Friday, May 1, 2009

Colour Meanings of Mothers Day Flowers

Flowers come in every colour and shade imaginable, from deep red roses to pale white and purple orchids. While most of us have a favourite colour, not all flower colours have the same meaning. It may seem obvious that sending red rose is a romantic gesture, and that pink roses are the traditional mother's day flower... but why? And what exactly do the colours mean?

Pink is the perfect choice for mother's day. Again pink roses are the traditional choice however pink camellias make a beautiful alternative. Conveying feelings of youth, joy and innocence, pink is associated with happiness and grace.

Lavender is somewhat similar to pink with its meanings of femininity, grace and elegance. Nearly all lavender flowers give a soothing and gentle feel to any floral arrangement, known for their delicacy and preciousness. It is the grown up and mature version of pink, and as such is very suited for older mums.

Green flowers represent nature itself, and make a great addition to any bouquet. While not a colour that is normally used on its own in a display, green compliments virtually every other colour in nature. Sending the sense of renewal and life, green flowers embody health and good fortune.

Yellow, the colour of cheerfulness and joy. While in the animal kingdom yellow is a sign for danger, in flora it is an attraction colour made to bring wildlife. Yellow flowers are most often associated with friendship , appreciation and happiness. Daffodils are a very fitting mother's day flower, being very much in season and a well loved favourite.

White the mark of purity and simple beauty. Whether in the delicately small bells of lily of the valley or silky smooth petals of fragrant gardenias, white has always been a symbol of humility and pureness. White on white bouquets make for a striking display, with white also working well with all pale colours, especially pink, blue, peaches and yellows.

Red is undeniably the colour of love, passion and desire. While red flowers, especially roses, are most commonly given to wives or girlfriends by men this doesn't mean they should not be given on mother's day. Its symbolism of love is not restricted purely to the romantic sense and red roses make an excellent gift.

Purple is associated with the royalty and ceremonies. In the past purple was a rare colour in dyes for clothes and even in nature, so it was only the rich who could afford to wear purple or have purple flowers in their homes. Part of this rarity and dignity is still carried across with deep purples adding contrast and intensity to any bouquet.

Blue soothes the mind with its calming and cooling shades. Offering serenity to any room, pale or profound blue shades are a great combination with the pureness of white. Most often given to represent openness or peace, blue flowers such as irises or hydrangea make for a calm and gentle gift.

Mothers Day Flowers colour meanings can make a massive impact on how they are received. Choosing the right colour for your mothers bouquet is a matter of focusing on the feelings and emotions you wish to convey.

Article provided by Rossie Richards

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