Thursday, February 25, 2010

High School Graduation Party Themes

It seems like just yesterday you were holding your newborn in your arms and couldn't imagine what the future held for them. Now they are all grown up and graduating from high school. Here comes the trouble of celebrating their graduation by throwing them a great party. You first need to decide what kind of party you are going to have. Is it going to be small or is it going to be a large open house. You also need to consider what type of food and entertainment you want (if any). Here are some ideas for themes for graduation parties to get you on way your to planning your child's entrance into adulthood.

If your child was big into sports, throw them a sports-themed party. You can display pictures on them playing sports, the awards and trophies they have won and any articles that have been written about them. Buy some poster board and make a presentation of everything sports. For this type of party, you would need a big backyard or to have it at the park where there is plenty of room. Have areas with different sports going on. You can have a volleyball net, basketball hoop and soccer goals. The guest can have fun playing during the party. Party stores have tons of different decorations that have sports on them, and you can mix them with graduation party decorations. Have the cake have a sports theme with a bunch of balls or a picture of your child from their sports team.

College School Spirit.
If your child is a fanatic about the college they will be attending in the fall, make the school the theme of the party. Decorate the area in the colors of the college. Have your child wear an outfit in the school's logo. Hang up decorations that have to do with the college. You can find different school's accessories on their online bookstores. You can have the cake be in the school's colors with the mascot on it. Make a poster with fun facts about the school. You can definitely get creative with this theme.

Have this party be all about the graduate's life. You can make poster boards and scrapbooks with pictures of your child from when they were born up until their graduation pictures. Have a quiz to see who knows the graduate the best. Ask questions like who is their favorite musician, what is their favorite television show and so on. The person that gets the most correct wins a prize. Make all of your child's favorite foods to eat. Just make the party completely on the interest and life of your child.

Beach Party
If your child loves the beach or is going away to college somewhere near the beach, throw a beach party. If you do not live near a beach, this can easily be done in your backyard or at the local park. Get a couple of kiddie pools (or better yet if you already have a pool) and fill them with water. Have beach balls, squirt guns and water balloons for the guests to play with. You can also have your food served in buckets like the one that you make sand castles out of and use shovels as the spoons for the food. Spread out beach towels on the yard and beach chairs for people to relax on. Think of anything beach themed and get creative.

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