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Celebrity Wedding News

Many people believe in love at first sight. There are in fact a lot of couples who have been victims of this, only to separate after five or six years. Celebrities prove to be the perfect example when it comes to this. This is also the reason why the news never runs out of news about celebrity wedding, celebrity hook-ups and break-ups, because they sell well. Will Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed share the same fate?

In the Spring a Young Man’s Fancy

Barely three months after meeting, Paul McDonald decided to propose to girlfriend Nikki Reed, 23. From simply being an item, the pair went on to prove that they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. They hit it off right away after they met in April of this year and their parents seem to approve of their planned union, which their fans would call a celebrity wedding made in heaven.

Nikki Reed is known for her Twilight Saga stint as Rosalie Hale, while Paul McDonald was a contender in the reality-TV show American Idol Season 10. To think, the young couple’s worlds were not so much apart being in the same line, but no one thought they would end up in each other’s arms…that fast.

The Saga Begins

The two met during the opening of the movie Red Riding Hood. Since then, they started dating. After over two months, McDonald proposed with a $30,000 engagement ring. At first, it was only a rumor until Reed was seen flashing the engagement ring with her hubby-to-be at the MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet.

The relationship has been a whirlwind, but Reed’s family, especially her father ,does not show any worries. As Reed puts it, her fiancĂ© is a really good man who comes from a good family and she has never met anyone like him before.

Love at First Sight for McDonald and Reed

Wedding in the Works

The press insists that McDonald and Reed are rushing into marriage and blame the whole thing on love at first sight. Whatever happens though, the two stars are not affected and have no plans of calling off the wedding. The wedding details remain undisclosed as they have not started yet. The wedding gown’s designer, the cake, guests, and the exact date have not been decided on yet, so people will have to wait until the announcements are made.

Can we expect another one of those huge celebrity weddings? The couple is proud to announce their engagement, but they seem to prefer keeping a low-profile when it comes to the wedding plans. Let us wait and see.


Despite a lack of an exact wedding date, registry papers for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding have come out.

Where the Registry Papers were Revealed

Registry papers for the up-and-coming Humphries-Kardashian celebrity wedding were revealed at Geary’ Geary’s is a popular boutique that features luxury items of all kinds and signature brands that are patronized by people from the A-class and celebrities alike. Since the boutique also has a gift registry service, it would not be a surprise that Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian would choose such a place to handle the wedding registry for their celebrity wedding.

The Registry List

With Kim Kardashian sporting an engagement ring featuring a 20-carat diamond (which is rumored to be worth two million dollars), it is to be expected that the couple prefers to have grand gifts, as well. Among the wedding registry list is a $4,625-worth Ingrid vase, an $840-worth Havana ashtray, eighteen pieces of Hermes plates worth $670 per plate, a 5-piece dinner setting from Buccelatti Torchon (24 pieces) worth $1,600 each set, a Cunill Galaxy picture frame worth $470 and a whiskey decanter from Baccarat Equinoxe worth &680.

The most expensive gift that the couple has included in the list is a vase that is worth $7,850 and a coffee pot costing $1,650.

Wedding Details

Because the registry papers indicated that the couple would not need the gifts until October 31, speculation have arisen about the celebrity wedding happening on Halloween. However, representatives from the couple have denied these rumors. According to them, Kris and Kim will not be wed on Halloween and that the indicated date is not the actual wedding date. An insider even told E! news that the ‘Halloween Wedding’ was only a joke and should not be taken seriously by the public.

Even though not many details have been revealed about the wedding, Kim’s sister Khloe predicts that Kris and Kim’s wedding is going to be called the second royal wedding, knowing as how Kim always wants to have the best of everything. Khloe also added that knowing her sister, Kim would want to have the biggest celebrity wedding possible.

It can be recalled that Kris and Kim announced their engagement in May, after only about six months of exclusively dating. Theirs is considered to be a whirlwind kind of romance. This future wedding with Kris will be Kim’s second wedding, as she was first married to Damon Thomas (music producer) for four years. On the other hand, this will be Kris Humphries first marriage

Blake Shelton Relives Wedding Moments

Country singer Blake Shelton and wife, country singer, Miranda Lambert, were recently wed in May of this year. Thus, it would be no wonder that Shelton can still remember the small details of what happened the day of their celebrity wedding.

The Celebrity Wedding

The couple was wed last May 14, 2011 at Don Strange Ranch in Texas. According to reports, the wedding took a year to plan. About 550 guests were present to witness the wedding, along with their families. Among the guests who attended the wedding were fellow country stars Martina McBride, Charles Kelly and Reba McEntire. Guest Kelly Clarkson said in an interview that the couple’s celebrity wedding was an “awesome” one.

Blake Shelton Shares Some Wedding Moments

According to Shelton, the coolest moment of his wedding was the time when his wife, Miranda Lambert, walked down the aisle. Shelton recalls that Blake and her father walked down the aisle while Ashley Monroe played a song. According to Shelton, there was a moment when Blake stopped right in front of him and they just stood there, staring at each other. That particular moment, he said, started getting to him.

One unfortunate and quite embarrassing moment that Shelton shared was when he was caught in the act of relieving himself on their wedding day. Shelton recalls that during that time, he was not aware that the media was very interested in what was happening with the wedding. Before the wedding was about to start and everyone was inside the chapel, Shelton had the urge to pee and did so. Shelton walked over to a spot to pee and while he was doing so, he noticed a helicopter that was flying really low and figured out that he was most probably caught on camera while peeing, a sure sign of how nervous he was that day.

Pleasantly Surprised With Their Gifts

Shelton also recalls being amazed at the number and kind of wedding gifts that they received. He said the gifts that they received from both fans and friends blew him away. All the gifts, according to Shelton, were all nice things. They were given picture frames, dishes and many other things that made him pleasantly surprised.

With all that happened in the wedding, the reception and the events prior to the ceremony, it would be no wonder that Blake Shelton’s celebrity wedding is one that he will not likely forget.

Chris Bosh's Wedding With Adrienne Williams Sounds Amazing!
by Oli Ochoa

Everyone has been talking about the lavish wedding between Miami Heat player Christ Bosh and his now-wife Adrienne Williams. Now that details are starting to leak, it is no surprise why.

The whole things sounds incredible!

First of all, the whole thing lasted three days on the gorgeous Fontainebleau Miami Beach. There were 300 guests in attendance, and the whole thing cost $300,000. Much more impressive than the tiny marriage that had already occurred as they waited for Chris' schedule to lighten.

They based the whole thing around scents. Each stage of the wedding had a different essential oil that had been custom made to fit the occasion, with gifts in those scents to each of the guests.

The bride looked gorgeous in a Oscar de la Renta gown, white with a satin belt and crystal accents on the veil. Her shoes alone cost $10,000, as they were custom made for the event by Christian Louboutin. They were a deep blue.

"To round out the weekend, Chris gave Adrienne a Cartier necklace and she gave him an Aston Martin," People quoted a guest as saying.

"Everything was over-the-top and special they will never forget it."

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