Friday, June 6, 2008

June -- A Special Month

As we know the month of June is a special one...
We have Graduations, We have Birthdays, We have Weddings,
However we can't forget, We also have Fathers' Day....

Yes we are giving homage to those Fathers that are true Fathers....

To be classified as a father does not mean you had to be in on the creation. As a comedian once said it takes a special man to step in a raise a child that is not his. We pay homage to the single dads that have been there from beginning to now to be apart of that child's or those children lives.

"For Those Mothers that have to be the "Mother and the Father" we give you special thanks... Many women have raised their daughters and their sons to be outstanding adults. Some children feel there was a void in their life because they were raised by a single parent. Please by all means that is not the case.

Lets thank those uncles; godfathers; grandfathers; brothers; and even those male role models that have given us the courage to say you are doing good;
I will always be here for you....

My Dad is the joy of my life and means the world to me;
My Husband has been a wonderful father to our children;
My Father-n-law I thank you for creating a son that
that knows what it means to be a man and a wonderful father;
My Brothers - n- law you know how I feel about you guys;
My Male Friends - that are fathers, godfathers, uncles keep up the good work;

To the Brides and Grooms remember the most important day of your life is special as you join your union and become one.....

Because of that special person that has been with you from the time you were small till the time they can see that smile on your face or be with you in your heart remember to tell them thank you and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

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