Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations

Your reception tables will form the main feature of your reception room and as such will dominate your scheme. Choosing wedding table decorations can give you many different options from the simple and inexpensive, to the elaborate and luxurious.

Decorations come in many different forms and the only limit really is your imagination. Choosing unique and personal table decorations can be one of the fun parts of your wedding planning and certainly one of the elements that you will take the most pride from on the day itself.

I always think that when it comes to decorations it is a good idea to think outside of the box and look beyond the norm for inspiration. Interior magazines are a great source for finding decorative ideas and resources, whilst wedding magazines will help you with the look and style of your wedding tables.

Keep your color scheme in mind and your wedding theme if you are having one. The most important consideration (apart from your budget) is the style of your wedding and adding in some personal touches. With this in mind it is a good idea to avoid shopping at bridal boutiques and wedding websites and instead hit the high street for some unique and quirky items.

Gone are the days when every wedding reception was decorated with a plethora of white paper bells and balloons. Today’s bride wants something far more chic, elegant and unique and which her guests will be talking about for years to come. The high street presents many different opportunities to find special items which youcould use for decorating not only your tables but also your room.

If you are using many flowers then look for some unique vessels to put them in. From glass vases to ceramic dishes, metal bird cages to old, hollowed out books, let your creativity flow and come up with something uniquely different for your floral arrangements.

Check out dollar stores for budget candles and tea lights, as well as pretty glass holders which could also be used for your wedding favors. Vintage china and glassware is also a nice idea for a wedding day with an informal feel and looks very pretty when you coordinate other details such as flowers, ribbons and linens. You could also make your own table linens such as over cloths and napkins from inexpensive fabrics sourced from the high street.

Other table decoration ideas include battery powered fairy lights in glass vases, scattered flower petals or table crystals and elaborate arrangements of feathers, painted twigs and even confectionary!

By Georgina Clatworthy,
Wedding Source

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