Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grooms Wedding Attire – Traditional Wedding Attire for your Groom

Usually the grooms wedding attire will dictate what the other male members of the wedding party will wear so he needs to choose the right attire in the right style. With a formal church wedding it is traditional to wear top hat and tails whilst a simple trouser suit is suitable for a less formal wedding. But whilst you maybe fussing over various styles and fabrics it is easy to forget that the choice for his wedding attire is fairly varied too!

Morning dress is a traditional grooms wedding attire choice for a formal wedding, whether it is in a church or civil ceremony. Traditional morning dress consists of tailored grey stripe trousers, a black or grey tail coat, wing collar shirt, waistcoat, silk tie or cravat and a top hat (which can be optional). The waistcoat and tie or cravat can be color coordinated to match the wedding colors.

If morning dress doesn’t appeal you could choose a frock coat which is slightly more flamboyant and can be made from plain fabric, patterned brocade, velvet or silk. These are longer length coats which usually reach mid thigh and are worn with a standard or Nehru style collared shirt which should be white. Trousers should be black and plain and should be accompanied by a cravat.

Highland dress or kilts are popular grooms attire choices all over world especially for those with family links to Scotland. Kilts come in a range of different tartan fabrics and are available in a morning or evening dress style.

If you groom is a member of the armed forces then he may wish to wear his military uniform for your wedding. If the other members of the wedding party are not of the armed forces then different attire will need to be chosen for them.

A lounge suit is a popular choice for a modern or contemporary wedding and will give grooms the opportunity to splash out on a designer suit. The other members of the wedding party will not mind purchasing their own suits either as they can have something they could wear again.

Black tie is an elegant choice for an evening wedding and ‘black tie’ should be written on your wedding invitations if you intend to make your wedding a black tie affair. This can be a dinner jacket, trousers, white shirt and bow tie, although traditional black tie would include a tail coat jacket which is cut shorter than those in morning dress. If the male guests wear black tie then the female guests should wear evening dress.

By Georgina Clatworthy, The Wedding Source

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