Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Birthday
Planning Your Daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party
By Lisa Fritscher

A sweet 16 birthday is a big deal in many cultures. In the United States, 16 is a very important age and in most states, 16 is the age when teens get their drivers licenses. This rite of passage marks a greater sense of independence and provides a sort of dry run for adulthood, when teens are still young enough to be forgiven for childish mistakes, but old enough to accept increasing responsibilities. If you are planning a sweet 16 birthday celebration, try to keep these factors in mind in order to create the perfect party.

Traditionally, a sweet 16 birthday party is held only for girls. Boys tend to celebrate with their friends on an informal basis. If you want to plan a sweet 16 party for your son, there is no reason not to do so. Just make sure that he is comfortable with the idea. However, since most sweet 16 birthday party recipients are girls, the advice in this article will be primarily geared toward girls’ celebrations.

The sweet 16 birthday can be considered a blending of the Spanish and Latina Quinceanera with the American debutante tradition. The sweet 16 birthday party is traditionally a time for the girl’s first formal party. Many families spend large amounts of money on these events, renting a hall or ballroom and inviting an ever-increasing list of guests. The party may be quite ritualized, including a set dance list, escorts, flower girls, and other displays of pageantry.

If you want to host a large formal event for your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday, check with your daughter first.

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