romantic, fun, sentimental, creative, traditional or just a plain simple, to celebrate the union of the two souls in love!

Whether 1st or the 50th, every anniversary brings a unique element to the relationship tied by marriage. It makes you understand each other more than ever, it teaches you to love the person as he/she is, it helps you to grow and gives you an opportunity to fall in love all over again. Turn these moments of your life into evergreen memories, with brilliant 25th wedding anniversary party ideas to 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas
The following wedding anniversary party ideas will be a riot of fun and frolic. Let's begin..

50th wedding anniversary party ideas, are the only way you can begin the golden year of marriage. Congratulations for reaching a half century with your better half. The 50th year is symbolized by gold. Ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party should entail setting up the venue with the traditional symbolic color. Decorate the venue with the brilliance of gold. Tie the chairs up in golden tulle, use china with golden rims and serve drinks with a golden tinge. After living together for 50 years, the material possessions hold lesser value than the intangible gifts. Make the couple renew their wedding vows in the same church where they got married 50 years ago. Recreate the magic of that occasion with the help of old photographs and unforgettable memories!

25th wedding anniversary party ideas will make the jubilation, go down as unerasable in the memory lane. By the grace of god, the couple has spent 25 years together, which is why they deserve super innovative ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary party. Arrange a belly dancing competition, the winner gets the bride or the groom! You can give out prizes like the 'most voluptuous one', 'the best dancer' and 'the worst dancer'. Definitely, everyone present, from a child to the oldest member of the family, will enjoy this party.

1st wedding anniversary party ideas are extremely close to the heart. It is the first year that you have spent together, as a couple, discovered one another's attributes, loved one another's flaws and grown up together. The union has to celebrated, though deciding some fantastic 1st wedding anniversary party ideas will need a deliberate effort. Throw a surprise party for the love of your life, with just the two of you. Book a movie theater, take her/him out for ballroom dancing. Another brilliant idea, is to book a private beach for a weekend and sail on a cruise, on a moonlit night. Definitely, your love will be floored by such romantic ideas for anniversary. To celebrate the 1st wedding anniversary, you can invite all your friends over and go out for whitewater river rafting. They surely would be an adventure, until the next time you decide to celebrate!

For all those who think that they are too old to have a wild party for their wedding anniversary, here's an advise: wedding anniversary parties should get bigger as the years pass by! Put on your thinking caps and think of some unique and never-done-before wedding anniversary party ideas. Whether it's arranging a party for your friends or throwing one yourself, having fun is the only motto! So go ahead and party all the way to glory, to mark another year lived with your love, who has made the bond eternal and forever!

By Mukta Gaikwad

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