Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I WHIP IT OUT by Tammy Levent

Tammy Levent, CEO of Elite Travel, believes that Incredible Women Have Infinite Power In Themselves to do anything. Her experience, passion, energy and innovation will infuse you with the ability to turn ideas into action and transform your life into one filled with outrageous success. Get inspired now by checking out the I WHIP IT Out show at

From nothing but a phone line and a fax machine, Tammy built her multi-million dollar company, Elite Travel, one of the fastest growing and most trusted travel agencies in the country. In her WHIPshops™, she’ll share her techniques through immediately applicable step-by-step instruction on how to create a business and lifestyle around your passion. You’ll leave with a plan of action that will turn not only your business around, but your life.

Join Tammy on a joyous ride through terrain she knows only too well, because she has lived her messages from devastation and disappointment to success, achievement and personal satisfaction. No matter where you are now, Tammy Levent is proof that you Have Infinite Power to determine your destiny.

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