Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats.... Gala Affairs By AtUrBest

Good Job... producing your event.... can't wait till the next one is kick off....

Amanda -
Congratulations on a very successful event. It was a please being a part of the evening.
I enjoyed your family, I hope your mom finally gets to rest. Sorry that I could not stay - I hope you understand. Here are some photo's of the evening unfortunately I forgot to charge my battery. I took alot of photo's on your Aunt Bee's camera - so check with her before she leaves. Give my best to you family. I wish them safe travels.
Phyllis Shelton

Hello Amanda

I am back on earth now, I have been on cloud 10 since last week. I want to thank you for sharing that wonderful event with me. I have never attended an event like that before. It was wonderful. You did a great job at putting the event together. The brides were so beautiful, the reception was great, and the food was very tasty. It may not have been what you wanted it to be but you did a great service for some one. Remember it is not what you do for yourself, but it is what you do for others will live on. Your works will speak for you. Many years from now some one will remember the good works you did, even when you think it was nothing. Remember God looks at your heart, and He looks way down inside a person and always pull out the good. Man looks on the outside and never see any good in one another. Keep doing what you are doing for others, you may never get a penny, but your pay will come through the blessings of God.
I was blessed to be in CTL and look forward to visiting again soon.Give my love to everyone and agaiin I must say you did a very very good job, as I say to my students I give you an A+.
Love always
Beatrice Hollins

Gala Affairs By AtUrBest
I heard about the wonderful event that you produced...I am interested in speaking with you about My lovely daughter she found her heartthrob early last year and they are going to wed by 23rd January 2010. For the love i have for my daughter, i decided to carter for the wedding as a surprise package for her and her fiance..

Please i want you to handle the wedding arrangements on their behalf Please get back to me with any of the services which you can provide as regards the wedding arrangement of my daughter.
Dr. Denise Brown


Despite a few little snags, I think that the couples were pleased with the event. I have quite a bit booked for the next two weeks, but I will try and put something together for you as soon as I can.Sheldon

Well Amanda ~
Thank you!! Your accolades seem over the top for what we actually did....but they are appreciated! Glad everyone enjoyed the wedding. I am so used to the unusual that it doesn't seem unusual to me any more.
Girlfrien', your own efforts to bring this event to life were unbelievable!! I could scarcely believe how many balls you were juggling in the air at one time, and trouble-shooting on top of that! You really are a gifted woman, and I pray for you success in ALL your endeavors (I don't know how you keep up with them!!!)
I believe that the wrinkles in yesterday's experiential fabric can be easily ironed out for next year. Let me know if you would like my continued involvement next year. And I so enjoyed working with, and getting to know "Aunt Bea". Plus, your "Assistant", Peaches, (is that her name?) is a delightful human being....full of sassy creative sprite-like humor.
Thank YOU for all your patience, and competent handling of a VERY big plate of circumstances.
Now...............GO TAKE CARE OF AMANDA, AND GIVE HER A LITTLE "ME TIME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eternity Wedding Ceremonies

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