Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part III - Sweet Sixteen

Sweet 16 birthday invitations can be found in a variety of locations. Consider ordering the invitations from retailers that specialize in wedding invitations. A wide variety of sweet 16 birthday invitations can also be found online.

Be sure to plan the progression of events for the party. A formal party or ball is vastly different from the informal gatherings that most of us are used to. You will need to select the music, decide on an order of dances, and determine whether to do a formal presentation of the birthday girl. Many families borrow liberally from the rituals of the Quinceanera and the debutante balls for ideas.

Consider whether to hire a band or a DJ. You may want an emcee to announce the proceedings, as well as someone to handle the music while you are otherwise occupied. The band or DJ will need specific instructions regarding the style of music, order of dances and other details.

You will need to decide on a menu for the party. Consider the practicalities of feeding the number of guests you plan to invite as well. A buffet-style service is significantly easier to manage than a formally served, sit down meal. Select foods that are light and festive.

Your menu will partly be determined by the time of day of the party. If the party begins later in the evening, it is reasonable to expect that guests will already have eaten. However, if the party overlaps the dinner hour, your menu should be more substantial.

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