Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knockout Entrepreneur By George Foreman with Ken Abraham

George Foreman has proven that a good business mind can lead to a successful career. It’s hard not to believe that everything this man touches turns to gold. In Knockout Entrepreneur George Foreman has provided us with a vision to push for success in your life. If you are willing to do the hard work, follow through with your dreams you can achieve to a higher level in your life. George allows us to seize the opportunity to step out on faith.

George Foreman, World Heavyweight Champion well known author, the meinkee muffler spokesman, casual male clothing line, cleaning products and lets not forget his most important product the George Foreman lean mean grilling machine has proven great success.

George provides us with a plethora of real-life experiences you can follow his career just like a road map. He has taken all his accomplishments and his failures and showed us how to build the blueprint to begin a successful business or a successful career. His positive attitude is uplifting and inspirational.

When George use symbolism in his book he always uses the true life stories of a poeople that over the years they have gone the extra steps to achieve successful companies.

This book is for the entrepreneur but actually I believe everyone can take his advice and make it work for their life. George is not affair to let you know that without God his life would not have gotten him where he is to day. I recommend everyone reads this book.

This is an excellent motivational tool.

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