Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Wedding Affair" - features Our Premier -Bridal Gown Designer - Bryan K. Osburn

"The Wedding Affair" is proud to announce that Mr. Bryan K. Osburn, will be showcasing his wonderful bridal gown designs at the upcoming bridal event -April 21-22, 2012 in Gastonia, NC.

Brides join us - wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own speciality gown created for you and you only.

Designer Spotlight: Bryan K. Osburn

If your heart is set on an out-of-the-ordinary or one-of-a-kind wedding dress reflecting your personal taste, finding the right gown won't be as easy as popping into a few bridal boutiques. But for those willing to stick to their guns, the results could be much more satisfying. Independent designers are often willing to work with brides-to-be to bring their visions to life. One such designer is Bryan K. Osburn. His dramatic use of texture and ornamentation has given him fans across the country, and especially in his hometown of Chicago. Here is a look at just a few of his recent creations:

Ladies, do not miss out on the opporunity to get in front of this wonderful designer. Go to and register for the show. Great prizes, wonderful seminars, dont be left out. April 21-22, 2012.

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