Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I had written this for my mother a long time ago. I would like to share it our readers.

On this Mother's Day, so many families are blessed to be able to tell our mothers Happy Mother's Day. For all the mothers who have gone on to a better place, we still cherish you in our hearts, minds and souls.

I remember Momma always saying time your time in everything you do;
Always say please, thank you, yes and no;
Always say good morning, or how do you do;
Always respect your elders in everything you do;
Always remember no matter what you do, Momma will always love you;

On this Mother's Day, I will always remember Momma;
No matter what the situation, the problem or the cause
w always thought the world was going to come to the end,
but some how mother always knew exactly what to say or do,
She would always make everything seem so right.

The world prospers with all the new mothers young and old,
caring for the new babies, so tender and innocent and yet so small,
kissing that crying little toddler that just fell and skinned his or her knee,
smiling as that six year old just tied his or her shoes,
shaking your head as your teenager tells you that you just don't understand.

What a blessing it is to be able to say that whatever you remember that was so special that your mother has taught you, or even given you.
You will always be able to cherish it in your own special way.

Thank you Momma because I do remember how you have passed on your values,
how you took the time to teach us right from wrong; showed us how to stand up for ourselves; showed us how to be good mothers and fathers for our special ones;

Thank you Momma for being number one in our lives so many young and old.

For all the mothers, (and the fathers who have to be mothers also)... Happy Mother's Day. Its a blessing to have you...

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