Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grooms Checklist

The wedding day is a special day for a couple; this is a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is therefore important for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to look sharp and alert. The bridal party is chosen because they are trusted by the bride and groom therefore, they occupy a place of honor; they should do their best to make sure the big day is as flawless as possible.

For groomsmen, duties they have to undertake include organizing the bachelor party, ushering guests on the wedding day and taking care of any small details that may arise. Because they are responsible for most of their expenses that are incurred during the wedding, it is important for each groomsman to plan and budget well in advance so that they are not caught off guard.

The first step is to gather as much detail about the wedding as possible; the date, the location, the time so that you know if you will need to arrange accommodation, tuxedo specifications and any other special instructions. When you have all these details down then try to find the best deals around by for example browsing tux magazines and shops and then find a tux that fits the groom’s specifications and that is within your price range. If you intend to get in shape in time for the wedding, then you enroll into a program as soon as possible.

Between four and five months to the wedding, you should be making last deposits and measurements on your tux, finding reservations for hotels if the ceremony will be held out of town, getting together airfare and putting in a request for time off at your job.

Three months before the wedding should find you arranging for a caretaker for your apartment and pets while you’re gone, making final hotel reservations and air tickets. You should also find out the rates of car rentals in the city that you are traveling to.

You should actively be looking for a gift wedding a couple of months to the wedding. If you find an ideal wedding then buy it then because it might not be available a few days to the wedding. Better safe than sorry. The wedding gift should be adequate enough to show your gratitude for being appointed a groomsman as well as to send good wishes to the couple throughout their marriage. If you are using the airport to travel, the gift should not spark off metal detectors. This is the time to really give a lot of thought on the gift that you are going to give the couple.

All travel arrangements should be final when the wedding is a month away. Check in with the groom to find out if there are any last minute changes. When the wedding is a week away everything should be in place; all your clothes as well as a suit to wear to the rehearsal dinner and your tux.

On the day of arrival, perform all your duties as delegated. After the wedding, return the tux and write thank you notes to the bride and groom.

By Jason Hennessey
Wedding Source

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