Monday, June 30, 2008

The Grooms Cake

Wedding grooms cake shapes, traditions and etiquette.

The history of the grooms cake or wedding grooms cake is hard to trace. Some articles note that recipes for grooms cake began appearing in American cookbooks in the early 19th century. These were usually fruitcakes, and traditionally more substantial and more alcoholic than the bride's cake (what we call the wedding cake), which was a lighter, more delicate confection.

Today, the grooms cake doesn't have to be a fruitcake, though it will still differ from the bride's cake and is usually smaller with darker filling and icing. For this reason, the wedding grooms cake is often a chocolate, carrot, or spice cake.

Nowadays, the bride often orders the cake with the grooms favorite filling and icing, and then keeps it a secret. A new tradition is for the bride to have the grooms cake made in the shape of something that represents his personality or interests. Since the wedding and reception are very much focused on the bride, the wedding grooms cake honors him in a special way.

Some wedding-etiquette consultants take the view that the groom's mother should bake the cake herself. This is a nice way to credit "mom's cooking." Other consultants aren't strict on this. Some even say that the groom may, if he prefers, order the cake and keep it a secret from the bride.

Often the grooms cake will be in the shape of something not very wedding-like, such as a football, car, or guitar. This is why it is sometimes served at the rehearsal dinner. Still, many prefer to share it at the reception, usually on a table separate from the wedding cake.

Traditionally, small pieces of grooms cake were wrapped and sent home with unmarried female guests. It was believed that if a maiden tucked the cake under her pillow, her dreams would reveal the man she was to marry. If you'd like to revive this tradition, wrap pieces of wedding grooms cake in foil and net or small gift boxes, and attach a note describing the superstition.

The wedding grooms cake may cost less than the bridal cake. But if it is ordered as a "groom's cake", it will likely cost more than if it were made exactly the same but called a "birthday cake".

While considering the grooms cake, you may want to consult with your fiance' to see how he would prefer this tradition to be carried out. After all, the purpose of the wedding grooms cake is to honor the groom!

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