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"The Wedding Affair" - Speciality Designer - Tara Davis

Congrats to  Our Specialty Designer- Charlotte own  Flow by  "Tara Davis"  making her debut at the Magic Show in Las Vegas -Women's Wear Daily.  Mrs. Davis will showcase her fabulous designs for "The Wedding Affair on April 21-22, 2012 at the Gastonia Conference Center.

 If you know any brides and grooms that have not register for the bridal event, tell them to go ahead they do not want to miss this event.  www.nytheweddingaffair.com. 

A fresh, fashionable start to 2012

Local fashion watchers share what they see in style for 2012

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Tara Davis on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 is a Charlotte-based clothing designer who has her own line of dresses called Flow and has been featured in several local fashion shows.

The new year brings opportunities for change and that includes style. So we talked to some local observers and asked them to reflect on what they see being served next on our fashion plates.

Tara Davis

Charlotte-based designer who creates custom dresses

Q: What trends from 2011 do you think we’ll see play out in 2012?

This spring we will continue to see pleats that we saw in fall in primary colors and black, transformed into softer colors like pastels and softer fabrics. We will also see novelty prints, i.e. birds, rainbows and color blocking.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/01/18/2937918/a-fresh-start.html#storylink=cpy
Q: . We’ve seen a lot of style growth in Charlotte. What is the experience like for designers and emerging designers here now, and what do you predict for the coming year?

The experience is hard work. Building a fashion brand can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. I predict that designers will become more recognized and appreciated for their uniqueness and independence.

Susu Bear

Writes and manages the Charlotte fashion blog scoopcharlotte.com

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Q: What trends from 2011 do you think we’ll see play out in Charlotte in 2012?

The peplum skirt and digital prints. While our local wearable style is heavily influenced by the need for conservative corporate dressing, both of these trends can be affordably done. One peplum skirt is all you’ll need for spring. Even if you can’t pull it off for work, it is perfect for church, dinners out, etc. And the fabulous digital prints we’re seeing on the runways will hopefully show up in a blouse, dress or skirt here in town that you can dress down for the office or show off for fun.

Q: What trends do you see lessening in Charlotte next year?

I think we’ve run the course for the wrap bracelets. Yes, you can still wear something like this forever and ever. But it’s really time to move on, at least to a different version of cuff or wrap. I can’t wait to see some new options in our boutiques.

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Laura Vinroot Poole

Founder and owner of the Capitol and The Poole Shop boutiques

Q: We’ve seen a lot of style growth in Charlotte. What N.C. designers do you see emerging?

I am a huge advocate for the rebirth of manufacturing in North Carolina. Raleigh Denim is a great example of what can and should be created again here. My favorite North Carolina expat is Greensboro native Mark McNairy. He has brought his uniquely Southern perspective to American classics such as J. Press, Woolrich, Bass, Keds and his own label, New Amsterdam.

Q: What trends from 2011 do you think we’ll see play out in Charlotte in 2012?

Thank you, “Pan Am,” “Mad Men” and “The Playboy Club” (even though some of you were canceled) for reminding us how gorgeous midcentury fashion was...the women were prim, colorful and beautiful, and the men were tailored, dashing, and seriously handsome...no sign of muffin tops or pleated khakis anywhere.

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Q: Do you see Charlotte contributing to the national style conversation in the coming year? 

Charlotte has always been engaged in the national fashion dialogue because people here have exquisite taste, but we’re about to be noticed in a big way with the DNC arriving in September. Look out – we reserve the right to “bare arms” too!

Q: Is there any style change you would suggest to women in the coming year? Any way to tweak one’s wardrobe to really update a look? 

Less is more in many ways ...Whether you are in the best shape of your life or the worst shape of your life, it wouldn’t hurt to leave a little to the imagination. I guess it’s just the Doris Day in me...too much skin is never in.

Linda Martinez

Store manager, jewelry buyer and in-house personal stylist at the Sloan boutique in Dilworth
Q: What trends do you think we’ll see play out in Charlotte in 2012?

I would have to say the wide leg bottom pant or jean. We have been a skinny jean city for a while now, and that took a couple of years to catch on. Not many women out there have the grasp on how easy that look really is since they are so acclimated to skinny jeans.

Q: What trends do you see lessening in Charlotte next year? Anything you are eager to say goodbye to?

Unfortunately the trend that I so wish would take a break is the one-shoulder look, but we will still continue to see that for spring 2012.

Q: What style change do you recommend for people looking to refresh their look in the new year?

One word: COLOR! It popped up strong for fall 2011 and is being thrown at us with full force for 2012. Add a pop of color with shoes, handbags, jewelry, jeans and tops for women. And if men are scared of donning a great bright shirt under a suit, at least grab a tie that pops out like a work of art.

Dana Martin Davis

Chief communications officer of Davis Steel & Iron Co., is known for her charitable contributions in the art world and her sense of style.

Q: What trends do you think we’ll see play out in Charlotte in 2012?

The now trend that is immediately integral to any wardrobe and already in stores is the introduction of bright solids: hot pink, orange, red, grass green or blue. Yellow is major, but hard to wear for so many complexions; so beware of putting it close to your face. Update any true neutral, black, or gray look with a bright sweater, blouse or jacket plus shoes and bag. And not matching, but analogous. Rather than buying three pieces all the same shade of fuchsia, try connecting compatible different tones in the warm or cool color “family.”

Q: We’ve seen a lot of style growth in Charlotte. What North Carolina designers do you see emerging in the new year? Is it getting easier to wear local designers?
We have entered the era of the fashion stylist over the designer label. Wearing one designer head to toe is the mark of either the paid celebrity (with comped clothes) or the insecure label-hound. Bullish on Charlotte, I can say that I spoke in Chicago and Cambridge traveling with clothes that were all bought here. Engage with your retailers and shop owners here, and discover that there is nothing internationally that they cannot translate into a lower price point or obtain for you.

Cristina Bolling

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/01/18/2937918/a-fresh-start.html#storylink=cpy

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