Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cont'd "Birthday Weekend Celebration

OK so I am back... I have tried to do this from memory but I realized I was going to forget certain things... So I am treating this party just like any other event or wedding.. Just so I can stay on point.

Now lets pull out the Budget Planner... because really the budget is way below the red line- and yes I am taking donations from the children... I mean really its their Daddy's Party (and you know how girls feel about their Daddy)..

So I explain to both of them in order to have a wonderful event we need to start with the budget.. (my oldest famous line --I will give you my last $20.00) see what you can do with that -- of course you know what I told her...

Your Party Planning Checklist and Your Budget sheet will work together just like planning a wedding stick to your budget "Set a realistic spending goal".

Decorations Checklist, Drink Calculator

Remember this is just my standard planning checklist that I use for my events...

Party Planning Checklist:


_______Linens ______ Cloths (to floor?) _____ Napkins, Colors
_______Menu Planning ______ Cake
_______Votives, Votive Candles
_______Napkin Rings
_______Table Candy
_______Table Games
_______Glitter or Confetti
_______Bathroom Florals ______Other locations

INVITATIONS/RSVP/Other Printed Items

_______Invitation to Ceremony, Party, Benefit or Main Event
_______Invitation to Reception (if applicable)
_______Response Card _____ Response Envelope
_______Bus. Card ______Kids Only ______ Out of Town Guests
_______Donation Card
_______Directional Card
_______Other... ______Luncheon _____Brunch or __________________
_______Calligraphy _____ Invitations _____ Seating Cards
_______Cocktail Napkins ________Matches
_______Programs ____Agenda _____ Newsletter


_______Glow _____Necklace ______Earrings ____Glasses
_______Theme Oriented Itesm
_______Premiums (items with company logo for corporate event)


_______Photographer ______Videographer
_______Candles (candlelighting, other)
_______Dress Determination
_______Casual ____ Dressy Casual _____Dressy _____


______Hotel Reservations
______Weekend-at-a-Glance or Itinerary
______Maps (to/from airport; other, locations)
______Welcome Gifts, Totes, Baskets
______2nd Mailing to Out-Of-Town Guests _____Calligraphy
______Tickets to local attractions


______Sign-In- Board or Sign In Book
______Message Book
______Welcome Sign
______Entrance Piece At Door
______Band Backdrop
______Balloon Bouquets
______Ceiling Treatment(s)
______Outside lobby Area
______Sign Over Seating Cards
______Directional Signage
______Other... Theme Oriented
______Company Display (if applicable)


______Band Type ________
______Music During Cocktails
______Balloon Magic
______Clowns _____Jugglers ______Mimes Other _______
______Photo Favors
______Special Presentation: Who to emcee?_________ Who to present? ________
______Roasts ______Toasts ________Audio/Visual Needs?

***More to come*****

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