Thursday, August 21, 2008


The perfect "thank you"

It is safe to assume that most guests attending your wedding have spent money purchasing a wedding gift; and that a few more have had to shell out cash for an airline ticket and hotel stay. A good way to say “thank you” and show your appreciation to your guests is with wedding favors.

Stay true to yourselves!

Although your favors do not need to be elaborate, they should have some thought put into them.No one wants to receive (or give!) those favors that have become cliche and will just get thrown out. Give your gifts some thought before you make a decision. A unique gift that really reflects the personality of the bride and groom is going to be the gift that everyone keeps and appreciates.

Keep costs in mind

Keep in mind how many people you need to buy for (and you may want to purchase a few extras!). If you have 200 guests at your wedding you don’t want to buy wedding favors that cost $10 each, that would be $2000 just on wedding favors! Remember, you are already providing food and drink, the favor is just a token of appreciation.

Favor ideas by the season!

Anytime of Year

Glass coasters etched with symbols of love
Candy bars with a custom wedding day label
Champagne split with a personal label that can be used as a place card as well
Candy station with different candy customized with your wedding colors


Small potted flowers
Pastel iced petit-fours with a candied flower
Cookies glazed like colorful flowers


Beach towels in your wedding colors
Colorful plastic margarita glasses
Earthenware pots painted with your wedding color and guest's name (doubles as placecards!)


Mini home-made pumpkin, apple or pecan pies
Pots of locally made jam or jelly
Fall scented candles


Mason jars layered with chocolate chip cookie ingredients and a tag with the recipe
Snowflake ornament engraved with your wedding date
Custom designed hot cocoa packets in a mug

The Wedding Guest Favor:

A wedding guest favor is a small token of appreciation for having friends and family come to celebrate your marriage to the one you love. It doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate, and it provides your guests with a small memento that they can take home to remember this special day.

There's so many different types of favors that are available that I couldn't possibly list them all here. What bridal favors you choose is a personal choice, along with how much you're willing to spend. Some favors cost under a dollar while others can be priced over five dollars each!

You also have the choice of purchasing ready made favors (convenience) or creating your own (more personal and can save you money - see the articles featured below). Ideas abound when you open your imagination and look around you.

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