Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Part II - Sweet Sixteen

Often parents’ desires clash with the wishes of teenagers. Forcing a girl who feels uncomfortable with the idea to go through elaborate rituals is not recommended. Likewise, do not allow yourself to be pushed by your daughter into hosting a party that you cannot afford or don’t wish to host. A sweet 16 birthday celebration can consist of any level of party from an informal get together to a full-scale ball. Negotiate and compromise to plan a party that is right for everyone involved.

If the sweet 16 birthday party will be formal, you will need to start planning well in advance. The preparations for such an event can rival those of most weddings. Book the ballroom or other site at least six months in advance. A year is not too early to book a popular location. You will also need to decide on clothing well in advance. If your daughter will wear a ball gown, it will need to be ordered in plenty of time to allow for fittings. Some prom dresses are appropriate, if you prefer an off-the-rack dress.

Send out invitations at least a month prior to the event. Depending on your family’s social circle, your daughter’s formal sweet 16 birthday is probably either very common or quite uncommon. If it is common, you want to be sure that your event does not clash with anyone else’s. If it is rare, you need to be sure to give attendees plenty of time to get their own clothing together.

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