Thursday, October 23, 2014

21st Century Career and Community Expo - Thursday, October 23, 2014

Expo Speakers and Workshop Topics-21st Century Career and Community Expo “Putting Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship To Work" Dr. C.M. Long Family Life Center - 71 Lincoln Ave - New Rochelle NY 10801 Power Networking in a Social Media World Branding Your Image for Maximum Results Network Your Way To The Hottest Jobs Of The 21st Century Spiritual Toughness in Challenging Times HEALTH: The Key to your Financial Success How to Successfully Transition from a Military Career to Civilian Job Market Career Alternatives: Is Business Ownership Right For You? Stop Looking For A Job. Start Managing York Career How To Make Your Resume Work For You
We are honored to have New York State Senator, George Latimer as the Keynote Speaker for 2014 21st Century Career & Community Expo. Senator Latimer’s sound business experience, his record of public service and his dedication to the County community have been the driving force behind his effort for the last 25 years in both the public and private sector.
Branding Your Image for Maximum Results What will I learn? Cheryl Brannan is a Seasoned Professional in Political, Civic, Corporate, Nonprofit and International arenas over the past 30 years. Cheryl is President of successful consulting company The Brannan Solutions Group, founder and CEO of Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI), a nonprofit established in 1994.
Power Networking in a Social Media World What will I learn? Rod Colón is an author and host of popular radio show "Own Your Career". Inspiring thousands to safely land jobs, Mr. Colon is President of Rod Colon Consulting, LLC & Founder of the 21st Century Career & Community Expo hosting non-profit, Empowering Today's Professionals. In addition to being a sought after speaker and #1 Career Coach in the United States, specialized in the 7 Step Job Search,
Network Your Way To The Hottest Jobs In The 21st Century What will I learn? Carl E. Reid, CSI is a successful entrepreneur, intrapreneur, social media endorsement coach and author of the 2 books: 10 Powerful Networking Secrets Of Influential People" and "10 Powerful networking Tips Using Business Cards - Global Extended Edition". With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. Carl has over 46 years of business experience, including 32 years as a technology expert, 22 years as a business career coach and 25 years as a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Reid is Executive Director of Empowering Today's Professionals.
Smart Fitness Tips For Busy People What you will learn Gail Bannister has her finger on the pulse of fitness enthusiasts and the club industry because of her widely varied fitness background. She presents both workshops and lectures at internationally attended conferences, and teach choreography as an instructor/co-partner with the East Coast Instructor Training School. Her classes are constantly fresh with new moves, and music, often incorporating trends and ideas that are just moving into the fitness scene.
Career Alternatives: Is Business Ownership Right For You? What will I learn? Frank Dunne is a franchise benefit / placement specialist in NY/NJ with FranNet. A franchisee himself, he works individually with career-transitoners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and other opportunity-seekers who are considering business ownership as a career alternative. Frank advises clients on how to search for and evaluate franchises/format business opportunities via a deep-dive research process. Clients are expertly matched with the businesses best suited for their skill set and experience and that meet their professional and personal goals.
HEALTH: The Key to your Financial Success What will I learn? Julio Barreto has 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, policy expert on local and national issues, is a speaker and health advocate. Mr. Baretto is an E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Overcoming life threatening health challenges, Julio is empowering neighborhoods as a real estate developer in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area.
How to Successfully Transition from a Military Career to Civilian Job Market What will I learn? Aaron F. Glover is a successful Transition Patient Advocate For Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Veterans. Aaron provides a continuum of employment services to veterans which includes vocational assessment, soft skills training, individualized job development and career development. He develops mutually beneficially relationships with community partners and employers with the goal of veterans being hired in their specialty.
How To Make Your Resume Work For You What will I learn? Schevon Holden is a seasoned Human Resources (H.R.) professional with extensive experience specializing in career development and human resources management. Her career spans a broad range of industries including finance services, insurance, entertainment and technology. Her roles also include specialization in compensation, benefits and training for domestic and international companies.
Spiritual Toughness in Challenging Times What will I learn? Reverend Lamont S. Granby is Pastor of First Baptist Church, Bronxville, NY and a Successful Entrepreneur. Receiving many awards and recognition as a community supporter, Reverend Granby is a member and current Chaplain of the 47th precinct Clergy Coalition of the Bronx and serves as the Clergy Liaison for the 47th precinct N.Y.P.D. Rev. Granby is also a member of the New York State and Metropolitan Funeral Directors.
Stop Looking For A Job. Start Managing Your Career What will I learn? Keith Bogen is founder of Whine & Dine Networking forums for Human Resources professionals that would be unfettered by rules and excess process. As a Human Capital Expert, he has been delivering HR Director, Manager, Generalist and Consultant services to organizations of all sizes, in many industries for the past 15 years. Keith is also proudly building a clean energy business with North American Power and providing life-changing opportunities to many through his network in that industry.
How To Turn Life Transitions Into Personal &Professional Re-Inventions What will I learn? Angela Derecas Taylor is a DAUGHTER, WAITRESS, EVENT PLANNER, WIFE, MOTHER, COMMUNITY ADVOCATE, SPOKESWOMAN, POLITICAL PLAYER, AND WRITER…ANGELA DERECAS TAYLOR, Sr. Advisor for Community Relations, in the office of the Mayor of New Rochelle.

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