Sunday, February 12, 2012

Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

How to Romantically Spend Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I'm sure you must be planning various things in your mind in order to treat your beloved in the best way. Catch up some wonderful ideas to celebrate Valentine's day over here.

Though just a few days are left for the arrival of Valentine's day, you need not panic at all even if you haven't decided anything yet. You can opt for the ideas we have presented here in the last moment as well. All you need to do is, take a break from your office or college and just relax in each others company.

The month of gifts, happiness and love has arrived and you can feel the soft breeze infused with the sweet fragrance of Valentine's day. There's no doubt that you are anxiously waiting to spend the day with your beloved and celebrate the precious moments amidst love and laughter. What you must be looking forward to is, spend the day together and plan out something that will bring a million dollar smile on your sweetheart's face. Well, we are here to help you with some splendid date ideas that you can choose for rejoicing the day of love.

 A Whole Day of Romance
This would be something different from the same-old trodden path; going out for dinners, movies, etc. Stay indoors with your love, for you won't get this opportunity everyday! So what all can you do to fill the day with romance? Keep cooking optional (cook only if you both have a strong penchant for it) because it takes lot of patience and preparation. Instead keep the day for giving each other a sensuous massage. Create the ambiance exactly like a spa for a better and enriched experience. Another option is having a luxurious bubble bath together. Decorate your room with aromatic candles and flowers so that you feel that urge immediately after stepping inside. Get naughty and intimate with each other in the most passionate way. Yes, this how you can give each other a whole day of romance.

Dance the Night Away
No not to those rambunctious pubs and discos. Instead take your sweetheart to a classic ballroom and to a nightclub exclusively for couples. Enjoy the sensuous dance forms like jazz, tango and salsa with your partner. You can also take her to an exotic pub offering classical music and ball dancing. Dress up in a way that will complement the dance form and will make you the best dance couple for the day. I'm sure this would be a brilliant idea to spend Valentine's day in romantic manner. You can also include the idea of dancing the night away in your 'whole day of romance' plan.

Candle Light Dinner
The charm of a candle light dinner cannot be equaled to anything else. Go to a place far from the bustling city life to enjoy a romantic dinner. You can book the entire restaurant just for your sweetheart if budget is not a constraint. A candle light dinner is best enjoyed with soothing music playing in the background, and of course when you are served with exotic drinks. You can request the waiters to decorate the table with the gifts you have purchased, chocolates, flowers, and cake. Surprise your partner with this arrangement and make the moment utterly romantic in every possible way. Also remember that you dress up at your best (stick to her/his choice for today) to enhance the feel-good factor.

A Long Drive
Who doesn't enjoy going for a long drive? And you must not let go this opportunity on Valentine's day. Take your car and set out for a drive in the evening. The silence and beauty of the night shall harmonize with your mood, and I'm sure you will enjoy the ride like never before. Play soft music in your car and simply relax... Hang on, there's something more you can do when you are out on a night ride. Get cozy with her inside the car when the road is deserted and the street lights are dim. That will indeed be intensely romantic. If you have any tourist spot nearby, then you can halt there overnight and return the next day. What better treat can be other than a drive to a beautiful place and then spending the night with your beloved!

Relax on the Beach
Couples who pleasure in savoring the beauty of nature can plan for a beach holiday. Book a resort overlooking the sea so that you can revel its natural beauty at the most. Bask in the sun and bathe in the tranquil water with your partner. It would be a great idea if you have planned a visit to a secluded beach. Unlike those busy and buzzing crowded beaches, secluded beaches are silent and calm, thereby making ideal destinations for couples. In the evening you can lie down on the sand, listen to the murmurs of the sea, gaze at the sky and deeply feel the presence of your sweetheart lying beside you. You can also shop, dine and do everything that would make your Valentine's day memorable.


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