Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Its Time For Prom & Graduation Ideas

The other day I met up with my cousin and it is hard to believe that it is time for Prom and Graduation. I couldn't believe that her oldest daughter is ready to graduate from high school. Now the family is getting together to have her party but before that we have to work on the Prom. So are you ready to help your senior get ready for the prom or the graduation (here are some ideas and gift ideas)...

Prom theme ideas - Choose from our popular prom d├ęcor in several of the best prom themes including Hollywood, Casino, and Paris. Creative decor will make your event spectacular and create memories for years to come.

Prom decor and favors - Find prom backgrounds, gossamer, photo backdrops, banners, and a selection of the best supplies and products you need to make your prom more elegant and stylish.

Crowns and tiaras - If you are looking for king crowns, or stylish but affordable tiaras, you will appreciate the large selection of royalty items and prom tiaras at Prom Wishes. Find the special one to highlight your style and receive royal treatment.

Prom themes and supply - From Mardi Gras prom backdrops to flutes and themed booklets, you'll find more supplies for your prom night right here than in the other free prom catalogs. Prom Wishes has printed booklets, tickets, invitations and favors of all kinds. They even have large prom backgrounds for more enticing photos. Build on your chosen prom themes and ideas with matching decor and supplies.

Top 10 Prom Themes

Below is a list of the top 10 prom themes we have seen done, or know that work for high school dances. Basically any theme can be made a top 10 as long as it is well thought out and planned in advance.

1.) Tomorrow Never Dies Prom Theme (James Bond)
2.) Hollywood Prom Theme
3.) Masquerade Prom Theme
4.) Irish Prom Themes
5.) Water Prom Themes
6.) Arabian Nights Theme for Proms
7.) Egyptian Prom Theme
8.) Black Tie Prom Theme
9.) Carnival Prom Theme
10.) Paris Prom Theme

High School Prom Colors

There are many colors for you to choose from. You can either have them slightly offset, match your school colors, or have them be completely different. I recommend having your high school prom colors match the theme.

This will give you dance more balance and keep things consistent with what students will be expecting. A couple of events based just on colors:

All White Party Prom Theme
Black and White Ball Prom Theme

How to Choose a Prom Theme

Which one should you go with? Do you need more help with how to choose a prom theme? Well, it is important that you avoid doing the same prom theme two years in a row.

Also you should check with local high schools to make sure that you do not accidentally duplicate their ideas (this might create bitter feelings). Make sure you prom theme is achievable with the banquet facility you have chosen, and that resources for decorating can be found easily. Also order a variety of prom catalogs to give you an idea of what you have to work with.

Lastly hyping your high school prom is extremely important (this will help improve ticket sales). Make sure to play the song, and remind students of the theme with any school announcements/pep-rallies. Working with you budget is important for planning a high school prom dance, but you also have to give the students what they want.

What is that.... a great send off for the seniors and something that makes your freshmen and sophomores anticipation next years’ prom!

"Next Graduation Party Themes"
Gift Ideas:

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