Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

Does the statement weigh more than the meaning of the symbol?

Listen ladies - true you are worth the gloss, the sharpest, you are well worth the cut but lets think about this for a minute. You and your man are discussing the fact that you will be together for the rest of your lives. So you know eventually you will be getting married. So yes there will be an engagement ring. And yes you do expect to be able to show it off at the water cooler, at the sorority meeting and yes at church Sunday morning.

Now lets take a minute to reflect on the approximately true to life of the matter the cost of the diamond ---yes I said the cost. Your finance will probably be making those payments for that ring till after the wedding day. ***Remember the average cost for an engagement ring will run your man between the price of $500- $3500 and up.

Now I know you are saying yes and I am well worth it. Yes you are but now lets see if you decide to maybe cut down on the dollar amount and maybe try another solution the money that you will save him now will benefit you later in the end. I am sure you can come up with other means of finding use for the extra dollars.

Now in being fair lets think about being creativity maybe you and your finance could come up with a special design for your engagement ring and your wedding bands. Being unique in designing your rings would be a special gift to each other. Some of choices if you would like to consider are precious stones or gems just to mention a few..

Precious Gems:

Tanzanite - blue - purple, shapes (oval, trillion, cushion, pear shape, round, heart shape, marquise)

Emerald - green shapes

Ruby - raspberry with a reddish tone

Sapphire - many colors for this stone ( blue, pink, padparadscha (red tone), yellow sapphire, white sapphire, green sapphire).

Semi - precious gemstones

Amethyst - purple tone

Briolettes - red-orange, green, blue, white crystal, pink

Carnelian - orange with red tones

Chalcedony - green very soft

Cyrysoprase - green tone

Coral - lite red

Labradorite - skyblue

Lapis - ocean blue

Malachite - aqua green

Spessartite garnet - orange flame color

Turquoise - lite blue greenish tone

Charming Citrine - golden tone

Diamond Topaz - crystal white

Topaz - golden -yellow tone

Now don't get me wrong diamonds are a girls best friend but some of these gems look beautiful when they are combine with unique designs and they have special meanings when you have created it yourself. Besides when that anniversary rolls around and you know the dollars are heavy and plenty than go ahead and hit your man up for the cut that is flawless and describes you to the tee....

But just
in case you don't fall for this remember your diamonds are precious just as well .....and they will stand out in a crowd..... check out these tips by

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