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Wedding Day Looks for the Groom and His Guys

You're the star of your wedding day, next to your bride of course, so bask in the glow and make the most of your wedding style. Whether or not fashion is part of your everyday life, your wedding day gives you the opportunity to look truly spectacular, woo your bride, wow your guests, and feel like a million bucks. You have options from the most formal white-tie tuxedo to the most casual beach gear, so consider your event’s theme, location, time of day, and time of year to find the look that's perfect for you.  

Alternative attire- funky and fashionable alternatives can show off
your personality and unique style

What’s your wedding style? Got a specific theme? Let loose with your fashion sense
and let your look reflect the mood, theme or environment of your wedding day. Passionate about your family heritage, your hobbies or your career? Honor what you love with style that references your personal history or your current inspirations. This is the day to let your personality shine through, so take advantage of the opportunity and go all the way!
National Dress:
If honoring your family heritage is important to you and your loved ones, incorporate aspects of your
national dress into your wedding day attire. Traditional dress from any culture is considered a
welcome alternative to formal wear. As long as it represents you in an authentic way, it will be the
perfect addition to such a personal event. Some common national dress options at weddings:

  • Kilts are the most popular option in the United States, and are worn by men with or withoutstrong Scottish or Irish ties. 
  • Auspicious colors can be added to modern formal wear as a symbol of your heritage. A red
  • cummerbund, vest, or pocket square could symbolize good luck.
  • Men of African descent might wear a dashiki suit or a grand boubou.
  • Men with Latin American heritage might wear a guayabera dress shirt.
  • Consider family traditions passed down through the generations. What special things
  • represent your parents, grand parents and great grand parents?
  • Military Uniforms:
  • Military dress uniforms are specific to each branch of the military and and have deep meaning to
  • those able to wear them. They have long and interesting histories with special names,
  • classifications, symbolism, and decorations representing ranking, and are a wonderful option for
  • a formal wear alternative. Some Military dress uniform information and resources:
  • Dress uniforms can also be known as “Full Dress,” “Mess Dress,” “Mess Uniform,” or
  • “Mess Kit.”
  • According to fashion etiquette, a military dress uniform is appropriate to wear at occasions
  • of any level of formality, even the most formal White Tie events.
  • Visit for Marine dress uniform regulations.
  • Visit for Navy dress uniform regulations.
  • Visit for Army dress uniform regulations

Casual Outdoor and Beach Wear:
If your wedding is a casual barbeque in the park or a luau on the beach a structured wool suit or a
formal tuxedo obviously won’t do. Don’t forget about fashion all together though, embrace the laid
back feeling of your celebration and choose a look you love.

For a day at the beach, select breezy fabrics and unstructured shapes like drawstring linen
pants and a lightweight short-sleeved shirt. 
Wear nice leather flip-flops or sandals outdoors in the hot weather, no cheap rubber or plastic!   To stay classic, just relax the details of a traditional outfit. Go without a tie, roll up the sleeves of your crisp white shirt, and choose dress pants made with a casual fabric.  Wear a suit made of linen, cotton or seersucker instead of wool.
Even at your most casual, don’t let your outfit seems sloppy. Strive to look fresh, clean, and
casually polished so you look fantastic standing next to your glowing  bride.   

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