Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Registry Checklist

Many couples find themselves having a difficult time deciding on what items they wish to add to their wedding registry check list. Often, there are numerous offers from stores and service providers offering enticing deals and packages all designed to get the couple to register with them. The problem is, as enticing as some of these offers might be, are they really offering what the couple really needs or items that appeal directly to them?

To avoid getting overwhelmed by all the offers, couples should take the time to sit down and make a list of items they need and of things that are important to them. This list should be made before considering any offers or visiting the stores.

Knowing ones personal style will help greatly when trying to decide exactly where to register. A wedding registry check list should include colors and style of décor that appeals to them. Neutral colors like black, tan, brown, and white are good colors to consider as well because they will stand the test of time and fit well into any décor.

How much space a couple has to display and store items on their wedding registry check list is an important consideration as well. There is no sense in adding item after item just because a store offers it, adding items that might be too large, or items a couple thinks they might use, but end up placed in storage for future use only to later be forgotten about.

When couples are choosing what items to add to their list, it is a good idea to list items that fall into a variety of price ranges. Mix items that are expensive in with items that are inexpensive or mid range. Avoid registering hi-tech items just because they are the ‘in thing'. Couples should register items that are practical and ones in which they will use for years to come.

Couples should also think in terms of sets when adding items to their wedding registry check list. If a couple likes a particular mixing bowl, make sure to include items such as a mixer, cake and pie pans, a roller, measuring cups, a spatula, and other cooking and baking essentials.

Some couples choose to branch away from adding traditional items such as china, flatware, cookware, small kitchen appliances, and other household essentials to their wedding registry check list and add things such as registering for a cause, items for sports and hobbies, wine and wine accessories, creating a honeymoon fund where guests can donate funds towards the honeymoon expenses, or registering for stocks.

After a couple has their wedding registry check list complete, they should consider registering at a variety of places that offer items that suit their needs and tastes. Look for places that offer perks when registering with them. A couple also wants to make sure that they can update their registry often because some items might be unavailable or seasonal.

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