Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bridal Shower Tips

Bridal Shower Tips by: Yolanda Nash

Co-ed showers are finally taking a twist and growing every day more popular. Having a co-ed shower will make everyone attending feel more welcome and will also give them a chance to get to know one another before the big day.

Give your bridal party a day to remember you by. Take them to the beach or have a barbecue but just make sure your guests are entertained and enjoying them selves. If you are having a co-ed or more traditional bridal shower it will be so much more fun when you play games or make it theme night.

If you love the beach have a pool party, if you love barbecue then cookout or if you enjoy crafts then make a special project, but just make it fun and enjoyable for all your guests and make the memories last. Make sure they can dance. So I suggest either renting video lessons or hiring a personal dancing instructor. Pick some fun dancing and also some formal dancing lessons so you have dances for all of your music.

If your reception party has a country theme, then make sure you take country dancing lessons. When the spotlight is on you and your bridal party it will be so much more fun for everyone when you know what your doing. The bridal shower is the time when all of the bride's friends all get together and everyone meet one another.

All of the bride's friends should bring something that they remember her by. They can bring friendship bracelets, class rings and photos. This will really make the shower more enjoyable and gives everyone a chance to share there memories of each other.
Author: Yolanda Nash

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